The Wrestling 9 Deuce – June 19 & 20, 2017 – The Women Complain Too Much Edition

Welcome everybody to the only wrestling blog that likes to laugh at women’s revolutions and their place in history.  Keri has the week off, but may return this coming week schedule permitting.  With that being said, Russ and I are here to talk about the week that was in wrestling.

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The 9

  1.  Well, we finally know the SAWFT truth.  Tell the world your take on the segment and if the payoff seemed worth it to you.

Russ:  This was a bit of a let down.  Why go through all of the attacks in the back without knowing who did it just to have Big Cass Admit he did it…  This would have worked out way better if they made it seem like The Revival or somebody did it.  Schedule a match.  Have that team vehemently deny they did it.  Have the match.  Have Big Cass and Enzo win.  YAY we celebrate and then Big Cass attacks Enzo from behind.  The next week have Big Cass explains why he did it.  Instead this just felt a bit disappointing.  I hope they pick it up in the next part of this story because this was garbage.  

Kent:  Well, it was anti-climatic, that’s for sure.  It can be anti-climatic if it makes sense and works.  This doesn’t work for me.  Big Show sounds like he may go to Smackdown, and this is a time when RAW needs a big man babyface in the worst way.  And there’s my big problem.  You have on the heel side: Samoa Joe< Bray Wyatt, Braun Strowman, Elias Sampson, Big Cass, sometimes Brock Lesnar, and The Miz.  Too many hosses and I bet they all job to Roman over the next 12 months.  Braun could be a good face as could Bray.  One needs that face turn in my opinion.  I don’t want to watch shitty matches with Seth, Finn, and Dean holding their own against these hosses.  Cass should have been face and Enzo should have managed The Revival.  Oh well, at least I got to hear “We go hard!”  Oh yeah, #BigCassHasBitTits

  1.  What feud do you feel more interested in: Bray vs Seth or Elias vs Finn?

Russ:  I’m going to go with Bray and Seth (what a shock!)  There is a simple reason for this.  I like Bray and Seth more.  Neither feud is very interesting as of yet and I’m only semi-sold on Elias.  

Kent:  Surprisingly, I am looking forward to both.  With that being said, Finn vs Elias is very fresh to me, so that’s my pick.  My concern is will Elias ever get put over someone like Finn?  I doubt it. #WalkWithTheDrifter

  1.  Bo looked good on RAW in his match.  He also had a backstage segment with The Axe Man and Miz.  Finally, we see that Bo and Curtis are going to be the Miz’s entourage.  Considering how good Bo can be and he demonstrated it, is this a good thing for him?

Russ:  This is a very good thing for him.  He needs to be able to get out in front of the crowd more and this is a good way to do it.  As long as he gets a few matches every few weeks this should be a way to build him and The Axe Man up to decent Mid-Card guys.  It seems to me WWE is trying hard to build the mid-card finally!  Good keep it up.  Bo looked good last night against Finn so I say keep it up!  

Kent:  Honestly, I was so disappointed that Bo was one of the bears.  I really liked how good Bo was in his match and it gave me hope that they would consider giving him a mid card push.  I’d love to see him vs Kalisto.  Still, this could help everybody involved, if we can get past this awful Dean feud.  I swear, I think Ginger Rhynos will save Dean in a week or 2.  Just saying.  Still, #IBolieveInBo

  1.  Was Bayley wearing a bra?  Did she get the corporate boob job?  Did you get a tingle in your no no region when Emma came out to confront Alexa?  How did the women only get 1 segment all night?

Russ:  I missed this completely!  Based on what Kent wrote I kind of regret it.  I may just go back and watch this segment and get that special feeling in my nether regions.  As for only 1 segment.  Do we really care?  I mean honestly,  As long as Alexa is in the segment then that is good enough for me.  

