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Welcome to the Santa Clarita Diet 9 Deuce blog!  If you are familiar with what I do, then you can just skip this intro.  If this is your first time, allow me to explain the set up.  I have asked 9 questions about the season and then 2 bonus speculative questions in regards to next season.  It’s a gimmick, it works.  I have a panel of 4 lovely ladies and myself.  We are getting perspective from all across the US in this one as we have Arkansas, Florida, New York, and Oregon all represented.  What a nice mix that is.

This show is created by Victor Fresco and I just wanted to give him a shout out for a great story and casting.

I have divided this up into 3 parts because these shows that you can binge watch, you can’t really do a truthful episode by episode breakdown with questions because you know damn well that you will have watched the next episodes before you answer the questions.  Simultaneously, it’s nice to bring in readers, so dividing this up into 3 parts seemed fair.  Please enjoy.  Here are the links to the other 2 parts.

Part 1 of 3
Part 2 of 3

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  1.  Is it better for them to “cure” Sheila’s body from deteriorating, or to see how outlandish that they can go with it?

Bri:  It would be really funny if they could keep her falling apart for a while but long term, fixing her deterioration would probably work better. She can’t keep up the charade for long if things keep falling off.  (Yeah, how far can they truly push it is a definite question.)

Cece:  I think shit will eventually hit the fan, and I sort of hope it does. I’d like to see what the writers do with it.  (I’d suggest checking out Contracted and Contracted II.  You may not wish to see shit hit the fan after that.)

Kristi:  I do not see them finding a cure. I’m hoping they have some others change and they do a Dexter style killing show.  (While that would be cool, I think that would be weird for most of the core audience.  I’m all for something Dexter-ish.)

Melanie:  I think for the sake of the family a cure is better.

Kent:  I think the deterioration cure needs to be found.  Otherwise her body should fall apart rather rapidly.  Abby will be aging, so they have to show a passage of time, and it wouldn’t make sense for her body to just hold together.  On the other hand, this is a comedy, so who the hell knows what BS they will come up with.


Bonus Deuce


  1.  Name an actor or actress who you would like to see show up for an episode or two in season two?

Bri:  Maybe Walton Goggins! He and Timothy Olyphant have excellent screen chemistry and I just love him! He would be hilarious on this.  (Great choice!  I love Walton is everything that I have seen him in. )  

Cece:  I’d love it if for some reason they brought on George Romero or even Bruce Campbell.  (I could totally get behind Bruce, and I see no reason why that couldn’t happen.)

Kristi:  John Lithgow!! Again with Dexter, he was amazing in that show and I could see him in some crazy character in this series.  (Lithgow is an awesome dude.  I love watching him in The Twilight Zone movie.  He was really good in it.)

Melanie:  Cameron Diaz? Her name just popped into my head.  (I looked her up because I couldn’t remember liking her in anything aside from There’s Something About Mary, and sadly that’s all I’ve ever liked her in.  I’ve seen a few of her roles, The Box, The Mask, Any Given Sunday, Being John Malkovich, Shrek, and Shrek 2.  I guess she does not speak to me.  The worst thing is, tangent time, but The Box had a lot of potential, and they totally blew it.  It wasn’t the actors faults either.  It was a good story that got shamefully stretched out way longer than it should have.  The premise was really good.  Sorry, I had to get that out because I hate missed opportunities when there’s a good story and it’s carried out poorly.  Cameron Diaz everybody!)

Kent:  Edward Norton. The answer is always Edward Norton.  When it’s not Edward Norton, it’s usually Ron Perlman, Tiny Lister, or Steve Buscemi.  Robert Englund would also be cool as hell.


  1.  How many seasons do you think this show reasonably has in it?

Bri:  That’s a tough one! It could be as few as 2 but I could see them stretching it to 5 if they really try.

Cece:  I’d say 3 or 4, easily.

Kristi:  I could see 5 series or more in this series. If they do it right and change the right people, this could be a long lasting show.  

Melanie:  At least three.

Kent:  I expect a similar path as Orange is the New Black, but not as popular, but also not as preachy.  OITNB had a really great first 2 seasons and then had a sharp decline in 3 and even worse, much worse in 4.  The show will probably lose relevance after 3 and pull out 5-6 seasons.  I’ll say 5.  I gotta get more analytical here for a moment.  The concept of this show limits it’s longevity as a comedy.  The reality is that eventually this virus spreads and more people get hungry.  At that point, how many additional cast members are you going to add?  How far out and zany can they really go to meet new people to kill and get food?  How long before they get caught?  The reality is that this show should have a shelf life of 3 years but will go 5.

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