#367 The Secrets of Emily Blair (2015)

This has Colm Meaney and that is the only reason that I am watching it.

For a possession style film, this is a little different way, which I approve of. I must admit, if I never see another possession film again, I will be fine with it. Aside from found footage, I think possession style films are the most overused films in horror, with a large chunk of them being lousy.

This actually told an OK story, nothing mind blowing, but good. I have to admit, I didn’t care much for Emily’s performance. Her husbands was hit and miss. Colm’s was the best as far as acting goes, in my opinion. The film did look nice, and they did a great job with Emily’s transformation throughout the film.

Rating – 3.3 as I never got into it as much as I would have liked to. This is the sort of thing that you dread finding on NetFlix because you just never know if you have uncovered a gem, or a film that never quite strikes the right chord. That’s a bummer.

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