Kent:  Was I see things?  Bayley’s tits were swinging and bouncing and jiggling and were totally rocking.  I really wanted to motorboat that shit.  I loved everything about her run in.  Then she got in the ring, and whatever.  Actually, it’s nice to see the women all going for it.  Just add Paige to the mix and you have one of the all time best female rosters.  Sasha also wants Peyton Royce and Billie Day up.  Yes, I get a super raging clue when I saw Emma and Alexa get into it.  Hopefully the next time they get in deeper, like wrist deep, and unclothed.#FistsOfFury #BayleysTitties

  1.  Is this smart or stupid for WWE to give away Joe vs Roman for free?  Also, Braun’s not finished with Roman.

Russ:  I’d say it was stupid, but damn I’m glad I saw it!  Plus with the cheap ending they now know they have a future PPV match that can easily Main Event and we will be excited for it because of this match.  So I guess WWE gave a little bit of the milk away for free to later on gouge us for all we are worth.  

Kent:  That Joe vs Roman match was one of the best TV matches in recent memory.  I really liked this match a ton.  I even liked the ending, no need to give away a clean ending.

  1.  Vent about this Women’s MitB debacle.

Russ:   I’m going to let Kent Vent (this should be the name of a podcast segment!) I am just going to say a few things.  First,  I had no problem with Ellsworth getting the briefcase for Carmella.  This is wrestling not life or death.  Yes, WWE shouldn’t have been touting FIRST-TIME EVER and HISTORIC if they knew this is how it would end, because yea having a guy get the case leaves a sour impression for those SJW’s.  There are no rules so the fact that Ellsworth did this is perfectly fine, stupid on WWE’s part, but fine.  On Smackdown, they made all the women look like whiny losers and guess what? They got what they wanted!  What does that tell people?  Things don’t go your way, bitch and act like a sore loser and you will get your way!  Excellent! Now, there is no way this was the original plan (who the fuck ends a PPV match controversially just to solve it with a TV match????)  With that said, Carmella better fucking win this thing again!  If she doesn’t WWE just effectively ruined an emerging star!  They had a chance to turn heat against the company into heat against Carmella here and she did an amazing job on Smackdown of starting that, but by the end of the show they killed that momentum.  So the only thing they can do is have her find another way of getting the case.  Finally, I saw on Talking Smack that Ellsworth is banned from ringside!  Way to go WWE!  A match with no rules now has rules!  WWE equality means  treating matches with no rules differently for the women, because otherwise that’s unfair.  Yea, that makes total sense!  

Kent:  I usually loathe Vince’s off the wall crazy moments, but to rob the women of their moment by having a man get the briefcase was a stroke of genius.  To the whiny bitches, let me lay some truth down for you.  Ellsworth lost all relevancy and then they paired him with Carmella.  Carmelle has helped make James one of the best characters in WWE and I do attribute that to Carmella for making it work so smooth.   So people pissed about this, you are pissed at a female’s creation, making you mother fuckers hypocrits.    Ellsworth is only relevant because of Carmella, but you want to bash this decision?  You sick fucking sexist pigs.  You disgust me.  We should be celebrating this stroke of genius and celebrating the creativity and hard work of our fairer sex.  Instead the haters are out and being so mean towards a woman’s creation.  That’s so messed up!  People should be ashamed.  Then we saw why women can’t and shouldn’t be allowed to get ahead in life.  They see one lady become successful and what do the other 4 do?  Do they go to her and lift her up on their shoulders and help support their fellow female warrior?  No, they go to management, behind her back, talk shit and try to get her accomplishments taken away from her.  And here’s the sad truth, and I am not playing a gimmick here, this is real life truth, but this happens all of the time.  Go ahead, get a job with a lot of women and you will see cattiness and backstabbing every single day.  They lie and manipulate rather than help each other.  Do you know why women would rather hang out with dudes?  Well aside from the fact that they are skanks, they also realize that hanging out with another female puts her in danger.  Go on social media and see all of the horrible and mean things women say about one another, trying to tear down their self esteem.  Yet, here I am, a white dude, and I’m the fucking devil.  Bitches are to blame for their own mediocrity and then pin the blame on others, usually men, rather than rising above hate.  So fuck you whiny internet bitches.  Grow the fuck up, own this shit, and support Carmella’s creation, OR stop pretending that you are pro females because that shit is not flying with me.  If Carmella does not get to retain her MitB briefcase, you can fully expect at least 1 full month of me just sexualizing females on this blog and not focusing on their accomplishments because that’s what the world wants me to do.  Also, this article.

