The Game of Thrones 9 Deuce – S:7 Ep4 – Bronn Still Doesn’t Have A Castle Edition

So that’s what a huge battle between main characters looks like.  That was cool, and absolutely terrifying if you’re a fan of Bronn or Jaime.  I’m back with my roving gang of GoT fans who are here to help me answer the questions that were on my mind this week.  We finally got Briana on board, which I have been hoping for, so I’m excited.  Also, I don’t think this is necessary, but I apologize for the picture quality, but as you know, this is a very poorly lit TV series. Any comments in bold are from Kent.

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The 9

  1.  Give me your thoughts on Bran and Meera’s interaction when Meera Reed went to say goodbye after such a long journey.

Chris:  She obviously wanted his bone (thinking that there is the potential for a lot of disability porn in this show, from not being able to walk to not having a penis). Joking aside, she gave up everything she and her family had to help her brother help Bran reach the 3 eyed raven, and he no longer seems to carry the emotional bonds that he did when she started. Overall, from that interaction she wanted to see if losing everything she had and all the hardships she had endured were worth it. In her mind now, probably not  Can we go back to the disability porn for a moment?)

Jim: it just demonstrates how detached he’s becoming.  I know, I’m going to drop a little high school English douchyness…. but it’s kinda like flowers for algernon…. give someone all the knowledge, they lose their personality or desire to interact normally.  He could have been a happy dumb cripple dreaming of climbing and watching incest …. but now he has the knowledge of all time, and can’t talk to his family without referencing hate porn or mentioning things better left unsaid.. (Back to back responses with porn in it.  Wow, I’m impressed.  We are raising the bar today apparently.)

Raylene: Bran has the pressure of the world and beyond on his shoulders and in his head. I would say he was a tad ungrateful for what she and others sacrificed to keep him safe.  

Kristi:  She overreacted. It’s not a secret that Bran is not exactly an emotional guy. What did she expect exactly? (That is a fair point.  Bran hasn’t really been a happy go lucky child since climbing that one fateful day. Realistic expectations should come into play.)

Briana:  Obviously, it was a bit awkward but not surprising for Bran at this point. His meeting with Sansa after all that time was similar. He doesn’t seem to have real feelings of his own anymore so that makes it difficult to respond to people in a way they want him to. (He’s basically in the mindset of not having to placate people.  That does have some benefits.)

Kent:  A bit more gratitude on Bran’s part would have been nice.  There wasn’t any reason for him not to, aside from having his head far up his own ass.  With that being said, on her way home, I bet she ends up in a situation that Bran helps her in.


  1.  Is Dany being A) Smart or B) Stupid, by continuing to ask Jon to bend at the knee?  Also, do you really want to see her in a relationship with him?

Chris:  I am shipping this relationship like UPS marrying FedEx. (You go girl!) At this point on the (nominal) good guy side all we really have left are Jon and Dany. They pretty much are being forced into relying on each other. Plus you know what they say

Jim: No, keep the Lannisters at the peak of incest, don’t let the Targaryens/surprise Targaryens  try to one up them.  I think she already has what she wants, and is silly to stubbornly re-ask for a bend of the knee…. if he does, it’ll drive a wedge in the north (for Littlefinger to step in), and she should know that (maybe to demonstrate her ignorance as a ruler) (They are most certainly making her ignorant as of late.)

Raylene:  She really is pushing it like you agreed to help fight the white walkers. If she takes the throne then sure have people bend the knee to her. He may already have done it because they had that cut away scene in the cave. (She’s the on her knees in that scene….duh.)

Kristi:  C. Annoying as hell. I do not want to see them in a relationship. I don’t watch the show for love stories. I would like to see them join forces though. (Fun fact: when I give an option between two choices in these blogs, somebody will inevitably choose something entirely different.)

Briana:  Well I do find it entertaining! Lol! But I think she’s showing him that she isn’t a queen who backs down from what she demands. Do I think it will work on Jon? No, but I don’t think it’s stupid. To run that into the next question, I think he is starting to find it kinda hot! Haha! Yes they should be together absolutely! They would make amazing rulers together, it solidifies the kingdom as one and I think they compliment each other in a way that would make them a good team for the throne. (Are you secretly hoping that they are related as well? )

Kent:  She’s is being the most obnoxious character this season, which is a tad unsettling based on how she is supposed to be a hero of sorts, at least to her crew.  I am hoping that maybe Jon stabs her….sexually and then he stabs her….with a knife and rules everything.  Dany acts like all she did was watch Disney Princess shit growing up.


  1.  Sansa is the “Queen of the North” while Jon is away, and now she has 2 of her siblings back in Arya and Bran.  She still doesn’t seem happy.  What do you think she is really concerned with at the moment?  Where is her mind at right now?  Also, listen to this song while thinking about it.

