#378 Don’t Go In The House (1981)

This is one of Quentin Tarantino’s favorite films, so why not give it a shot. If you have Amazon Prime, you can watch this free.

The story is focused around Donny, who has some problems. As a kid, his mom insisted on burning the evil out of him, so she held his arms out over the stove burners and scarred him really bad. In present day, his mom is dead. At first I was guessing that we would have a Psycho rip off, but it isn’t, and that’s a good thing. We learn more about the voices that talk to him. Donnie likes to bring chicks back to his house and burning them alive so they can meet his mom. This a very fun movie.

With that being said, some view this as sexist garbage. We call these people pussies, troglodytes, and mongoloids. It’s horror. Women always get subjected to bad shit and one somehow triumphs in the end. Deal with it or watch a different type of film. I had a great time with this one.

Rating – 5.8 as it is definitely re-watchable, but I may only watch it 2-3 times in totality, still overall solid experience.

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