#388 Wrong Turn 3: Left For Dead (2009)

I remember seeing this one day while at work for Liberty. One of the guys I took care of loved his horror, and he wanted to see this and some tits. 3:40 in, he was pleased. Arrow through the perfect tit. Awww.  And we are back in action!

So 3 out of 4 people died in the beginning. Then we get a story about 5 prisoners who are getting transported to another prison. Well, one of the hillbilly dudes in a tow truck runs the bus off the road in an absolutely ridiculous scene where the bus driver should have simply rammed them, but whatever. One of the 3 officers is hurt, and one is dead. The prisoners have a shot gun and a handgun now, but are still shackled. They run into Alex, the sole survivor from the opening.  This is our group. Nate and Walter are the 2 remaining officers. The head prisoner is Chavez, then there’s Floyd, Willy, Crawford, and Brandon. Well, Walter got a bullet in his bubblegoose.  How much ammo have these dumb fucks wasted? One shot has been useful out of about 15. Willy lost his face, got sliced off, Crawford ended up in a razor wire trap and got dragged on the street to death. Oh boy. Chavez and Floyd just got into it, so Nate and Alex bail and Brandon just watches. Floyd got wrecked by Chavez in that fight.

The Sheriff and his dog shows up, gets control, Floyd steals the money. Sheriff is killed. Floyd then gets killed and burns all of the money. Down to Chavez, Nate, Alex, and Brandon. They find the tow truck, and Chavez gives the dude the girl so he drives off. Brandon hits Chavez from behind, knocks him out. Nate is going to try to find Alex, and Brandon is going to try to escape. At Three Toes place, we see a bitch tied up with her tits out. I think it was Sophie.  Awww man, fuckface just killed the dog!! What a dick! Die motha fucka, die!!!

This ends with Nate saving Alex and Three Toes getting hurt, possibly killed, but this is horror. Brandon is still on the run. Oh God, nope, this isn’t over. Holy fuck is this terrible and cheesy as fuck. Three Toes ends up on the road as they are driving away, uses a meat hook to snag himself onto the vehicle. Then hurts Nat really badly and drive off of the road, and this is now causing a fire. Brandon shows up and rescues Alex and Nate, and Three Toes comes at them again, but meat hook to the head and we can assume that he is dead, I guess. Nate tells Brandon that he will report him as dead and to stay out of trouble. Nate and Alex get rescued. We later see Nate go back to the money truck, get a bunch of money, killed by Brandon, who was a bad guy all along, who then gets killed by another hillbilly. For fuck’s sakes.

God damnit, that ending was terrible. So technically, only a female survived. Great, thanks guys. Well, this was getting into the 4’s, but with that ending, NOPE.

Rating – 2.7 because that last 5 minutes was complete trash and they should apologize to fans for that shit. The rest was mediocre to average, but fuck, that ending just ruined the film.

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