The Wrestling 9 Deuce – April 24 & 25, 2017 – The Braun Jobbed To Kalisto Edition

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The 9

  1.  Sooooo, WWE put Kalisto in a Dumpster match against Braun Strowman.  Kalisto has new music.  Kalisto won the match, but then he went for a ride.  This is the third straight RAW in which Braun has done something memorable.  Give me your thoughts.

Russ:  This reminded me of that great 2004 Royal Rumble when Chris… Oh shoot I’m not supposed to copy Kent anymore.  (Kent: For a second, you had me.)  In all seriousness this was interesting.  The match itself was good, I’m not sure I would have had Kalisto win the match though.  For the past several weeks we have seen Braun be a remorseless machine of destruction.  He should have won the match and not be finished with Kalisto only to then throw him off the 3 foot free fall that was the stage.  I’m loving what they are doing with Braun, but they need to be careful of fatigue.  While I liked what they did with the dumpster, It felt a bit old hat already.  I think a better way of getting this over would have been to have Roman interfere in the match and help Kalisto throw Braun into the dumpster only to then have Braun be thrown off the stage by Roman. A normal person would be out after this, but Braun comes out unscathed and angry wanting to destroy Roman, except he’ll have to wait until Payback or Kurt will have him fired.  Boom keeps things interesting, keeps Braun strong, and most importantly gives Roman some semblance of retribution for what Braun did to him…instead of waiting to get his payback…at… Payback, oh WWE I see what you did there.  

Keri:  Honestly, when I first heard about this match, I thought there is no way in hell this is going to be any good. Then my second thought was, of course, the one week I’m able to watch RAW again and they go back to the same old crap. Well, let me say I was pleasantly surprised on both accounts. This match was better than it had any reason to be in the first place. The post match beat down, well I only have one thing to say about that and that is it is no longer Samoa Joe that is going to kill you but Braun. Cue chanting voice and go…Braun is going to kill you…Braun is going to kill you. Also, poor Kalisto, the kid won and still got killed in the end.

Kent:  Kalisto beat Braun.  Good for him.  His new music does not Kentertain me.  I think they need to take a week off from the carnage of Braun.  On the other hand….nah.  Give me more carnage.  Next week, braun should be banned from the arena and still come out and tell us that he’s not finished.  As for the match, I want to say 2 things that Russ can’t possibly copy and paste.  1. This was very reminiscent of when The Giant first took on Rey Mysterio in WCW.  This worked very well in that Braun sold some stuff to give fans hope that Kalisto could pull something off.  2.  I loved the call back to the 2004 Royal Rumble when Chris Benoit eliminated the Big Show to win it.  He had on that great headlock and kept pulling until he dragged Big Show over the top.  Once again, props to both guys for pulling off a better than anticipated match.

  1.  Samoa Joe, along with Gallows and Anderson, cut a very Kentertaining promo.  Then there was the beatdown of Enzo, followed up by Finn Balor being the replacement.  There’s a lot happening here.  Talk about it.

Russ:  Two words… “Butt Nugget”.  (Kent: You nerd!)

Keri:  So, I have a few observations about the segment the match and the players involved. First, Enzo is basically worthless. Can we have him manage Big Cass and be done with it? I think this was a better match without him involved. And before anyone says anything, it has nothing to do with the fact that he was replaced by Finn. Second, yea, Finn. Next, the backstage interview was decent and did what it needed to do as was the beatdown of Enzo. Lastly, we have a new Rollins finisher which leads me to one and only one question. Has he come up with an original finisher since the Curb Stomp was banned? I mean first it was the pedigree which he got from Triple H not is a modified version of Kenny Omega’s Rain Trigger. I mean I know that people don’t own their finishers but come on. And I just picked a fight with Russ. (Kent: 2 things here.  1. The curb stomp wasn’t all that original either.  Gail Kim’s Eat Defeat comes to mind, but I think others have done Seth’s variation as well.  2.  I’m pretty sure we both picked a fight with Russ over his useless unoriginal boy toy.  Good job!) (Russ: You don’t have to be original when you are the best at it.)  

