#356 Night of the Living Dead (1968)

A classic that I watch yearly. My buddy Tom had never seen it, so I showed it to him. It’s always going to hold the test of time for me I think. I am going to quote what I wrote 3 years ago, and attempt to fix a few things.

For the most part, this is what a lot of people consider the grand daddy of them all for zombie flicks. This movie is still damn fun to watch.

“They’re coming for you Barbara.” God, that is some classic awesomeness. Johnny scaring Barbara always puts me in a good mood. Barbara is a panic driven dumbass, but that’s what makes a solid horror flick sometimes. And a black dude just pushed white Barbara into the house where they shall stay. The black dude is Ben, and it is a DAMN shame he didn’t have a bigger career. He is awesome in this, and one of the best leads in horror history I feel. Ben always seems to be thinking on how to improve their situation and to not dick around. He is a thinker and a do’er.  He’s a fucking hoss.

I like the pissed off white dude that looks kinda like Rob Cordry. I think his name is Harry. He just wants to do things his own pissed off way. By and large, people try working together, although Barbara is absolutely useless.  Loved Ben smacking that bitch down. How did black folk get so stereotyped in horror despite this amazing character? I am inspired to make a horror movie with a good black lead character.  The one chick looks pretty, not Barbara, I think it is Judy. She is very sleazy on the eyes.

Harry tossing out some Molotov’s is a pretty sweet sight to behold. Ben and Tom are gonna make a drive for it to get some gas. Stupid bitch Judy, decides that she is now going with the guys, stupid women in movies. My god. And it’s not like they make them dumb. This is just a thing that so many women in stressful situations are not good with going with the flow. It’s true. But Kent, why you gotta be all sexist? My response is simple. Get in the kitchen and make me cornbread.

Tom is a dumbass, gets gas all over the truck. Him and Judy just exploded. Ben is a man outside all alone and pretty fucked. Go Ben GO!!!! He’s got his torch and his shotgun. Dude is a survivor. He made it back to the house somehow, and Harry doesn’t let him in. Hoss kicks in the door. They seal up the door and now Ben is beating the fuck outta Harry. He is a fucking HOSS! Is it any wonder this movie has a 7.9 on IMDB?

I really love the periodic news updates as well. It makes it seem more realistic.

Harry was waiting for Ben to drop the gun. Ben has to prevent the horde. Harry makes some demands, Ben says fuck you honky, and hits him with some wood, wrestles the gun away and pops a cap in Harry’s ass. Is Ben the all time greatest horror protagonist of all time? He’s right there with Ash, and Carrie. The bitches are getting attacked. The zombified girl in the basement just started eating Harry. Sweet. Zombie girl stabs up Helen, who was Harry’s bitch. Not sure why a zombie is doing that much work, but I ain’t questioning it.

The house is getting over run. Barbara just got taken by zombie Johnny. Little girl just tried biting Ben, but he’s like, fuck naw. Ben goes to the basement, the zombies are still coming. Shit is getting REAL son. Harry is rising up as a zombie. Ben just unleashed 3 more shots in him. Not wise, but understandable.

I want Tarantino to make a zombie movie with this cast. Samuel L Jackson, Christoph Waltz, Christopher Walken, George Clooney, Jaime Foxx, Havey Keitel, Bill Paxton, Johnny Galecki, Jeremy Sisto, and Steve Buscemi. The plot is a bachelor party, zombie apocalypse breaks out. You mean to tell me that you wouldn’t watch this movie?

Now the ending here, it’s morning, the posse of guys are shooting all the zombies. Ben is relieved, he comes out of hiding. A guy spots Ben in the house. The guy is told to take aim and fire. And Ben just got a bullet in his bubblegoose. Sooo sad. Let’s pour one out for our dead homey. Booo.

Rating –  8.7 from me. The ending although necessary for the point Romero was trying to prove I suppose, still leave me pissed.

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