#358 Kidnapped (2010)

Yeah, another foreign film. Sorry, but some of these are really Kentertaining.

This guy wakes up in a wooded area with a bag over his head and his hands tied behind his back. And then he wanders, and stumbles towards the road, and then gets hit by a car. The driver gets the bag off of his head, well rips a hole in it. He calls Dani, tells her not to let anyone in, but they’re already there and have shot the mom.

So the family is Jaime, Marta, and their stubborn teenage daughter, Isa. I mean, you know how this is going to play out mostly at least. We end up with 3 Albanian men who break in, all wearing ski masks. You have the Brains, the Hoss, and the Nice Guy.

This had a ton of potential, but it really fizzled because everybody acted like a fucking moron aside from Brains and Hoss. Isa absolutely ruined the film for me with her incessant crying. I don’t blame th actress, I blame the writing and directing for that. That lowered the film 2.5 points. Seeing her in her panties a good chunk of time did help, as did the clever edit at the end. Still, the family did a lot of dumb things. The dad failed to cooperate, and when he had his chances, he really blew it. The time when the daughter could have escaped, she absolutely blew it.  This movie really grated on my last damn nerves at least 3 times, and it’s a shame as it had so much promise, but failed where it mattered.


Rating – 3.0 because it failed to capitalize on the great potential, and instead gave me long periods of crying. Ending was great though.

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