#374 Frankenhooker (1990)

This is one of Bill Murray’s favorite films. I can see why.

Here’s the basic plot. Jeffrey and Elizabeth are in love and I think they are just boyfriend and girlfriend, but could be fiancees. Anyway, it’s Elizabeth’s dad’s birthday, and she gives him this sweet lawnmower that is radio controlled, and she fucks up and it runs her over and kills her. Fortunately, Jeffrey is a hell of a scientist and electrician, so he saves some of ┬áher body parts, notably her brain, in hopes of bringing her back to life. He makes some ridiculously power crack, the drug, and hires hookers so he can find the perfect body parts. Well, there’s like 7 girls, and they find the crack and they party, lots of nudity here, and then they start to explode. Jeffrey then brings Elizabeth back to life, only she has purple nipples. Then more chaos ensues. I mean, if you’re reading my blog, this probably sounds like your type of movie, right?

Rating – 5.9 because I simply can’t give this a 6, but god damn, between this and Chopping Mall, awesome!

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