#379 Don’t Look In The Basement (1973)

This takes at a psychiatric hospital, and is avail on Amazon Prime Videos.

We meet Nurse Janey who wants to leave because Harriet threatens to kill her if anybody touches her “baby” which is fake. Sam is the kind hearted black dude, very gentle. There’s a guy named Sarge who thinks that he’s in the military. Then there’s Dr. Stephens and Judge. The doctor is trying to do some therapy with Judge by using an axe to chop a log. Well Janey approaches Stephens, and Judge gets carried away and buries an axe in Stephens. Somebody takes Harriet’s baby and puts it in Janey’s room as she is packing up to leave, and Harriet goes off on her and probably kills her. There, the story is set up for you, and we have some hot chick who is probably going to be our main protagonist. I am guessing that it was the other nurse or doctor that showed up during the Judge scene, that took the baby. The new chick is Charlotte Beale and meets Dr. Geraldine Masters. She is an RA in psychiatric something something, and Dr. Stephens had hired her prior to his death. Masters is a bitch, and she is taking over, making changes, and is not wanting Charlotte around. The girl playing Charlotte,┬áRosie Holotik, was on the cover of Playboy back in 1972. Neat. Masters is going to keep Charlotte around.

Allyson just hit on Judge, showed him her tits, and he called her a harlot and a slut. Good for him. This movie develops really nicely and never gets dull really. Well done effort by everybody. This is another fine example of quality 70’s horror that people my age or younger haven’t really seen much of by and large.

Ratng – 5.9 I look forward to watching this again and maybe reconsider the rating and bump it up to the 6’s.

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