#360 House Of Good and Evil (2013)

This had gotten decent scores on NetFlix and IMDB. Those scores are LIES!!!

We have a couple, Maggie and Chris, and Maggie is 8 month’s pregnant, Chris shoves her, she has a miscarriage, and boooo Chris, boooo. Then they decide to move to the country at this old, huge house that is divided in 2. The other side is occupied by an elderly couple, The Anderson’s. The Anderson’s are to be moving out in a month. The house isn’t connected to any power lines or a phone line, but they have a generator.

Things progressively get worse and worse between Chris and Maggie, as Chris likes to drink, and Maggie just pushes his buttons so that she can play the victim afterward. It is a terribly irritating dynamic. She also hears through the wall that the husband hits the wife, and she meets both. Mr. Anderson doesn’t like Maggie with his wife. It all plays out and it was in Maggie’s head, and she had killed Chris like the first night and she never once met the Anderson’s.

This was a complete and utter waste of time. I hate giving a movie a terrible review. I try to find positives to make films sometimes sound better than they are so people may give it a chance. In this case, I cannot do that. I do not recommend this. I implore you to stay away from this film at all costs. It’s slow, boring, and obvious that she’s a fucking psycho. Even though you are led to believe that she is in an abusive relationship, you never feel sorry for her because Chris has it way worse.

Rating – 1.9 as I refuse to give this a 2. I know, I’m not being fair, but this movie robbed me of precious time just to give us the obvious finale. Fuck this shit.

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