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Welcome to the Santa Clarita Diet 9 Deuce blog!  If you are familiar with what I do, then you can just skip this intro.  If this is your first time, allow me to explain the set up.  I have asked 9 questions about the season and then 2 bonus speculative questions in regards to next season.  It’s a gimmick, it works.  I have a panel of 4 lovely ladies and myself.  We are getting perspective from all across the US in this one as we have Arkansas, Florida, New York, and Oregon all represented.  What a nice mix that is.

This show is created by Victor Fresco and I just wanted to give him a shout out for a great story and casting.

I have divided this up into 3 parts because these shows that you can binge watch, you can’t really do a truthful episode by episode breakdown with questions because you know damn well that you will have watched the next episodes before you answer the questions.  Simultaneously, it’s nice to bring in readers, so dividing this up into 3 parts seemed fair.  Please enjoy. Here are the links to the other 2 parts.

Part 1 of 3
Part 3 of 3

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  1.  Will any of the other main cast members, between the family and the neighbors, become undead?

Bri:  It is definitely possible. Shows like this always have to expand the afflicted. I don’t think it should be Joel though. He balances her out and if they both got the impulse overload, it would lead to complete chaos.  (Joel should be the safest character or else the dynamic would be too off the wall, at least until the final season when they just go crazy if they want.)

Cece:  That’s an interesting thought. I mean there’s already Loki but it would be funny to meet a new character who’s undead.  (It would be interesting to go on a journey to find patient zero.)

Kristi:  i honestly don’t know, I would like to see Abby change though. I think she is a strong character and it would be fun to see her change.  (I think her or Joel will change in the final season so they can go crazy.)

Melanie:  Lisa Palmer, played by Mary Elizabeth Palmer. I have a funny scene in my head where her new partner, her dead husband’s cop partner, thinks that Lisa is cheating on her because Lisa gets all dressed up to go out, but really is going to go out and eat people.  (I definitely would enjoy this.  Lisa’s character has the most potential in my opinion.  She nailed everything that she was given.)

Kent:  Yeah, it seems inevitable.  I think the safe money would be on Rick or Alondra to get them more involved, but the funniest would be Eric.  I suspect that they may hold off on that one for a bit though.


  1.  Were there any subplots or stories that didn’t work well for you?

Bri:  I know they needed the Dan thing for interest sake but that whole thing made me crazy. Everything about him and his story bugged me.

Cece:  I thought the ending was kind of a cop-out. The doctor just leaving and stuff was bullshit. (I totally agree.  The only good thing about her role was Abby fucking with her and Eric.)

Melanie:  I did not like the the professor part at all.

Kent:  The dead biker dude and his brother’s storyline went nowhere, and then Abby wore his jacket after like it was nothing.  So when he is found dead, he had a fairly noteworthy jacket.  The whole thing was just screaming “We really had material for 8 episodes, but needed to wedge two more episodes in so here you go!”

  1.  This is the funniest new TV show that you have seen since….?

Bri:  Hmmm.. this ones tough! There are a lot of funny shows out there and this one doesn’t really compare to any of them! So The show that comes to mind is It’s always sunny in Philadelphia but those 2 don’t have any relevance to each other.. (Both are hilarious!)

Cece:  Parks & Recreation!  (I concur, and Office was better than both.)

Kristi:  Not a tv show but it reminds me of of the joy I felt when I watched Serial Mom.  (I’ve never seen it.  Yes, I’m a slacker.)

Melanie: Funniest Netflix created show…that I have seen all of?   (Nodding in agreement.)

Kent:  Rick and Morty.  If we exclude animation, probably early Parks and Rec.


  1.  This is the best thing that Drew Barrymore has been in since…..?

Bri:  The only thing I ever really cared for her in was Ever After and that’s just because I’m a big pansy girl on the inside. Otherwise this has been my favorite of her by far.

Cece:  Ever. Let’s face it, she’s never been the best actress. This is my favorite role by her.

Kristi:  This is one Im in my own with. I loved her movie Miss you Already. It was very much a chic flick but as someone that has her best friend 3,000 miles away, it hit home.

Melanie:  50 First Dates

Kent:  50 First Dates was the most recent thing of hers that I liked, which was during a time when she did that, Donnie Darko, The Wedding Singer, and Scream.   Prior to that, there was ET, Firestarter, and Cat’s Eye.  All great.

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