#384 The Boy (2016)

Here’s a movie starring Maggie from The Walking Dead, Miss Lauren Cohen. It had promise, but did it ultimately deliver?

I’m going to jump straight to the point. If you like creepy doll movies, the first hour will be enjoyable. The pacing was fine, and everything was going good and it could have absolutely delivered. Lauren and Rupert Evans, who played Malcolm, along with Brahms parents were all very solid, and I was cautiously optimistic, yet totally feared what may come. ¬†Now, I am about to spoil the hell out of this film. I’m giving it a 5.1 rating because I could see myself being bored and re-watching it, but the ending was very dissatisfying. Spoiler alert, so stop reading now if you haven’t seen this.





Have you ever seen Housebound? It’s on NetFlix and it’s really good and well done. I have read that Bad Ronald and Crawlspace. I don’t know which one as ¬†there are like 5 of them, but at least one of them is similar. Brahms was alive and living within the walls all this time, the parents faked his death so he wouldn’t get in trouble for murder. They then killed themselves feeling that they had done all that they could and left him in good hands, basically. Sigh. This movie would have been SOOOOO much better if the doll was just a fucked up doll. Yes, we have seen both ideas done before, so this combined the efforts in a sense. My issue is that aside from some really terrible ending, this was the least satisfying way to go. Malcolm should have had ill intentions in my opinion. Cole was always going to be a douche. The key to this being great lied within it being supernatural all along, or Malcolm being a psycho.

The tension was good by and large. This was never going to change the world of horror, nor was it trying to. But this did get a theatrical release, and in order to get a theatrical release, I feel that we deserved more. Hats off to the actors, just not the writers, unfortunately. You could do way, way, WAY worse though. Just wasted potential.

Rating – 5.1 as I said, due to how good the first hour was.

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