#348 Come Back To Me (2014)

This fucking movie starts off horribly.  A 14 year old kid, Dale, is in the living room with his pet bunny listening to his dad or most like just his mom’s boyfriend beating the holy fuck out of his mom. Come to find out, it’s far, far worse. He beat her to death. He goes to watch, opens the door and she just says help me. She is so bloodied. Granted, I never had to live through it that bad, but if you grew up in an abusive household, that opening scene struck a chord with you.

We fast forward in time, and a guy drops an egg, and this dude grabs like 10 paper towels. This Sarah chick is alright and her dude is Josh, he’s a talker. They also have a new neighbor, Dale. They bring him something like cookies, and he was so hoping that they were homemade, like really hoping. Dale also really digs Sarah, immediately. Sarah has a friend, Leslie, who is pregnant and doesn’t know who the daddy is. Way to be a whore.    Dale works at the supermarket, and he is a fucking whack job.

So Sarah is working on her doctorate paper or some shit, and it’s about porn ruining families or some such nonsense. Yet this film has no nudity. This is bullshit.  I thought this was America!  Oh man, I do not care much for Sarah’s character. You know that I am irritated when I am verbally mocking her to myself out loud. Haha. Anyway, Dale creeps her out, he worries about her when she’s gone for a week, she breaks into his house and snoops around. Yet, he’s the bad guy, right?  Ok she found that he has made copies of keys to her house and has taken pictures of her face when sleeping, and he returns home, hears her, hits her upside the head, and it’s all just a dream for the 3rd or 4th time. God, I don’t even care. 50+ minutes left? Fuck me.

She keeps puking so hopefully he has been raping her in her sleep and impregnated her. Even better that Josh has some kind of disease.  Woohoo, bitch be preggers!  Oh Josh has no disease, Josh is sterile, shooting blanks. So he got tanked, and is leaving her after accusing her of cheating…and it’s just a dream. I’m so over this fucking movie.  Haha, after Leslie has the baby, she still can’t figure out who the daddy is.  FINALLY, there’s some shittily implied rape. Too bad it’s too late to help improve this one.

OK, it’s finished and I could go back and fix my errors so I look smart, but no, I was reacting to what I was seeing in the moment. Dale has powers. That is why everything is happening. If you want to know more, and maybe get some enjoyment out of it, especially the ending is crafty, then you watch it.

With that being said, I still didn’t like the movie. Sarah was unlikable. Leslie, she was ok. Josh, eh, he was a dumbass. Dale had the best role. He got to eat cookies, drink milk, and do all sorts of creepy shit. Good for him. Radha Mitchell would have been a better Sarah, or a Kristen Bell. I just didn’t care for the portrayal, and I don’t know if that is the the actress’ end or the director, or the script, but I wasn’t a fan. As she was the lead, I didn’t enjoy the film, unfortunately. It sucks because in totality, it’s a neat concept. With slightly better execution on the lead, this could have been a real sleeper hit. As it is, I don’t ever want to see this again. Some nudity would have gone a long way in this based on the subjects that they deal with in this one. I know, we’re America, and we gotta be prudes about nudity. Fucking stupid ass mother fuckers.

Rating – 3.7 for a good idea, just bad lead character.

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