#389 Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings (2011)

This film starts in a sanitarium in 1974.  We meet Dr. Ryan and Bobby, who is nice looking and we meet the original 3 Fingers, One Eye, and Saw Tooth. Yeah, they have names. They also got a bobby pin from Bobby and have unlocked their cells. Awesome. Apparently they don’t feel pain. They killed an orderly and then set everybody free. Yeah, this is going to hell fast bad awesomely. We see the patients run amok. They electroshock therapy Bobby. Like, really, these hillbillies are smart enough to know how to do so much shit. Bobby is as good as fried and smoking. Now they get at Dr. Brendan Ryan.  He have his arms and legs bound in barber wire and his limbs get pulled apart by this machine. Really, where did the barbed wire come from?

It’s 2003.  Well, 2 pairs of tits, some ass. This is just fine.  A black chick and a white chick, oh and the black chick is getting eaten out by a chick. Well, that’s how you get a guy’s attention.  We meet most everybody. Daniel is the safety guy, guy was plowing the one chick. Daniel just said that he’s going to make a wrong turn. Well played. It is winter, and this group of 8 people are out in the winter on snowmobiles, get lost, and it’s flurrying, and they find a building. You know which building.  OK, enough typing, time to attempt to enjoy this.

Kenia is the black haired chick.  Bridget is the Asian girl who went down on the black chick. There’s a Kyle, Vincent, and Daniel. Too many girls. Boooo.  Jenna is the brunette.  Claire is the blonde.  Vincent is the taller guy in blue.  We have seen the psychos have returned with a fresh kill, probably their friend Porter.

Oh come the fuck on! This fucking blog didn’t save properly and I just lost a ton of shit for this shitty fucking movie. Well, here, let me say that there were 4 chick and one dude, they got all 3 of the people locked in a cell, they poured the kerosene, and Kenia talked the dude into lighting them on fire and killing the people have have taken out like 4 of your people. Such a dumb fucking movie. Dumb fucking bitch. Dumb fucking dude who should have told her to go fuck himself. Well he dies leaving 4 girls and a raging headache. I want everybody dead. I hate this movie. Move over House of Good and Evil, we have hit a new low this month.

Rating – 1.2 Because this is straight up garbage juice. This is just as bad as the 2016 USA Presidential Election. Fuck the logical fallacies. There was no common sense and nobody wants to see bitches live and falling down in the snow. I hate everyone at this moment. I will NEVER watch this movie again. Really, Bridget made the final 3?  I think Kenia did too. The 2 more worthless people in the film made the final 3. This is such a bad, stupid, lousy, piece of fucking shit film. Fuck I am angry.

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