The Wrestling 9 Deuce – July 24 & 25, 2017 – Break the Walls Down Edition

This week, we saw the return of Jericho, and we drank it in.  Keri also saw RAW live in DC.  Russ and I basically took the week off.  Oh, and KO won the US title on Sunday and then lost it back to AJ on Tuesday, so there’s THAT.  But first, some lovely pictures taken by our even lovelier Keri.  She got to see her boy Finn lose to my boy, so who wants to walk with the drifter?

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The 9

  1.  RAW this week set up its main event for the universal title. Discuss this and the opening segment.

Russ:  I for one think this will be a great SummerSlam main event.  Braun is the most over superstar right now, Samoa Joe belongs in the main event picture, Roman is a hard worker and great in the ring and Brock is, for some reason, considered a big draw.  Get all four in the ring at the same time and we are in for some good fun.  They should put the belt on Braun at SummerSlam.  It’s the perfect time to do it.  Think about it, Roman doesn’t have to win it because it isn’t one-on-one, and Brock doesn’t have to eat the pin.  We all win, so don’t expect it to happen.  

Keri:  The opening segment of RAW this week was the highlight of my live RAW viewing experience. Yes, readers I was there live. And let me say, that was an amazing pop that Braun received and Reigns was pretty much booed out of the Verizon Cente, despite the fact that in replays it sounded like he was being cheered. I assure you those were added in after the fact DC does not like Reigns. Now back to the segment, The announcement itself was good but predictable. I think we all saw this coming. However, the post segment brawl that ensued afterwards was worth the price I paid for my ticket. I was seriously concerned about that security guard that Braun turned into a land dart and threw half way across the river to Virginia. It was awesome and I’m glad Braun was standing tall at the end.

Kent:  There’s a weird part of me that wants to see a Brock and Braun vs Joe and Roman match of 2 Samoan bad asses vs 2 super strong white boys who throw people around.   As far as this segment, it’s pretty much what you would and should expect at this point.  That doesn’t mean it was bad, it was rather entertaining.  I’m glad that we can get this match.  I almost always enjoy when the locker rooms clear out.  This match should steal the show at Summerslam.  On a related note, UFC champ, Jon Jones called out Brock Lesnar after winning back his title at Saturday’s UFC event.  Rumors have been circulating about Brock returning to UFC for a match at MSG in NYC in November (I believe).  Well come to find out, whoever started those rumors are morons.  Brock has to get himself back in the USADA drug testing pool for another 6 months in order to serve out his suspension from his last fight against Mark Hunt.  Basically, Brock screwed himself because he was sick of getting tested to prove that he was clean, and now he wants another huge payday, and it’s going to be put on hold.

  1.  We have a new number one contender for the RAW women’s title, Bayley. Discuss this choice.

Russ:  Didn’t we just see this horrible match like two ppv’s ago? Bayley isn’t ready for the WWE, either that, or creative just doesn’t know how to use her. I think it’s a bit of both,  but the last time these two tangled it wasn’t good for  Bayley or Alexis.  

Keri:  Old feuds are so exciting. Said no one ever. Come on Creative we’ve seen Alexa vs. Bayley and it honestly was a flop. Sasha vs Alexa could have been a really good feud. It’s been eatables already that there is no love lost between these two ladies. Why not capitalize on it? Because reasons I guess. Oh well.

Kent:  What?  Emma isn’t getting an opportunity?  What a shocker.  Boooooring.  Bayley has been ruined.  I would trade Bayley and Sasha for Charlotte and Becky.  Charlotte was a bigger deal on RAW, and Becky seems to be constantly lost in the shuffle.

  1.  There was a three on two match this week involving the Miztourage and Dean and Seth. Where do you think this is heading?

Russ:  Maybe a triple threat match at SummerSlam.  It seems like in order to get all the big names in they will have to be in multi-men matches.  These three could deliver a classic triple-threat if they are given enough time.

Keri:  I’ve got three words for you. Triple threat match. And then I have two more, at Summerslam. That is alll.

Kent:  Rumors are stating that Dean and Seth will be facing Sheasaro at Summerfest, while Jason Jordan will take on the Miz.  If that is the case, fuck man.  While it will be nice to get Dean away from Miz, they don’t deserve a tag title match, but if it leads to a Dean heel turn, I’ll choke this feud down.  Jason Jordan…….I think he has bust written all over him.  Gable was the star.  Gable should have been Kurt’s son.  Feud Jordan with Cass in a match of epicly awful proportions.

  1.  Tag team discussion time. The Revival had a match against G&A with a Hardys run in. Shesaro was not featured in the ring this week and was seen only via backstage segment. Was this the appropriate way to feature the division? Discuss.

