#345 Kristy (2014)

This has intrigued me for awhile, but I kept saying that I would get to it in October. Well, here I am, so let’s enjoy this sumbitch.

A teacher just talked about Heisenberg. I have a Heisenberg shirt. So our story revolves around Justine. It is Thanksgiving week, and her boyfriend Aaron is going away to see his folks. Her roommate, Nichole, is supposed to spend the weekend with Justine on campus, have the campus to themselves, practically. Well, Nichole’s dad planned a surprise vacation, so she leaves. Jsutine decides to make the best of this and goes out to get snacks, and even buys stuff for the security guard, Wayne.  All is good.

At the gas station, she meets a chick, Violet, who is wearing a hoodie, and is actually played by Ashley Greene of Twilight fame, but she has shitty facial piercings and has on those cheap plastic sunglasses, so you can’t really see her face well.  Violet is kinda bitchy, she sees that Justine drove a BMW, which is actually Nichole’s, so she assumes that Justine is some rich bitch. This makes Justine a target, a Kristy. All Kristy’s must be destroyed via this underground group that attack and kill people who they view as having life too good or too easy, the pretty ones, all of this bullshit. Anyway, James Ransone is in this as well, and he was also in Sinister, an actually really solid film.

What we are left with is Violet and her 3 male friends all in various colored hoodies, hunting down Justine and killing anybody who gets in their way. This whole thing is beyond silly. Yeah, every action could easily happen, but it snowballs into this unbelievable chain of events, and that’s where I didn’t dig this as much. Yes, they could have killed Wayne, but he would have been smarter most likely. Same with Dave and Scott. It was too improbable, and yes, it makes it more sensational, but I would have actually toned it down and made things a little more believable to add to the scare and tension level. I just, eh, I didn’t hate it or anything, but it could have been so much better, and that frustrates me.

I also hate this whole things where people want to kill over class hierarchy. Yes, we get it. The Purge does it better. It is a real issue that we face. If America gets over it’s racial issues, and stops worrying about spiritual and sexual orientation, and really focus, the main issue is really predominantly involving the upper class, the haves and the have not’s. In this case, I get what they were trying to do, but I hated how it was carried out as far as how you determine your target and just randomly killing.  It’s just stupid, pointless violence. You may dislike torture or big slashers, but if you want to break it down, Saw has a purpose, this didn’t really. The Purge has a purpose. I can’t recommend it, but I feel that there is a large chunk of the horror community who will really enjoy this. To me, it lacked substance in the writing. The acting was fine. Just an issue with the story.

Rating – 3.5 As it was totally watchable, and some good parts, but too many times it became groan inducing. Sorry. As I said, some people will get more value out of this than I did, and for that I still suggest watching it if you like the idea of 4 young assholes hunting down a girl because of how they perceive her.

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