#346 Sacrifice (2015)

This movie has the great and lovely Radha Mitchell, who I have long been a fan of. Rupert Graves is in this, and you would know him from V For Vendetta. Finally, Ian McElhinney is in this, and you may know him better as Sir Barristan Selmy from Game of Thrones. That dude was amazing in that show.

Our main character’s are Dr. Tora Hamilton , who can’t have kids, so her and her man, Duncan, want to adopt from Scotland, because when you think adoption, you think Scotland damnit! We meet Duncan’s parents, and his dad is a profound man who is very set in his ways, but clearly successful. This house is quite posh, and like there are so many fucking keys hanging on a wall. The place to adopt from is Tronal, and even the dude doing the paperwork got his son from Tronal, but looks Similar. I am cautiously optimistic here. They have to stay for a full year before they can adopt a baby. I’m sure that she will find out all sorts of creepy things about this place as it is a film called Sacrifice. DO we have some Wicker Man and Pagan stuff? Time to watch. Wait, just met Detective McKie, and there my man, who is there because Tora just dug up a dead body, with some runes carved into it. So there you go. I’m into this already.

OK, so this is partially The Wicker Man, the good one, not the Nic Cage one, and like a thriller/crime mystery where you get clues to piece everything together. It worked really well. If you haven;t seen certain films, Rosemary’s Baby, this will feel new and fresh. Alas, I live in a world of been there, done that horror. With that being said, this was a good, albeit entirely predictable film to me. Being predictable isn’t bad, as long as the film is still good.

While the film is good, it is certainly not without it’s flaws. There were times when shit was too obvious and they were beating you over the head with stuff. ¬†The Jimmy stuff was flat out insulting. I also hated the ending. But I can’t really mark this down too negatively, this was never presented as a horror, but a thriller. In a thriller, the hero lives. In a horror, the hero can often die, and then the main bitch lives and women’s empowerment, and fuck my life. Still, I would have had Tora sacrifice herself at the end to save the baby, and make it a true sacrifice, or the husband, anybody, just sacrifice yourself, but nope. ¬†Furthermore, there is zero intrigue to make me want to ever see this again. I’m not trying to be mean, but this stuff was painfully obvious at points.

Rating – 4.2 Perfectly fine, mediocre movie that was fun but you get it and you don’t need it ever again.

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