Chris:  I think Sansa is less about being Queen of Everything and more about being in a position where no one can hurt her or has power over her anymore. If Jon listened to what she said and did as he was told by her I don’t think there would be any issue. In regards to the siblings Sansa: a)treated Jon like shit because her mother did, (b) loved Robb the best, (c) treated Arya like shit because she was a tomboy instead of a lady , (d) liked Bran, and (e) Rickon was too young to really matter. So the only sibling she has left who she used to get along with is acting like an emotionless, sibling hate porn, timelord, the other one who she didn’t used get along with is an ass-kicker, and the half brother that she tormented is now her king. She has been raped, humiliated, and has Littlefinger trying to Littlefinger her. I wouldn’t be happy either.  (I can’t possibly add anything to this other thank, we do enjoy Littlefinger jokes her.  Well said. Note that Bri says that Littlefinger up Sansa’s ass may not be a “ray of sunshine”.  I am continually lowering the bar.)

Jim:  I think part of it is the things Littlefinger has whispered in her ear, part of it is trying to think about what he is doing, and how to prevent it, and finally, there is still part of her that is a petulant brat who feels like this should be her full time.  You saw that slightly pouty look when Jon was named King of the North.  You saw Littlefinger give her the look as it happened….  I think that is still there.  (Will her desire to get what she wants be enough to allow Littlefinger to slide on in and help her achieve her goal?  I hope so!)

Raylene:  Plain and simple I think she wants to be Queen of the 7 kingdoms.  (I hope so.  She would be such a bitch.)

Briana:  It could be that she’s still not certain Jon’s plan is a good one and she’s worried he may not actually come back? Also, if I had little finger up my ass like that, I might not be a ray of sunshine either! Lol But in seriousness, it could be just that everything she’s been through has made her hard to the world. She will never be the same again and I doubt she will ever be optimistic or hopeful about anything the rest of her life.  (If she became a legit ruler, would she just be a bitter ruler with constant resting bitch face?)

Kent:  Good song.  I’m glad I thought of that.  Sansa is the hardest character to fully read this season, so major props to Sophie Turner and the writers.  Yes, we know that she wished that Jon would take more of her advice and we know that she is just tolerating Littlefinger, but she also hates that there is a lot of truth in what he says, despite his intentions.  In all honesty, I think that she secretly likes running shit for now, but she also can’t wait for Jon to return and lift the weight off of her shoulders.


  1.  If you were on Trial By Combat and had to choose somebody to fight for your life, who would you choose out of the Game of Thrones characters?  Don’t choose Bran because that’s just cheating.

Chris:  Bronn. The only normal human, trial by combat survivor still on the show. What can I say I’m a Bronnie

Jim:  if its of all the characters, I’d say Jaquen (the faceless god)…. he could easily own Arya, or anyone else…. but for the sake of it using current characters..  I’d say Jon…. because I’m not sure he can die anymore..

Raylene:  The hound

Briana:  Definitely Arya! That girl is a beast!!! And no one sees her coming!

Kristi:  Arya. She’s just a badass chic.

Kent:  Man, lots of good points here.  With Arya, I wouldn’t trust her to win against The Mountain.  In my mind, it has to be somebody who could topple either form of The Mountain. So in that regard, I would go with The Hound.  But the Hound lost to Brienne and Brienne lost to Arya.  See how this shit gets difficult?  It’s the rock paper scissors game.  Chris is right, Bronn is the one with the best track record, so go for Bronn.  Next week, if I remember, I will be asking who would win between Ser Davos and Jorah Mormont.


  1.  We’ve now seen how the ballista works on the dragon.  Do you think any human is actually going to kill a dragon in this show, with or without help from a machine?

Chris:  Possibly. A different question than what you asked on the podcast, which was will a dragon die. Most definitely to the second.  (That is how we lure people to listen to our podcast.)

Jim:  I see one dragon getting knocked off…. of course with a machine or mystical help (white walkers?). I think the ballista is a red herring..  now that they have seen it, they won’t fall for it again, but I can see something else coming into play..  (Did you ever watch A Pup Named Scooby Doo with the kid named Red Herring?  It was a really funny shot lived show.)

Raylene:    I think that now that Dany knows about them her fighting style will be a little different. I do have a feeling something will be applied to the tip of the arrow perhaps a poison that takes the dragon down.  (If anybody can come up with a poison for the dragons, it would be Qybern.)

Kristi:  I really hope not but I have a bad feeling that we may see one die. (I know you hate my death of animal questions.)

