#350 The Uninvited (2009)

This is a remake of a movie called A Tale of 2 Sisters, which I still haven’t seen. I really liked this film a lot when it came out. It’s one of the few good ones that I know about on NetFlix that I haven’t reviewed, so ladies and gentlemen, I present: The Uninvited. This movie stars Emily Browning as Anna, and Elizabeth Banks, the mean stepmom, Rachel.

So Anna comes home to live with her dad, Steven, and Rachel, her stepmom. Anna has been in a mental ward for awhile trying to unfuck herself mentally. She also has a sister named Alex, and Alex is pissed that Anna got to go away for awhile, and she was stuck dealing with Rachel.  Anna has an old boyfriend, Matt, that tried to nail her before her went crazy. He delivers goods to the family via boat, so that’s cool. Anna also sees her dead mother. She freaked out, but was she really there?

Anna and Alex do some research Rachel’s past and find that she isn’t everything that she claims to be. Also, Matt gets killed, and they feel that she is behind his death.  Anna is awfully suspicious the whole film basically and Alex kinda prods her basically. The last 15 minutes is amazing. It’s a movie that so deserves a viewing, especially for those who don’t wish to watch foreign films. This is very well done. Don’t listen to anybody who shits on it for not being as good as the original. Why? Why should you kill a film for not living up to the original if it is very well done? I’m sure that the original is better, I’m not arguing against that, but I find it absolutely stupefying when people say that an American remake of a foreign film can’t be great. The Ring says hello.

Rating -7.3 as it checks all the right boxes for a great horror thriller styled film.

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Please go find a copy and support the creators.  This is on NetFlix, so please go watch this if you haven’t seen it.

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