#362 Dark Summer (2015)

This has potential, but always a 50/50 proposition with NetFlix horror. At least it’s in English.

This teen, Daniel, is sentenced to house arrest with the ankle bracelet because he was hacking into Mona Wilson’s accounts, but could never get into her cloud. He is not to have any internet access, but his friends, Abby and Kevin, help him out with that stuff. He has a probation officer, Stokes, which is played by Peter Stormare, and he is a good actor I feel. Well, Daniel gets online, gets a Skype call from Mona, and she blows her brains out, and then slowly haunts him. Also, Abby wants Daniel, but he is obsessive over Mona.

First of all, Daniel is supposed to be smart, but is not not nearly as smart as he is supposed to be. I don’t understand how, when he hacks into her Skype account, that gives him access to her cloud. Anybody who is tech savvy probably sat there scratching their head in confusion. Like, the term cloud is getting tossed around by imbeciles. In this case, what cloud directory was he trying to get into? I know that they thought that it was smart with all of the twists and turns, and it actually was, but it went about it in an unsatisfactory rate or way I suppose. It wasn’t a bad plot, but Daniel was a terribly unlikable character to be the main character. I can’t tell if we were supposed to cheer for him or not.

Abby was the real draw here, but Kevin was great as they didn’t make him a token black character. He had great ideas, well that and smoked weed, but some things just are, in films. The ending twist was good at least, and it could have gone a couple of ways, I’m glad that they went the way that they did.

Rating – 4.5 as I don’t think that I will re-watch this, but it is absolutely worth a viewing at the very least. The payoff is solid.

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