#372 The Hills Have Eyes (1977)

This is Wes Craven’s project in between The Last House On The Left and A ¬†Nightmare on Elm Street. Well, this and Swamp Thing. This was on Amazon Prime.

Basically, this family is on their way to California, and then their vehicle breaks down. Their nightmare begins. There are some creepy people who have not evolved in to modern society, and they are named after planets. One of them happens to be Michael Berryman, who I love. Speaking of actors that I love, Dee Wallace is also in this.

People get hurt or picked off one by one and they even steal the baby. The dog is a key part in this as well. Plus one of the bad group, also has a conscience. ¬†This is some the best stuff from a gritty decade for horror. It had a sequel, and then a very gory remake 30 years later. The pacing is slow at first, but it’s all setting the stage for horror. Nobody wants to be stuck in the fucking desert after all.


I liked the gore level for it’s time. To me, this is a very well told story. I am not sure how much younger folks will enjoy this, the remake may be more for them.

Rating – 6.5 It’s not mind blowing, although at the time it was, still other movies in that time were better, but this was very good.

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