Kent:  There’s a lot to cover here.  First though, props to Seth for breaking out a new finisher.  That was sorely needed.  With that being said, Seth using the Slingblade in a match with finn as his partner was very interesting.  Finn fighting against G & A was also interesting.  I hope this all plays towards Finn turning heel.  Seth shouldn’t be using that move unless it is leading to something down the line.  Finn still shouldn’t be teaming with Seth at all, so I have to believe that there is something happening here.  Before the announcers said anything, I got thinking about how this match involved 4 of the most over people in NXT history.  It then made think about all the former NXT champs, which is Seth, Bo Dallas, Neville, Sami Zayn, Kevin Owens, Finn Balor, Samoa Joe, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Bobby Roode.  This leads to me promoting the WWE network for now having the entire NXT series, so way back when Bo was in shape and was getting a push.  Go ahead, watch the early stuff to see where all of the current big names got a start.  What the hell happened to Bo?  Finally, Cass has proven that he is very good in a 6 man tag match, but that’s it.  I don’t get it.

  1.  Raw’s opening segment. Discuss.

Russ:  Enjoyable.  It went on a little longer than I think was needed, but Jericho, Miz, and Dean were Kentertaining.  My only real concern is how the Miz came off.  He was fantastic on Smackdown almost week in and week out as an egotistical bastard who was ruthless.  On RAW he has been playing more of the comedic role.  While a change is nice every once in awhile, I fear that they will destroy everything he worked so hard to achieve over on Smackdown.  RAW doesn’t have a great track record so I’m concerned.  

Keri:  As soon as I saw Jericho come out  and the ring was set for the Highlight Reel, I knew we were in for something good. Because Jericho. But add in the Miz (and Maryse) and Ambrose and you have a segment that was not just good,it was great. I was very kentertained by the transitioning of the “talk shows.” There was only one thing missing and that was Mitch the plant. The icing on the cake for me was Maryse begging not to be put of the list of Jericho and then getting angry when she was put on the list. A great way to end a great segment.

Kent:  Honestly, I didn’t know what the opening segment was until I read Keri’s comment.  With that being said, it was a very Kentertaining segment, my memory just sucks.  I always miss heel Jericho, despite heel Jericho just being a mean face Jericho with plenty of catchphrases.  Still, if he works with teh right people, face Jericho still works incredibly well.  Oddly enough, Jericho’s cheesy stuff doesn’t blend well with KO, and I am glad that they are now apart.  It’s tough to watch a heel be super cereal towards Jericho, and y2J’s retort to be that they made a list or that they are going to get …….IT.  The intensity just doesn’t line up.  Jericho working off Ambrose and Miz though, works incredibly well.  Jericho vs Bray right now would be a super terrible idea.

  1.  After the Shakeup we were worried that RAW had too many top tier stars and many would be left directionless.  It has only been a few weeks, but it already seems that RAW doesn’t know what to do with some of the top talent already (Finn, Joe, Rollins, Bray all come to mind).  Is this because they need to get through Payback (which has several non-RAW people on the card)  or is this a sign of major trouble ahead?  

Russ:  I’m really hoping that this is just a symptom of Payback being set-up kind of before they decided to pull the trigger on the shakeup.  If it isn’t then a lot of talent is going to be wasted and that is a true shame.  Does Finn even have a match at Payback?  Yes I know Joe and Rollins have a match and there is some history, but last night was the go home show for payback.  Usually they try and set things up so that you can’t wait for Sunday.  It felt like they made the Joe and Rollins match an after thought.  I should be pumped to see these two wrestle, yet WWE has done nothing to get me excited for this match.  Bray, I get he is in a match at Payback (against Smackdown’s Champion, and it isn’t even a TITLE MATCH!)  However, what are they going to do afterwards?  Yes, they teased a Finn and Bray feud, I just hope they go through with it.  I’m not quite ready to say that there will be major trouble ahead for some of these top tier talents, but WWE has a history of disappointing me so I’m not that optimistic about things going forward.  

