#354 Baskin (2015)

This is a Turkish film, but it sounded neat, so why not give it a try, right?

There’s these 5 Turkish lawman, and the first 15 minutes is them telling stories at a restaurant, but then one is a hot head and things go awry. After that, they get a call and go for a drive and end up hitting someone or something. This leads them to this odd place that used to be a police station, and none of the radios work. Lots of frogs too. Reminds me of the amount in They’re watching.

They enter and find all sorts of weird shit. They find another officier, and he is just banging his head against the wall. At this point, they start splitting up like dumbasses.

The best way I can describe this is that it seems like something that would come from Rob Zombie’s mind, and I say that as a positive thing. These cops enter the building and end up in Hell, basically. It is very interesting and well done and I think this would be great for most any horror fan who doesn’t mind some subtitles. I really liked this, and I gotta find a copy on blu ray if possible. Really good, visually awesome. The atmosphere was very disturbing. I admit, the first 30 minutes can drag in places, but it’s all important to lead up to what happens to the lawmen.

Rating – 6.0 As I need to really re-watch it now that I know what to look for and get the full scope of it. ┬áThis is on NetFlix, so watch it!

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