  1.  Whose appearance was most important this week: Chad Gable, Luke Harper, or Tye Dillinger?

Russ:  Chad’s appearance was probably the most important out of the three, but I’m going to go through this.  Tye’s appearance was only good to let us know that he is still alive.  That man should be in a match at least every other week, not a commercial after 5 weeks of not being on TV.  Luke had a decent showing against the Maharaja but because there was no hype and it wasn’t for the title and there is still no direction for Luke it was ultimately meaningless.  Chad on the other hand got a chance to talk and was humours, he got to showcase some great in-ring ability with his suplexes, and it was for the US title.  This at least gave us a hope that they may start to utilize American Alpha more and for sometime in the future show us that Chad has a promising singles career if nothing else.    

Kent:  My answer is Luke, and it’s not for a reason that I am happy about.  Luke is Smackdown’s Cesaro or Christian.  A guy who will provide quality matches but never get the run that he truly deserves.  A guy you don’t ever have to advertise for, yet know that he is going to put on a hell of a match against whomever.  Sadly, the writing is on the wall.  I know this is indicative that I should probably abandon the Luke train, I fully acknowledge this, but I can’t force myself to do that.

  1.  What has you most intrigued: Rusev’s inevitable return, The Hype Bros, or Mike and Maria Kanellis?

Russ:  The Hype Bros. have my attention right now.  I don’t know why, but it just feels like these two are on the verge of break-up and both becoming upper-midcard stars.  So I’m keeping my eye on how these two interact for the next couple of weeks.  Of course I want to know what is going on with Rusev, but he has become the Emma of Smackdown.  I still think they need to make him Lana’s valet.  

Kent:  Mike and Maria, duh.  What a dumb question.  It’s like somebody ran out of ideas and just threw this out there to reach a quota of questions. Really, listen to this full song and tell me that it’s not amazingly 80’s.

  1.  Screw it, Smackdown sucked.  Let’s have a memorial for the women’s revolution.  You tried to make it historical, and instead James Ellsworth won the respect of everybody.

Bonus Deuce

  1. Rate RAW

Russ: Rating: 6.8 RAW was decent this week.  We have a fresh feud in Elias and Finn.  I like the direction they are going with Bray and Seth.  Braun is BACK and still on fire, I just want to say that I love how his return went and did you hear those fans cheer!  Roman vs. Joe … yes please!  The Miz and his entourage is intriguing, though it looks like he will be losing Maryse storywise (which I hate!)  RAW had its downside too.  What the hell are they doing with Titus Brand? There was a lot of crap in between the good segments.

Kent:  I kinda liked RAW except the terrible “main event” segment.  Simultaneously, the women’s title didn’t matter at all, the tag team division didn’t get any storyline progression, and Brock Lesnar is  on 10-12 times a year.  Still, that Joe vs Roman match, Braun, and Bayley’s titties made this a better than average show.  5.5

  1.  Rate Smackdown

Russ:  Rating: 3.5, The podcast got to watch Smackdown together this week and maybe that hurt it, but man so many stupid things happened.  The women complaining about losing, no Fashion Files, still no Tye Dillinger in a meaningful capacity and of course the horrible, horrible decision to strip Carmella of the briefcase.  There was a smattering of good Gable vs. KO was great,  Shinsuke vs. Dolph was really good and Luke vs. Jinder was also good.  The bad just really outweighed the good in this one.  

Kent:  There were 3 good matches this week.  Then there was the women’s storyline, and it took up how many segments?  It dragged on the whole evening.  It gave us some of the most cringeworthy promos ever.  None of the matches were close to the caliber of Joe vs Roman.  I will say this, it was a memorable show, but for all of the wrong reasons.  3.3

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