Keri:  I think they are currently tying up Payback loose ends right now. Why you schedule a PPV three weeks after you shake up the rosters is beyond me? But alas, here we are. I say we wait until the post-Payback RAW to see whether or not they really messed up.

Kent:  Well, your whole question is valid and both of you covered it.  I will take the flip side and say that Smackdown is undeterred and will just keep making stars, but the question is, do they have enough talent to make stars, aside from Baron.  How Jinder and Rusev are handled over the next 3-6 months will be indicative of whether Smackdown can truly work wonders.  RAW, fuck RAW.   Trade Joe ASAP!

  1.  Which opponent interests you the most for Alexa Bliss: Bayley or Sasha?

Russ:  Honestly, I’m going to have to go with Bayley.  Sasha needs a heel turn very badly and going up against Little Miss Bliss would not help her.  Bayley on the other hand needs something to make her more interesting.  WWE has screwed up another NXT darling in Bayley, but they can still salvage her with a good feud.  I think Bliss is the girl to do it.  

Keri:  I’m going to go with Sasha. Bayley is too easy for heel Alexa to pick on for a feud to be interesting past a few weeks. So, in other words, it will get boring fast. Sasha, at least, could make things a little more interesting especially if we get tweener instead of face Sasha. But honestly, I think neither girl is in Alexa’s league right now for either feud to be remotely entertaining for the long haul. So I’m picking the lesser of two evils especially since I’d rather see Alexa feud with Mickie.

Kent:  Ahhh, the other foot has dropped.  We all wanted Bayley on the main roster.  We all saw unlimited potential for marketing and to be the biggest face on the roster.  And then they put the belt on her prematurely, and gave her nothing interesting to work with and now everybody’s worst fears are coming true.  Bayley needs this feud more than Sasha.  The fans need Sasha in this feud more to revitalize her stagnant career.  Sasha should have gone to SM, not Charlotte.  Terrible mistake that I am still dwelling upon.

  1.  Were we really supposed to care about Charlotte getting attacked?  Was that supposed to evoke some form of sympathy or empathy?  Also, did you actually watch the full match? Be honest.

Russ:  Well, I watched the whole match.  In the sense that it was on my TV, while I played a videogame and looked up occasionally.  As for the attack on Charlotte and Naomi I had zero fucks to give for Charlotte, but I did find a few things about the attack interesting.  Becky was suspiciously absent.  She took a very tweener approach to the whole attack stating that it wasn’t her problem.  That isn’t the Becky I know.  They Becky I know would have helped those who were served injustice.  I kind of hope that this will lead to a Becky was the mastermind behind the whole thing twist.

Keri:  I’m going to keep this short and sweet. Nope. Also I didn’t see the whole match. This interference should have happened the week before but because of bad writing, it didn’t. Also, where does Charlotte really go from here? I mean we had heels attacking heels in this case. I’m so confused.

Kent:  According to WWE’s official Wikipedia, yes, apparently we are supposed to care about all things Charlotte because she is historic and revolutionary.  I honestly need a break from her.

  1.  What do you think about the direction of Rusev’s character?  Will he flourish without Lana at his side?

Russ:  Rusev is an asset that WWE has squandered for the past several years.  He has the talent to be a success.  I like that they are giving him a bit of an edge, but only time will tell if this will actually work.  The benefit is that he is on Smackdown and they need to create top level heels and Rusev fits the mold.  

Keri:  First, I think Rusev is strong enough to venture out on his own. He’s got the presence and mic skills to potentially do great things. I also like where they are potentially going with his new storyline. Due to this new announcement, I have a feeling that Jindar is winning the belt from Orton at Backlash which will lead to a match and continuation of the Rusev-Jindar feud for MITB.  This is the only way that Rusev’s ultimatum makes sense. Or we get a feud with Orton which will be very very boring.

