#355 Final Girl (2015)

This movie has Wes Bentley and Abigail Breslin, both of which are some of my favorites for various reason. Wes has done great in American Horror Story and American Beauty, while Abigail was in Signs, Zombieland, Little Miss Sunshine, and Haunter (very underrated film).

I love the beginning, getting a feeling for the characters, and it’s very serious, and at the end, young veronica asks William if she can have ice cream. Delightful! 12 years later, and William has a really close haircut. He looks good I think. Also, Abigail being blonde is throwing me way off.  He is training her to be like an assassin or some super soldier. I am digging it.

We also have these 4 asshole dudes who like to hunt chicks, especially blondes. So you can see where this is heading, and that’s cool by me. Also, Veronica wants William….sexually.  Wow, the one dude just mentioned an old fashioned!

I just finished it, and she took out all 4 guys. None of this should be a surprise. As a matter of fact, this had no twists, no duping the audience. It had a straightforward story. And you know what? It worked well! Twists are great when warranted, but this didn’t warrant one, nor did it provide us one. Thank you. I loved this chick as a bad ass. I know, that’s odd coming from me because I bitch about women surviving all of the time, right? Well in this case, she is trained to not only be super smart, but be a total bad ass. When Carrie or Charlie (Firestarter) survives, you never heard a complaint. It made sense, and here we are again, and it was awesome. I loved seeing every guy’s worst fear come true. I don’t know if that was meant as a nod to Nightmare on Elm Street, but I certainly appreciate it.  The acting was fine, although Jameson was a tad over the top, but he was written that way. I would have tried making him a little more subtle and charming and not so aggressive.

To heap just a bit more praise upon this, I’ve seen Kristy and now this. The same idea of random chick getting attacked and hunted down by 4 people. So why did I dislike Kristy but like this? First of all, the assailants made slightly more sense in Final Girl. Now, how these boys have been apparently picking up chicks at the same diner, they go missing and are killed, well, that’s logical fallacy 101, and I am deducting for that, but it is so much better than random internet group targets all well to do and pretty people as Kristy. That’s fucking moronic! Secondly, while Justine was fine as the damsel in distress, she was very smart and a hard worker and she had enough distractions to win, but simultaneously, that shouldn’t have happened. In this case, we have a girl trained to kill, so it made sense and wasn’t some bullshit cliche. The deaths were cooler too, although I did dig the final kill in Kristy, I will say that, but this one was equally as good. I wish Wes Bentley would have had more screen time, and nailed Abigail, but aside from that and the logical fallacy, this was a fun flick.

Rating – 5.9 because that logical fallacy costs this film a rating in the 6’s. Sorry, but 21 kills, and they clearly don’t move around town to town, so they should have been figured out by now.

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