#383 Hell Comes To Frogtown (1988)

I haven’t seen this, I don’t think I have at the very least, and Roddy Piper is in it. Some nuclear war has happened and women are running the USA. This is already horror at it’s scariest. I’m shuddering.

Piper’s character is called Sam Hell, and this came out around the same time that They Live came out, the same year at least. This came out earlier actually.  This should be silly fun. I am excited. So Hell has been given a pardon if he agrees to help procreate as he has been successful in knocking up bitches, and over 68% of the population was wiped out and most of the remaining men are sterile. So he is now government property working for Medtech. Oh my, this is so silly, I am pleased.

The main blonde chick is nice to look at but she is so thin and so much rib cage, and 80’s lingerie is the worst. I bet she has 80’s bush too. Oh, the main gunner chick has a nice rack. Piper is already hilarious here.  Blondie was unhappy with this, and I think her name is Spangle. The gunner I think is named Centinella. Piper wearing this terribly device around his dick is ridiculous. When they get to Frogtown, this just gets ridiculous, but they have Coors there.

I finished, and what a journey! This is B Movie greatness. Basically, I had a ton of fun with this, but it’s not a great film in the traditional sense, but neither is Maximum Overdrive. That’s not to say that this is anywhere as good as Maximum Overdrive, but it is definitely fun and re-watchable. Piper actually wasn’t a bad actor. Way better than Hogan ever was. Yeah, I’ve already looked at prices on Amazon, and I am shocked to find out that they never released this on blu ray. OK, maybe shocked isn’t the proper term.  One thing that I have to knock this for is that the role of Spangle should have required nudity based on the character’s role. Come to find out, it was originally intended to, but then she refused, and that’s a major mistake on their part. So I do have to knock that. Hell, probably there should have been man ass, once again, due to the incredible sexual nature of the film. Seems like a very rookie mistake.

Rating – 6.5 because it is so thoroughly enjoyable, the fun factor is off the charts, it has Piper, the storyline is entirely plausible, and the acting was adequate. Nudity would have possibly garnered a 7.

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