#361 Para Elisa (2012)

This sounded decent enough, and it was foreign, so why not? Also, it kinda sounds like paralyzer.

This is a simple plot. College girl, Ana, can’t get money from her parents to go on a trip so she is forced to get a job. Oh the horror of it all. Her drug dealer/boyfriend makes a call about a babysitting job. She goes, and everything goes downhill. The mom’s name is Diamantina, and she has a daughter, Elisa. Well, the twist her is that Elisa is as old, if not older than Ana and dresses like a doll, and the house has a ton of dolls. The mom drugs the tea, and Ana gets tied up and treated like a doll/toy for Elisa. Elisa gets violent when she doesn’t get her way. This plays out in stupid ways. Ana has multiple opportunities to kill Elisa and fails to.

If you like this sort of thing, go watch Martyrs, it’s a better story, more gory, and just an overall better story. Logic just went so far out the window that by the end, I felt that the first half was way better than the latter half. The latter half seemed rushed and simply had a deadline or ran low on budget. The story is just a sad thing in the end despite such potential.

Rating – 3.8 as it had a good start 40 minutes or so before it entered the silly zone. With that being said, I like the more brutal stuff, so maybe that made me sour on this more than I should have. Oh well.

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