#366 Hayride 2 (2015)

This appears to be a slasher, and I am a sucker for slashers.

Unfortunately, this didn’t strike a chord with me, and I am very easy to please with slashers. I couldn’t get behind the characters. I am good with hating characters, finding them silly, or liking them. I just want to give a damn. is that too much to ask for? This seemed like some people decided that they could make a slasher without realizing the heart and soul of a slasher is in the characters. You often times find them so obnoxious that you cheer on the killer. Eh. Loomis was about the only guy I really liked.

The kills were nothing special, but it’s a shitty slasher, so I don’t hold that against them. I get it, budget doesn’t always allow for great kills, but I would have preferred some imagination on at least 2. I don’t feel that is asking for much if you can’t nail the character development.


Rating – 2.5 This film didn’t work for me. I wanted to fall in love with a cheap ass slasher. I can’t say that I’m not the intended audience because I clearly am the intended audience. This got a 3.9 on IMDB and it was warranted from my perspective. Still, if you are into slashers, try it out and come to your own conclusion.

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