#347 Dead Snow (2009)

This seems incredibly popular on NetFlix, so why not try it?

It’s starting off with In the Hall Of The Mountain King, one of my all time favorite songs! Sweet. They talk about how it’s easy to get disoriented to know which way is up if caught in an avalanche, and to spit to see where it goes and use gravity. Fair point.


This film is fun. Don’t mistake fun for good, necessarily. Lots of homages to horror past here, and that’s awesome.  I never got fully invested in this movie, but I know I should have. Maybe I wasn’t feeling it or just bad timing, but I didn’t have much fun until the last 30 minutes. Still, I know that there’s enough here to re-watch it. I can’t grade this remotely fairly.

Rating – 5.5 because it could be better or worse, I am just giving out this middle of the road type grade. I wish I had something more substantial to offer.

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