#370 The Burning (1981)

This is a cult classic in the veins of a Friday the 13th, and it was out in 1981. If you still aren’t sold, then move along. Everybody else, this is awesome.


The story goes back 15 years I think, and this guy, Cropsy, well some of the guys wanted to fuck with him. So while he’s sleeping, one of the guys sneaks into his cabin, and places this skull with worms and it has a candle in it. He freaks out, it falls to the floor, everything light up with gasoline in there as well. Well, that went poorly.

Present day, we get a feel for all of the main characters. They actually developed the characters really well, for a slasher. Jason Alexander is in this as well, with a full head of hair. Now, I must say that the kills are a tad lackluster, but almost all of them were in 1981. The one that cracked me up was Glazer’s death. So good. Of course they tie things to the beginning by the end. This is really a fun movie that you can kick back and easily enjoy. There are quite a few pairs of tits here plus full on large 80’s bush.

Rating – 6.7 Absolutely fun filled slasher with humor, tits, blood. It checks all of the right boxes. I wish there had been a black dude though.

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