#363 Curve (2015)

I came across this movie over the summer, and liked it just enough to deem it re-watchable. I’ll tell you why.

We have this chick, Mallory, played by Julianne Hough, and she is on her way to a wedding I think. Anyway, she has a truck problem, and this handsome gentleman happens to be walking by, Christian, and he helps her out. She questions whether to give him a ride for a bit and of course, she does. He gets to know her a bit, then starts talking about sliding his big dick down her throat, and business picks up. She tries to give him the boot, but nope, so she tries to run away, but nope, so she sends the truck careening off the road and down and embankment, where the truck flips over.

Unfortunately for her, she is pinned in there upside down, her leg is stuck, but he is free to wander. So there’s like this 40 minutes of stuff, which is fun stuff. She gets hungry, eats a rat, gets thirsty, drinks her urine, tries to attack him a few times as he taunts her. He gives her a saw to cut her leg off so she can get out.

Anyway, they get a storm, and it starts flooding. He ends up at a cabin with new people, she breaks free and then there’s a whole showdown. Julianne no sells her injuries, and it’s silly. This feels like a good Lifetime movie. Just silly enough to keep you amused. I like the back and forth. It’s not for everybody, but obviously I enjoyed it.

Rating – 5.4 as I know that it’s not a great movie, but I do recommend it for some laughs and tension.

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