#368 Deathgasm (2015)

This is either going to be great or terrible. No middle ground, right?

This is an Aussie horror comedy. We have the loner guy, Brodie, who has to live with his uncle because his mom gave Santa a blowjob. Fantastic. Brodie ends up hanging out with 2 nerds, Giles and Dion, and has the hots for Medina, who is currently with Brodie’s cousin, David. David and Terry are the bullies, and they are dicks. Brodie is into metal, and ends up becoming friends with Zakk, and they go on a mission to find Rikki Daggers, who was this infamous front man for an epic metal group. They find him, he gives them the Black hymn before Aeon’s henchmen can kill him. The Black hymn causes people to turn into demons, and there’s an epic battle. Medina is lied to about Brodie’s interest in her, but they have their thing going on. You get the picture.

There were a lot of scenes that had me laughing. Dion and Giles were hilarious as was Terry. On top of that, if you enjoy metal, this is something that you can simply have fun with and not put much thought into it. Aussie films are really impressing me as of late.

Rating – 6.9 I really have zero complaints with this film. Go watch it if you like to laugh, you like metal, and you like horror.

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