#377 The Ghost and the Darkness (1996)

This movie has long been an underrated film in my mind. It stars Val Kilmer, Michael Douglas, and Tom Wilkinson. Basically, you have a bridge engineer who has to get the help from an old hunter to kill off 2 lions that keep attacking the workers.

The music is really great in this, it gives you that sweet African vibe. Michael Douglas most certainly didn’t deserve top billing, but he helped fund and produce it, so that’s why he is top billed, but this is Val Kilmer’s movie through and though. While Douglas may have been in the top 5 that year, Kilmer was in top 10, so he should have let Val have the top spot as it was his film. A lot of the side characters are what make this film so great and memorable, plus the lion attacks. OK, Michael Douglas’ hair was also fucking epic. In hindsight, I would have switched Michael out for somebody like a John Voight, Anthony Hopkins, or Robert Redford, but with that being said, I liked Michael a lot here. Kilmer was his usual self, which I have long been a fan of. Tom Wilkinson played the dickhead role quite nicely.

I don’t know if this really is a horror flick, but there are some aspects, people getting eaten by bad ass monsters, lots of dark scenes, so I can see it.

Rating -6.6 as it was one of my favorite films in the latter half of the 90’s. I can’t truly say why I loved it so much, but I am also aware that this looked dated back then, and now it looks like an 80’s film due to the lighting sometimes.

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