Russ:  It would have been better to have Sheasaro actually do something, but it was nice to see the revival out there getting back to basics.  How long until they get the Nxt break up treatment?

Keri:  So, I think we are getting the Revival vs Sheasaro at Summerslam. I think over the next few weeks we are going to see the Revival beat up on the other tag teams first. Thus making them a threat to the titles and the Bar.

Kent:  No.  Sheasaro needs to have some entertaining backstage promos to keep them relevant while teams compete for #1 contendership, like a one night tag team tourney with G&A, Revival, Hardly’s, and Ginger Rhynos.  Maybe toss in Seth and Dean, Bo and Curtis, Enzo and Show, and maybe a cruiserweight team or Bray and Finn.  Get creative….Creative.

  1.  It looks like Creative is finally pulling the trigger on Bray vs Finn after the events on RAW this week. Do you think this match is actually going to happen? Do you think this will bring back the Demon? What does this mean for Elias Samson?

Russ:  Elias will fall back into obscurity, which is a shame.  I think Bray vs Finn, could be a great story driven feud.  I Don’t think their first match should bring out the demon.  Save that for a match down the line.  

Keri:  I think this time it may actually happen. Let’s face it Seth vs Bray and sloppy and kind of fell flat. I also think for this feud to be effective we need to bring back the demon. He’s had a year break. He needs to come back. It would work into the storyline so well. As for Elias, I’m not sure how he factors into this feud but he should have something going into Summerslam. I was very impressed with what I saw Monday night from him.

Kent:  Apparently they want to only call him Elias now, because once you make the main roster, you only have a first or a last name, not both!  Elias vs Miz would be a great start.  Add in Jason Jordan and you have 2 guys that can carry it on the mic, and 3 very different in ring styles.  Sold.  Regarding Finn vs Bray, yes, it is an excuse to bring back the Demon, which should have been done MONTHS ago.    Finn didn’t deserve his huge push, but he deserved better than what he’s been served since his return.  Can’t wait to see Bray job to another star.

  1.  Sooooo, Jericho is back and AJ Styles is the NEW US champion.  Which development is most important for the company at the moment?

Russ:  I don’t think Jericho is back for the long run yet, so I’m going to have to say AJ getting the title back.  Still what the hell was the point of having KO win it just to give it back to AJ the next night? The only thing I can think of is that Battleground was a botch.  Still this triple threat match was way  better than the crap we got at battleground, so I guess that is an overall win for the fans.  

Keri:  I’ll be honest I marked out when Jericho’s music hit. It was great to see him back and putting people on the list. With that said, flip flopping the belt back to AJ was kind of pointless. Provided Jericho is back for awhile, they could have spent the next couple of weeks building this up with all three saying they had a legit claim to the belt. Thus making the belt seem important and giving us the pay off at Summerslam. By doing it this way, neither Jericho’s return or the title change Tuesday night provided any benefit.

Kent:  Jericho is more important because he’s another top guy that could help keep this show a little more fresh than RAW.  Still, where’s Dolph?  I need him to start feuding with Gable.  This US Title nonsense, it’s nonsense.  If you are going to flip flop the belt this much, then you follow it up with a best 4 out of 7 to reign supreme and end it.  That’s how you tell a logical story.

  1.  Who do you want to win next week between Shinsuke and Cena?

Russ:  I don’t think either of them are going to win. They aren’t going to give this dream match away for free.  There will definitely be interference. The question is who will interfere?  Baron could, given his unfinished business with Shinsuke.  However, don’t count the Bulgarian Brute out yet.  Sure he is as buried as you can get, but he keeps digging himself out just long enough to get air and then promptly buried again.  

Keri:  I’d like to see Shinsuke win next week but it will probably be Cena facing Jinder at Summerslam. The promo between Jinder and Cena prior to the announcement of this match pretty much foreshadowed the outcome of how next week’s match is going to play out. This is also means that Cena will probably get the belt at Summerslam. Some much for the land of opportunity. Besides, like Braun, I don’t think Baron is finished with Shinsuke yet. (Kent: Nice finishing line.)

Kent:  We all know how this is going to play out.  Now allow me to tell you what I would do.  I’d have Baron interfere and beat down Shinsuke, which also DQ’s Cena, so he attacks Baron.  The following week, have Shin vs Baron to blow off their feud for now, with Shin winning and Baron blindsiding him after and Cena making the save.  Then of course the obligatory tag team match of Baron and Jinder vs Cena and Shin.  Cena vs Baron is made official.  At Summerslam, Cena goes over Baron, as is tradition, with Baron beating Cena down and sending him to the hospital after.  Shin beats Jinder and the crowd goes apeshit.  The Singhs interfere and then out comes Baron, and cashes in MitB.  Baron gets his belt.  Ohhhh, Shinsuke vs Baron isn’t over yet, as they have a match at the next PPV.  At the end, when Baron retains, have Cena come out so we get a proper feud between them.  That’s how you build up interest and stop pushing Jinder.  Maybe put Jinder and Rusev back as a team with Lana as their manager.

