#391 Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort (2014)

And we are at the final chapter for now, and my goodness, this girl is totally nude and has a fantastic body. So the story is that Danny gains an inheritance, which is this old hotel with hot springs, established in 1902. The caretakers are a tad odd, Jackson and Sally. We also know the cannibals have to be around somewhere. Jackson is in on it with the cannibals, so Sally probably is too.  Jillian is an obnoxious piece of shit, so she will presumably die early on.  Jackson just gave our 3 boys the business, and said to leave Danny and company alone.  Wait, Toni runs normal, not like a girl in a horror flick. I am amazed.

I just finished, and this had a different director than 3,4 & 5, and it shows. This one had a story again. That is nice. This one wasn’t just an outrageous kill fest. This one went deeper into the roots of the family.  This was actually a fun movie that you could enjoy the story. Sure, it’s far from flawless, but there was some substance here, thankfully. This evolved nicely. I know that some people hated this, and the same can be said for all of them.  A lot of people preferred 4 over 3 and 5. Morons aside, this left me wanting more. I stopped wanting more but now I am ready to go if we can ever get a part 7.

Rating – 5.1 as I think I would watch this one again. The chick in teh beginning was amazing, lots of gratuitous nudity, the kills were fun, and I liked Danny’s evolution as a character.

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