Reality Bites (1994)

This film has a hell of a cast, made up of Winona Ryder (Lelaina), Ethan Hawke (Troy), Ben Stiller (Michael), Steve Zahn (Sammy), and Janeane Garofalo (Vickie).  I like 3 of those 5 people.  Joe Don Baker is also in this, and I have enjoyed him in a few things, same for John Mahoney (Grant).

Well, that beginning was not Kentertaining.  Winona was cute here, so that’s cool.  Janeane is Janeane, sooo that’s bad.  Steve Zahn has been absolutely ridiculous  so far, in a good way.  So far, we have Lelaina, Vickie, Troy, and Sammy live together.  Vickie becomes a store manager at Gap.  Lelaina works for some TV show called Good Morning Grant and records way too much shit.  Troy doesn’t do much, but I think he got a factory job.  Lelaina gets in a car accident with Michael) and then they end up dating.  He’s a rich yuppie dude, and Troy is a total stoner/slacker, and Troy gets jealous.  There, that’s 30 minutes.

Lelaina gets fired because she got fed up at work.  Troy makes his move, and is shot down.  WooHoo, Keith David, no matter how small the role is.  I love that man.  There’s David Spade.  Yay.  “My little unemployed waif” was a solid line.  I also enjoyed Lelaina’s dad giving her shit for wanting help with a job, and he tells her to use ingenuity.  So he is paying for her gas card for a full year, so time to exploit the hell out of that.  Smart.

Oh man, I just heard “Story of my Life” by Social Distortion.  That has boosted my morale for the moment.  OK, I am really digging Troy being a dick at the bar.  Well, at least Lisa Loeb plays at the end of this.  Great song, great fucking soundtrack.

End Film

As far as the film is concerned, I get what they were going for, and this is the sort of film that I just don’t ever want to see.  I do enjoy seeing people miserable. I hate them being whiny.  I don’t care how happy you are that you met somebody or that it’s been built up for years and years and years.  Steve Zahn’s character was actually the most interesting character of them all and he didn’t get much to work with, which is a shame.  I have zero interest in ever seeing this film again.  What it does, it does perfectly fine.  It’s just not for me.  I would have preferred that Troy just fade away and Winona get knocked up, have 2 boys, have one of them disappear, and then they communicate with her via lights.  That would be so much better.  If that intrigues you and you don’t get the reference, get your ass on NetFlix and watch Stranger Things.  It’s one of the best shows of the past decade.  This film gets an uninspired 3.7 from me, and 2.0 of that is for the soundtrack.  I can see why it has fans, it’s simply not Kentertaining to me.

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