Kent:  I think Rusev is in better shape to flourish than Lana is.  Lana is a slightly hotter, but far worse wrestler than Summer Rae.  Did people forget how good looking Summer is?  Did people forget that she can actually wrestle and when given a chance, is a really solid heel?  Yeah, thought so.  Jinder isn’t winning.  Rusev will look dangerous, and maybe he even beats Randy for the belt, and then Baron cashes in MitB and proves to be the ultimate tweener/lone wolf.

  1.  We finally have some storyline going on in the tag team division!  Would you keep the belts on the Uso’s for a while, or would you put them on Breezedango?  

Russ:  I would love to see what Breezedango could do with the belts.  I think it would be a crime to take the belts off the Uso’s right now.  They have really upped their game.  They need to get into a seriously good feud now with a team.  The only problem is that there are no real teams that can go against them except American Alpha right now and I’m already sick of that fued.  

Keri:  Easy question with an easy answer. Put them on Breezedango. It’s about time they tried something new and exciting with the division. And think about it, the belts will never look more fashionable.

Kent:  So the answer is easy, as Keri alluded to, but her answer isn’t necessarily the right one.  What I mean by that is, in all honesty, the Uso’s are great champs.  The reality is that The Uso’s, American Alpha, New Day, The Ascension, the Colons, and Breezedango can all be great champions.  None can flourish until they give at least 2 feuds at a time.  All of those teams are good to great when pushed well.  So it’s not a matter of who has them at this point, it’s about how they are pushed and how the next challengers are pushed to keep things constantly evolving.  SUre, put it on Breezedango, they deserve it, but so does the Ascension.

  1.  I know that Russ, nor Keri, watch Impact Wrestling (TNA).Technically, to listen to Russ on the podcast, he has heaped praises on to the Broken Hardy gimmick, but he has yet to really off any proof that he has actually watched any of it.  I just recently caught up on the show’s past month.  There is new ownership with Anthem and Jeff Jarrett is back in the fold.  They have brought back guys like Scott Steiner, Magnus, Matt Morgan, Low Ki, Sonjay Dutt, Bram, Chris Masters, LAX, ODB, and probably a few others that I have forgotten.  In the meantime, they have let talent like Mike and Maria Bennett, Crazzy Steve, The Hardly Boys, Damien Sandow, and a few others go.  My question is a simple one.  For a company that has been on it’s death bed for so long, what’s the better path to rebuilding and prosperity?  Is it better to bring back some of your former stars and mix them up with your current young crop of talent, or is it better to stop spending money on the old guard and invest in more new up and coming talent who may not have the name value?

Russ:  To be fair I have seen several of the Broken Matt videos and have read a several TNA reviews on them.  However, I have not once seen a full episode of Impact Wrestling.  I think a good mix of young and old talent in order to make a good company.  The Older talent will draw in the crowds and the young talent needs to impress those crowds in order to get people to want to continue to watch.  

Keri:  You think that bringing on young talent and building them up would be a way to save your brand. But, that does not appear to be what Impact is doing. I guess bad decision making didn’t die when Dixie left and sold the company, did it?

Kent:  I believe in bringing back the old guard every once in awhile.  I like when Jericho returns.  So had any one or two entities shown up over this past month, and slowly integrated themselves into storylines, that would be wonderful.  Unfortunately, the continuity is so far gone at this point that the TNA that you used to know 3 months ago, cue Gotye, is not anywhere close to the current product.  Bringing back talent is fine, but not at the expense of faces that the fans were getting into or already loves. Nobody was begging for Morgan or Magnus or Masters to return.  Nobody was begging for ODB, Sonjay DUtt, or Low Ki to return.  Nobody cares that Alberto is there, along with Cody (can’t call him Rhodes).  If you want to bring guys back, you bring back AJ, Joe, Aries, Roode, Eric Young…..oh wait, they are all flourishing in WWE.  Seriously TNA, you couldn’t do much more with a guy like Drew Galloway/McIntyre?  Fucking pathetic.  Still, I can’t wait to see Scott Steiner.