  1.  Now that Natalya is the #1 contender, do you feel like this has a chance to be a good feud with Naomi?

Russ:  No.  What? You want more? OK, this going to be terrible.  At least we can assume Naomi will hold the belt a little longer.  You never know, because Carmella does have that briefcase.  

Keri:  I feel so indifferent about this feud. I mean it’s nice to see something different but can these women actually carry a feud and put on a good match at Summerslam. I think Naomi can cover the match portion but is there enough of a storyline for me to care. I just don’t think so. Oh well, at least we have a potential Carmella cash in to look forward to at Summerslam. Oh, and free James Ellsworth.


Remember Natty vs Nikki and how good the build up was, and how bad that match was?  Yeah, that.  Keri’s used the term indifferent, and that’s pretty spot on.  I think Natty will bring it in the build up, but I expect to be underwhelmed by match time.  The sooner that Carmella is running this division and “Talking Smack” about how nobody can beat her and allow for Asuka’s call up, the better.  If only there was a 25-30 minute show on Tuesdays around 11PM where Carmella could run her mouth and help build her brand.  Somebody should create that show.

  1.  Is the Sami Zayn and Mike Kanellis feud working for you or should both move on?  If you say move on, then who should they feud with?

Russ:  No, I just don’t have any feelings good or bad towards Mike. WWE needs to do something with him that is better than this power of love crap.  So, honestly give him a mini-feud with AJ.  If AJ can’t make me care about him then it’s all over for me.  As  for Zayn he should feud with the Modern Maharaja.  It gives Zayn some credibility and someone new for Jinder to get better as champion with.  (Kent: It’s the MDM, the Modern DAY Maharaja….you disgust me.)

Keri:  It really wasn’t working me from the start so I say move on. Have Mike work with Tye and start building the lower card. As for Sami, his character is stale. Let’s turn him heel and have him join the group fighting over the US title. (Kent: Sami in a feud potentially involving KO wouldn’t count as stale?)

Kent:  I really want to see Randy battle the power of Love, because if anybody can really hate love, it’s Randy.  It’d be amazing, and give both guys something very different to work with.  Sami needs wins.  Sami over Jinder, Rusev, Baron, KO, whoever.  Sami vs AJ would actually appeal big time to me.Sami deserves the belt and some day, if I wish really hard, maybe it happens.

Bonus Deuce

  1. Rate RAW

Russ:  I didn’t watch it… And I couldn’t feel better! Rating: 8

Keri:  Overall it was a better show than I was expecting. And trust me my bar was set pretty low. Yes, you had the normal storylines and matches but that opening segment/brawl really made the episode for me. Rating: 4

Kent:  It’s Sunday, I finally watched it…sorta.  The funny thing is that I gave it a 4.0 prior to watching based on what little I heard about it.  After watching it, I give it a 4.2 for the Elias and Finn (2 points), tag team (1 point), Opening segment (1 point), and Alexa Bliss and Emma sightings (0.2 points).

  1.  Rate Smackdown

Russ:  i saw a few things but I still didn’t get to watch everything.  What I saw was good so in honor of watching very little wrestling and enjoying the week…  Rating: 8.

Keri:  This week’s show was kinda meh for me. The only redeeming quality for me was the return of Jericho (welcome back..mannnnn). Other than that and the AJ title change,this was an uneventful and predictable Smackdown.

Kent:  I actually quite enjoyed this week.  2 points for the opening.  1 for the Uso’s beatdown.  1.5 for the main event.  1 for Shin vs Baron.  0.3 for Aiden and Tye getting on the show.  5.8 for the night….wait, Charlotte had a match.  It’s a 5.5 for her awfulness.


Final Thoughts

Russ:  I’m rested and ready to watch some wrestling.  Everyone needs a break and this was really needed. Now I can make it to SummerSlam and I might just get through it before totally smarking out.  It depends on how bad WWE creative makes the shows.  

Keri:  It was an ok week but I think I really need a break. I way to smarky to be objective and positive about anything wrestling related anymore.

Kent:  It was nice having the week off.  Unfortunately, we are really late with this, so we were less productive than ever before. Hooray!  On the plus side, I found these Twitter pics on WWE’s website and I wanted to treat you for being oh so patient.  The Sheasaro one makes me giggle.

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