Singles (1992)

Having read the description, I’m not at all looking forward to this.  It has a solid cast, mainly Bill Pullman (Dr. Jamison), Eric Stoltz (The Mime)  and Matt Dillon (Cliff) stick out for me, but there’s a lot of people including: Bridget Fonda (Janet), Kyra Sedgwick (Linda), Jeremy Piven (Doug), Tom Skerritt (Mayor Weber), and Peter Horton (Jamie) mainly because he was the lead in Children of the Corn.  Oh, this film came out in 1992, so there’s that.  9 Deuce!

Wow, this Linda chick seems like a moron, because she’s meets this Spanish guy and wants to marry him the next day.  She goes out dancing with her gal pal, and sees the Spaniard at a bar with another chick.  Haha, what did you learn?  OK, the spam line was pretty fucking clever.  I dig Dillon’s hair, and Bridget is pretty cute here.  Bridget was amazing in Jackie Brown and I liked her in A Simple Plan.

Eric Stoltz as the Mime, he cracks me up.  I wonder if he used a felt pen for his makeup.  How many people even get that reference, I don’t know, but Pulp Fiction just to let you know.  The soundtrack in this film, fucking solid.  The scene by all the magazines when Bailey is hoping to get the chick’s number and she just shakes her head, it was good.  Hahaha, fucking Paul Giamatti, I love that dude.

What what what?  Linda passed the door lock test!  If you don’t know about it, watch a Bronx Tale and stop reading this.  Oh man, a Sonics and Xavier McDaniel reference.  Good shit.  This main dude is hairy as hell.  Hey, pictures of tits, fantastic.  This obsession with breasts, I don’t get it…..and there’s Bill Pullman.  That is something that out trumps breasts.  Janet wants to get a boob job done by Pullman.  Her body wouldn’t look great with too huge of tits.

Just think about it, in 4 short years, Pullman went from enhancing tits to being the President of the US giving the greatest speech of all time.  Wow, I didn’t write for the last half of this film.

End Film

I honestly was bored throughout this film.  Kyra wasn’t the right girl for that role, in my opinion.  She’s a fine actress, but I didn’t like her for this role.  Matt Dillon and Pullman were about the only things that I really liked, and the Mime.  It wasn’t a bad movie, but it certainly wasn’t for me.  The soundtrack on the other hand was wonderful, and gets 2 points alone.  I can give this a 4.0 and feel justified.  You wouldn’t give a film that didn’t really entertain you above a 5.  I acknowledge that it was well shot and acted fine for the most part.  It was the story that simply didn’t engage me whatsoever.  I had a hard time finding a character to get behind or relate with.  As much as I despise Ben Affleck, in Chasing Amy there were times where I could totally relate with him.  Just nothing here for me.  Sorry fans of this film.  I feel Gen X-er’s probably dig the hell out of this film though.

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