#351 13 Cameras (2015)

This has some of the more extreme reviews, meaning people either really liked or loathed it. I personally enjoyed it.

Our story is simple. A landlord, Gerald, puts in some hidden cameras into a house that he is going to rent, as he is somewhat of a voyeur. He ends up renting to Ryan and a very pregnant Claire. They have friends named Paul and Audry who play smaller roles. They have a dog who likes cheeseburgers. Finally, we have Hannah, the super sexy assistant for Ryan, who he is banging on the side because his marriage isn’t what he hoped for. He said they rushed the marriage before getting to really know each other, then the marriage and the move, and everything was just a bad fit, and part of him just wanted out, the other half felt guilt and responsibility for having knocked Claire up.

So 2 things are really in play here. Hannah finds out that Claire is pregnant and insists on telling Claire because Ryan won’t. The other aspect is that Gerald like to use these cameras to his advantage to do various creepy things. It’s actually a well written film. I have very little in the complaints department. Ignore the reviews, and make up your own opinion because if I went by what IMDB told me, it was stupid and unrealistic and all of this shit. Well, not really. Break things down, use some critical thinking, and you may find yourself not agreeing with the negative reviewers sentiment. Or maybe you’ll hate it.

Rating – 5.8 I enjoyed it, would watch again, and would show it to a friend while having a few drinks.

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