Briana:  something tells me yes. I really don’t want to see it happen but I feel like the way this show is, it just wouldn’t be normal if they let all of the dragons make it through the entire series.  (Right, this show can’t let things we love continue to live.  Sacrifices must be had for ratings!)

Kent:  There’s the whole 3 headed dragon prophecy or whatever.  Yes, yes, book readers mock me for my ignorance.  So now that Dany’s army knows what they have, strategically, they should be able to avoid that.  Still, Qybern is my ace in the hole.  If Cersei has some money and is letting Qybern come up with protection, I believe that 2 dragons will in fact go down.  Qybern will also then promptly die.


  1.  Was it a smart or dumb move for Dany to actually bring the dragon into battle?

Chris:  Boo yeah! Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Cersei. In hind sight super smart

Jim:  smart…. no Lannister army men will stand against her after hearing the stories of the survivors….  she wins the battle before the fight..

Raylene:  It had to be done to show the ultimate power she brings with her

Kristi:  Smart. I think it’s time she showed off what she is capable of. Everyone knows she has dragons but seeing them in action is a whole different game.

Briana:  Definitely smart. She’s been sending troops all over the 7 kingdoms with very little success. She needed to show she can and will take the kingdoms and going after Lannister soldiers with a dragon right after they just killed her ally was the best choice, politically and for the sake of war.

Kent:  Smart, of course it is, but I have also been saying she should have done this from the very beginning.  For all of the people who continue to suggest that Dany should take the approach she did, by not going to King’s Landing and fucking up a tiny section for fear of the lash back, I will offer you something to seriously consider.  So rather than doing what has to be done and could have minimalized casualties, and be seen as a mean bitch for a few months, this is what has happened.  1. Her unsullied are stranded with barely any provisions, but they got Casterly Rock (yaaaaay!).  2. Ellaria and Tyene are captured and will be rotting and there goes her Dorne support.  3.  Olenna, along with the rest of Highgarten and all that money, well that’s gone.  4. Here’s the best one.  The supplies that were heading to King’s Landing, to help feed those people that she didn’t want to kill, well she burned them so she will simply starve them out.  That’s a great way to win over people, right?  Yeah, sorry for bringing logic into this, Internet, but the direct approach was always the most logical and would have resulted in significant;y less casualties and helped maintain more loyalty.  (Drops mic)


  1.  How many more episodes before Littlefinger finally makes the big play for something important?

Chris:  Next season

Jim:  if Bran tells anyone anything about Littlefinger, he dies that episode…. that being said..  it happens this season, where he makes a play…. I still see a raven coming from him, and going to cersei… (Man, I would love that to play out.)

Raylene:  He will make a move in 3 episodes.

Kristi:  I’m hoping Arya takes him out before then. His storyline is old news for me  

Briana:  I think in his own way, he has been all along. He’s made it known he wants Sansa, he wants Winterfell, he wants the iron throne. And he’s been slowly slithering his way to those goals the entire series. Now when will he actually buck up and do something? Probably never bc I think he’s on Aryas list! I’m surprised he made it through this episode.  (Would there really be any consequences to Arya killing him?  Like, who is going to really be pissed by this?  Well, aside from me?  In the show, would the Vale be super pissed?)

Kent:  Littlefinger is like Andy Dufresne  from Shawshank Redemption.  He knows what he is doing and takes risks when they make sense and present themselves.  I’ll say episode 6 of this season makes a lot of sense for him to try something on a bigger scale.


  1.  Will Bronn still be alive by the season 8 premiere of Game of Thrones?  Also, talk about Bronn if you like because he’s awesome.

Chris:  Kent I think we need to coin the Bronnie(Bro-ny?Bronnee?Bronny) and take it back from the my little pony fags. Bronn should definitely be sitting in a castle at series end, sipping mai tai’s and reminiscing about all the times he saved the Lannisters.  (For those who may be interested, Chris and I have discussed a new series with Bronn, Davos, and Jorah.  It was his idea, I love it.  We have talked about it in the podcast, so it’s worth listening to for that alone.)

Jim:  yes..  I think he reunites with Tyrion, and stays around for a little bit…. and yes, he’s  awesome…. the only one to survive a Dokrathi, a sand snake, a dragon, black water bay, numerous whore houses, engagements to princesses, and countless other dangers, and still be standing (I don’t think Bronn gets enough props for being the ultimate survivor.  I know that Sansa, Jon, Mountain, and possibly a few others like the dude from the Brotherhood all could have legit claims, but I vote Bronn.)

Raylene:  Yes I hope so he has survived a lot although I think he’ll switch sides because I think Tyrion will offer him things that Jaime is reluctant to give him  (As long as it doesn’t lead to Dany with Bronn, I’m okay with that.)