Bonus Deuce

  1. It came out last week that Shinsuke was originally supposed to have “Glorious” as his entrance theme song, but he wisely decided against it.  Bobby Roode ended up with it, and it fit him perfectly.  This week, I will ask you name 1 or 2 wrestlers who would benefit from another wrestler’s music.  So, for example, if you think Braun Strowman would be more effective coming out to Bayley’s song, then have at it.  Or maybe Luke Harper with Emma’s music.  Also, for bonus fun, pick a retro theme song that is no longer used and pick a current talent for it.  For example, Jeff Hardy coming out to AJ Lee’s “Light It Up”.  Ha.

Russ:  I think Neville would benefit from HHH’s King of Kings song.  Neville is the King of the cruiserweights and his entrance should reflect that.  I would love to see Dean come out to Mick Foley’s car crash theme.  I don’t know something about Dean always screams car wreck to me.  For my Retro I think it would be great to see a Broken Matt Hardy come out to Edge’s Entrance Metalingus.  I mean talk about old wounds and Lita!  HA!  

Keri:  I’m going to say that Bayley should have Mickie James music. It a better fit for Bayley and it really doesn’t fit Mickie’s character anymore. Not sure what music to give Mickie to replace it though, no one’s really fits her.

Kent:  I wouldn’t mind Baron getting Finn’s music, although Finn has succeeded in adding to the song with his flashing.  I wouldn’t mind Eric Rowan getting new music, or the old APA or Hardcore Holly music.  I know this would never happen, but Charlotte with Mr Perfect’s music would be great.    Nia with Braun’s music would be awesome.  American Alpha is a team that needs something, so why not Ken Shamrock’s old music?  Dana just needs something, but I don’t know what.  Gallows and Anderson could also use something cooler that actually fits them better.  Seth Rollins with RVD’s old One Of A Kind could work better than his current garbage.  Austin Aries needs new music, like Steven Regal’s Real Man’s Man song.  Honestly, give somebody that song, even if it’s one of the UK dudes.

  1.  Last week, we discussed who we would push and de-push.  This week, I will make things a little more difficult.  I want to play a game.  Name 3 active in ring wrestlers who you would future endeavor/fire.  It can be for any variety of reasons, but please tell us why.  Maybe you think that they could be more successful elsewhere, or maybe you think that they are just awful.

Russ:  My firings would be:  1.  Nia,  I just can’t stand her so it won’t hurt me when she is gone.  2.  Apollo Crews:  If you aren’t going to use him properly let him find a new home in another company.  3.  Mark Henry, he is getting old and honestly hasn’t done much lately cut the ties.  

Keri:  Here we go: Nia, Curtis Axel, and Bo Dallas. I pick Curtis and Bo because they haven’t done anything substantial in months. I say let them go so they can find their way somewhere else. As for Nia, do I really have to say anymore than her name for you all to understand?

Kent:  This is a really tough one.  Just because you’re a jobber doesn’t mean that you should be let go if you can make more money and be happier away from WWE.  I think Bo can still find success with Bray, but he needs to hit the gym more if he wants to get that push.  1. Mark Henry is a guy that I would say goodbye to as he never gets any wins, and he kind looks like he’s in pain at this point, so let him retire.  2.  I really hate to say it because I think she is genuinely trying, unlike Nia, but Dana may be better off gone.  3.  The last one can go to Mojo, Apollo, Titus, or Darren Young.  I considered Cesaro, but he’s gotta be making good enough money to stay as long as he has.  If I am the WWE, I wouldn’t fire Darren Young because I would fear a tell all book that would bring terrible PR to them.  All of these guys are legit nice dudes.Darren is the guy though that I don’t see ever getting another chance at a push.  Apollo can be rehabilitated.  Mojo with Zack can still be successful.  Titus is a guy that will do anything for WWE as far as going to do all that PR stuff.  Darren does too, but Titus is better at it.  If Paige was an option, I would have chosen her.
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