#380 Asylum (1972)

This stars Peter Cushing and has a good rating, and is an anthology. This could be fun. It starts with the great song “A Night on Bald Mountain”, which is legendary.

So the plot is easy enough. A young psychiatrist comes to this asylum, and his test to qualify for the job is to interview patients to figure out which one is Dr. Starr. This will lead to our 4 tales. His name is Dr. Martin, and Dr. Rutherford is the one who makes the deal.

Our first patient is Bonnie, and she tells us “Frozen Fear”. We have Walter who is married to Ruth, and he wanted to get divorced a month ago to be with Bonnie. Ruth is learning voodoo shit and has some protective bracelet thing. Apparently Ruth is the wealthy one and will not allow him to divorce her. He tells her that he has a surprise for her downstairs, and it’s a freezer, and then a hit to the head to kill her. Good gift. He calls Bonnie and tells her to drag her ass over and they are to take the body with them and get rid of it on their way to the airport. This plan is foolproof. Well then he sees the head rolling around on the floor upstairs, but it’s not there then he goes downstairs and an arm from the freezer drags him in. Bonnie comes over and makes her way in. Bonnie finds Walter’s body in the freezer and goes to leave but the head is on the top of the stairs and now other body parts are coming to get her. The body parts antagonize her, and she ended up in the asylum because they claim that she strangled Walter. She is beautiful. AT the end, she tried chopping at the the hand grabbing her face, and she has bad scarring.

We meet Bruno next and his story, “The Weird Tailor”. This old couple are in desperate need of money to pay the rent. After being give a 5 day extension, a gentleman named Smith (Peter Cushing) comes in and want s a suit made. The material is very odd, changing colors. Bruno is given very specific instructions, most notably about times that he can work on it and to deliver it to Smith ASAP. Well, when he delivers it, Smith doesn’t have the money and the suit is to resurrect his dead son. Smith and Bruno have a fight over a gun and Bruno accidentally shoots Smith and kills him. Back at the store, Bruno’s wife, Anna, puts the suit on a mannequin and it comes to life and presumably harms or kills his wife.

After that, we meet Barbara who tells us “Lucy Comes To Stay”. Barbara is pretty as well.  George brings his sister, Barbara home from the hospital, and she doesn’t seem right in the head, and he has hired a nurse, Miss Higgins, and Barbara is worried about somebody named Lucy.  Higgins sedates Barbara then gets a call then her mom has been in an accident, so George drives her to the train station and Barbara is up and looking for pills.  She turns around and sees Lucy sitting there, and she is a looker as well.  Lucy reveals that if something happens to Barb, he would most likely inherit the house that their dad left her, if he puts her back in the hospital. Lucy has drugged George’s tea, and Miss Higgins should be on her way back tonight. Lucy has snagged the car keys, now it’s time for them to bail.  Lucy cuts the phone cord while Barb gets dressed.  I fail to see how running away helps her keep the house. I mean, I get it, Lucy isn’t real, but the logic is flawed. Lucy is pissed at Barb for taking pills.  Lucy says that she’s leaving and throws the pills at Barb and leaves. Miss Higgins shows up and her and Barb look for George and find him stabbed by scissors, and Higgins can’t call for help. Higgins goes up to check on Barb and gets stabbed in the chest by Lucy. Needless to say, that’s why Barb is in there.

We now get to meet Byron, Dr. Byron, and he is going to tell us “Mannikins of Horror”. Bryron has toys with human like heads, that he claims have brains in them. He shows Martin his newest creation, one with Byron’s head on it, which he can put his subconscious in. Well, Byron gets all pissy so they leave and Martin is ready to make his pick to Rutherford. Rutherford wants to do a pre-frontal lobotomy on Byron, and Byron has just made his toy move. The toy has made it past the orderly and is trying to make his way to Rutherford. Martin says that he’s leaving to go to London and he’s pissed at how the patients are treated here. The toy grabs a scalpel and stabs Rutherford in the back of the head. Martin is pissed and stomps on the toy, but there is like blood and organs and Byron reacts as if he was in pain.  Byron’s body has supposedly been crushed. We then find out the answer, and it’s well done.

Rating – 6.8 seems fair because I had an overall great time with this one. The ending was spot on. Yes, the toy aspect was cheesy, but it was supposed to be. I really liked this one.

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