#376 A Christmas Horror Story (2015)

This is a horror anthology film, with William Shatner as a radio talk show type of guy who keeps the segments moving.


Let me break down the stories a bit for you. ¬†First, we have a story about these 3 high school kids going to this school to film about a homicide that happened there last year. Well the girl is possessed or some such nonsense and kills both boys. It wasn’t that good.

Secondly, we have a couple who take their son out to cut down a Christmas tree, but they trespass, and he runs off, and they get him back home. He’s not acting himself though. This actually was probably my second favorite, I really enjoyed the boy.

Third, a story about a family who have to fend off Krampus with a bit of a twist at the end and this is almost as good as the second story, so no complaints.

Finally, there’s a story about Santa fighting off zombie elves. The ending is absolutely worth it. I loved this one.

Rating – 6.2 There wasn’t anything absolutely awful. The first story was mediocre or else this may have actually scored higher. This really surprised me.

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