The Santa Clarita Diet 9 Deuce – Season 1 Part 1 of 3

Welcome to the Santa Clarita Diet 9 Deuce blog!  If you are familiar with what I do, then you can just skip this intro.  If this is your first time, allow me to explain the set up.  I have asked 9 questions about the season and then 2 bonus speculative questions in regards to next season.  It’s a gimmick, it works.  I have a panel of 4 lovely ladies and myself.  We are getting perspective from all across the US in this one as we have Arkansas, Florida, New York, and Oregon all represented.  What a nice mix that is.

This show is created by Victor Fresco and I just wanted to give him a shout out for a great story and casting.

I have divided this up into 3 parts because these shows that you can binge watch, you can’t really do a truthful episode by episode breakdown with questions because you know damn well that you will have watched the next episodes before you answer the questions.  Simultaneously, it’s nice to bring in readers, so dividing this up into 3 parts seemed fair.  Please enjoy.  Here are the links to the other 2 parts.

Part 2 of 3
Part 3 of 3

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  1.  Let’s start off with an easy one.  Who is/was your favorite character?

Bri:  Definitely Joel! First of all, I’m obsessed with Timothy Olyphant! His show, Justified, is an all time favorite! But also because he’s hilarious and sweet. Oh! And you gotta love the high functioning stoners too!

Cece:  I really like Joel and Eric. Joel is such a great husband and Eric is just a dork and that’s why he’s great!

Kristi: Abby.. i love that she is cool with finding bodies and see her parents bury half bodies. Her friend Eric is also pretty cool.

Melanie:  Joel! His dedication to his zombie wife was truly amazing. I loved Timothy Olyphant in this role. Such a difference from the last thing I saw him in Justified.

Kent:  I liked Eric the most.  I know, big surprise, fat nerdy guy likes the nerdy guy.  I’ll tell you something, I also really thoroughly enjoyed Dan and Gary.  I know that Dan is not beloved, but his character was actually pretty funny if you think about it.  The whole ant thing was funny.  Abby had her moments.


  1.  Who is the character that you least enjoyed?

Bri:  The obvious answer would be Dan of course. But I’m going to add Gary’s pervy self to my list lol! Something about a man who doesn’t know the meaning of No always peeves me.  (Likewise, women who say no, but meant yes, and then get mad because the guy didn’t figure that out, so then he becomes that guy because he’s sick of the BS.)

Cece:  Dan was a dick. Also, the fucker who faked knowing a lot about the living dead stuff at the convention.  (Anton was his name)

Melanie:  Dan Palmer, played by Ricardo Chivera. That dude always plays a jerk.  (Yeah, I looked him up.  I would like to see more of him.)

Kent:  Sheila is the obvious choice for me.  A character with zero accountability trying to be some free spirit of sorts, like no consequences for her decisions, setting a bad example for her daughter, making Joel stress out way too much.  Yeah, it’s her.  


  1.  Aside from your pinky toe, what external body part would you be most OK with losing?

Bri:  Maybe some teeth? Lol! At least the back ones. Plus it seems practical that teeth would be one of the first things to go! Lol  (How come zombies tend to always have decent teeth, at least enough to eat people and whatnot?  I’ve long wondered this.)

Cece:  A different toe? lol I can’t think of anything else I’d even be okay with.

Kristi:  I’d be cool with losing the 4th finger. The one next to your pinky. I need to be able to do the devil horns at concerts.  

Melanie:  None. I can safely say I would be ok with losing none.  (You wimp)

Kent:  Pinky finger honestly doesn’t get a ton of use.  I mean it’s there for most of my daily activities, but it doesn’t carry the same responsibility or necessity. Left hand of course.


  1.  What is your favorite joke or one liner or situation from this first season?

Bri:  The chicken was pretty funny! Her running around like a crazy person wearing a plastic parka! Lol Also, so many one liners by Joel that are so great! “You’re acting a little manic, honey” “Well I Feel REALLY manic!!” And “well I don’t really care for you eating people either darling. And by the way, they’re legalizing my thing!”  

Cece:  I absolutely loved the part where they said they were going to fuck the corpse and paid the guy.

Kristi:  Not sure its a one liner but I enjoy the line… “what if I just ate pieces of people and let them go”… “Nope… thats worse”.

Melanie:  “Why do we have to live between two cops? Why couldn’t it be two rival pastry chefs?” -Joel

Kent:  Ramona in the store was really entertaining to me.  Also, Joel’s “What the fuck?” as simple as it is, worked well every time. Bunchen’s “30 seconds!” was amused me.  All of the responses above were solid.  Lots of great moments.

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