Death Before Discomfort (2016)

OK, so to be upfront, this is my buddy Jay’s film.  Needless to say, I am not going to be rating it in the interest of fairness.  I just wanted to watch it and hopefully get some people to check it out.

Within 10 minutes, I get Thundercats, Smurfs, and AC Slater references.  Admit it, that alone kinda intrigues you.  We soon discover what the dildo spider is, and it is a fascinating idea. Fair warning, this film will make you yearn for Ecto Cooler.  You may not want any pancakes for awhile as the batter tastes like testicles, and that’s alright.  “I lost my virginity to a hobo” may be one of my favorite lines.

Ben’s whole scene in the bed was something that was relatable for most any dude at some point in their life, and Jesse’s performance was spot on.  Of course the blow up around the 3 quarter mark was pretty fucking spot on, in and of itself, by both participants.  Major props for the Garfield pillow sheets.  I refuse to call them pillow cases.  I don’t care for that particular term.  I absolutely loved the Bel Biv Devoe reference with Columbia House.  It brings me back.  I absolutely loved the music for the final scene.  It felt right and it just really worked well for me.

I would be remiss to not mention the excellent acting performances.  Jesse Lawrence, as usual, he nails it as Ben.  I had the opportunity to work with Jesse for a few years back when he was earning his acting chops.  I even slapped him one night while drinking to get him and Derik ready.  I am a bully.  Jesse has come a long way since those days and nights, and I’m really proud of him.  Rebecca Vavala, the fine lady who played Katie really did a damn fine job.  Her mannerisms more than anything else, really cemented her character.  It’s the little things, and I really liked it.  Bettina Skye, who played Beth, she really stood out.  I remember the first time seeing it, I know I remarked to Jay about her and her performance.  She was one of those people who stole the show for me.  Then of course, there is Jeff.  Once again, I knew Jeff like a decade ago, and man, like he has just come such a long way from when he first started.  There is something so perfect in his delivery of the most absurd lines, and it’s really amazing to me.  Also, the man is a hell of a tattoo artist, and quite frankly the only man that I trust to draw upon my pasty white skin.

As for the direction, well I can safely say that Jay has come along way since the days of Failure Fantasy.  Obviously, here’s a man who has honed his craft and I am sure will continue to improve.  Having now shown it to a non-film person, who has no real vested interest, to still get positive thoughts, that tells me that Jay has really done a damn fine job.  Obviously, I am bias, but I gotta say, to show my fairness.  The 2 biggest critiques I can offer is 1: More of the dumpster guy and 2. in the thank you, Jay had a typo when thanking me.  Of course, he put up with a ton of typos from me when I used to do a blog about our first film experience.  So I think that is fair.  I have to be a jerk somewhere, because it’s simple tradition.  Really, I have a long running history of this.  Everything from not reading his first script for like 4 months, to asking him if the title of one film was a joke, to getting ridiculously drunk and ruining probably half of his shots one night while stumbling around.

All in all, I highly recommend people to go visit and just buy the damn film.  It’s cheap to buy and I don’t think that you will be upset with it.  There’s more chick flick than guy flick, but Jeff’s lewd comments will keep you going strong no matter what.

All the pictures used in this blog are for review purposes. They are the property of  Trenchmouth Productions. Please go find a copy and support the creators.  Seriously, go to and rent or buy this.

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