#352 Playback (2012)

I really only picked this because of Christian Slater. I don’t know if that’s a good thing or not, but I think he’s a quality dude still.

This movie was OK at first, but it never really improved. A movie should slowly improve and evolve into a greater entity by the end. In this case, I was barely paying attention. I wish I had liked this one more, but I didn’t. It felt so similar to Come Back To Me in so many ways. I didn’t like that either. So maybe there is something to that formula that I hate. Give us a flashback to open, and then slowly uncover the mystery of what happened and have some supernatural bullshit happen.

The best part was Christian Slater and the amount of tits. Like 4 pairs of tits I think. Christian played a cop who had a thing for teenage girls, like that’s supposed to make him a creep. We are a stupid nation. Anyway, he likes to watch them on video, and that is a little creepy, but most guys watching this, in their mind are thinking, yeah, I could totally get behind this, but if I say it out loud, people will think I’m a horrible person. It’s the truth! The point is, he’s a good character. The acting is somewhere in the middle and the story and twist or reveal wasn’t enough to make me say, well maybe if I watched it again, it would get better. Nope.

This should have been a hit for me with the guy wanting to make horror movies, and creepy Christian. Damn shame.

Rating – 2.5 because it couldn’t hold my interest and I am doing nothing else but watching TV, and am wide awake after drinking a Monster.

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