Briana:  I LOVE Bronn!! I want him to still be alive in the next season! I’m hoping he will end up back with Tyrion. The Lannisters aren’t holding up their end of the bargain for him anyway. Why stick around when you could be on the side with the dragons with his original friend and probably more likely to get his castle!  (And in the end, it’s really about getting that castle.  Maybe we could get Bronn with Meera at the end?  He could have a castle and a solid lady.)

Kent:  I think the assumption is that with 10 episodes remaining in the franchise, 3 more this season, that the Cersei and Jaime story would wrap up.  The big question is how will Bronn be affected?  Without George RRRRRRRRR Martin to kill him, I am cautiously optimistic that Bronn will be sitting on the Iron Throne by the end of the franchise and smiling.


  1.  Did Jaime do the right thing in trying to kill Dany at the end?  Right can mean anything.  It can mean smart. It could be if you were in his situation and you didn’t want your sister getting overthrown and you saw the opportunity, would you take it? It could be a moral decision.  You give me an answer and you explain it.

Chris:  Dumb. If you go by the fact Bronn believed it wasn’t too late to flee 5 minutes earlier he could’ve escaped and not either died or been made a hostage for the second time this series

Jim:  it’s the atom bomb phenomenon…. if you can end the war with one action, saving countless lives, don’t you try?  He was never going to pull it off, based on the scenario, but I understood it, and applauded the effort. Plus Bronn saved him, which probably saved Bronn, so that’s a plus too.. (You get it.)

Raylene:  To him it was a smart move but if it wasn’t for Bronn he’d be ashes so hopefully they both are sinking in the water

Kristi:  I feel like it was a pretty dumb decision actually. She was standing next to a fire breathing dragon. Did he really think that was going to end well!?!

Briana:  For Jaime Lannister, it was the only choice! There is no way in any world, he would sit there and not take an opportunity to take her out. Don’t get me wrong, it was stupid and naive as all hell but it was exactly what Jaime would do.  (It was the only choice!)

Kent:  It was the smart call.  To people who suggest that it’s dumb, my counter question is what happens to Jaime if he doesn’t go for it?  He gets captured, probably killed?  Yeah, so he may as well 50 Kent that shit and die trying to minimize pressure for his sister and kingdom. It’s one of those things where I thing it is easy to say that it’s dumb, but also not having a solution.  I can sit here and shit on everybody’s ideas, but unless I have a counterpoint that has more potential or value, then I don’t really have much.   So my challenge is to anybody who said that it was dumb, if they would present what exactly Jaime should have done along with a realistic outcome.  Yes, he went for her with a big, bad ass dragon there.  In all fairness, did Jaime 100% know whether they have good vision?  If you can take charge at some petulant whiny bitch to say the lives of hundreds, or probably thousands, and try to end it before shit gets so out of hand that everybody loses, you try.  


Bonus Deuce

  1.  Who had the best facial reaction this week? (I tried really hard to get the shots that you referred to, but I am sure I missed the mark a few times.)

Chris:  Arya and Brienne during their fight scene. Both of them underestimating each other. Maybe Arya’s when she got kicked in the chest by a giant adult woman a little more than Brienne’s

Jim:  Rickon… I mean Dickon…. both when talking with Bronn, and then seeing the Dragon….  runner up to Jon’s “do you like my cave drawings..  I mean look what the ancients left you to see”.

Raylene:  I say Bronn and Jamie when they see the dragon

Briana:  I’ve got 2. One was Little Fingers face when Bran told him “chaos is a ladder” and let him know that “bitch I don’t need you to tell me you’re a good guy, I know who you are!” And second was Drogon after he got shot with the arrow and that cart was too close to him, so he gave it a shitty look and then crushed it with his tail! Favorite part of the whole episode by the way lol.

Kent:  I’d say when Bronn was kinda mocking Jaime a bit and was unhappy about not getting a castle.  The few Littlefinger moments were gold.  Bronn’s victory smile of shooting the dragon.  I think my favorite was Tyrion watching his brother make a “dumb decision”.  Lots of good ones this week.  


  1.  Will we finally get an update on The Hound next episode?

Chris:  yes

Jim:  yes…. he was referenced this episode, and he it moving to where the white walkers are going, so I believe we should have a sighting.  Ps, we are due to see more white walkers and wildlings…. the story has been south focused for too long

Raylene:  A little sneak peek next week and he’ll be featured more in two weeks

Kristi:  I think so. If not next week, soon. They have been speaking of him more often so it seems like time for his return.

Briana:  oh! I hadn’t even thought about where he is! I’ve forgotten what he’s up to after the church was destroyed and he got his revenge. So he is definitely due for an update.

Kent:  Well, if Cersei’s run at the top is soon to come crashing down, as predicted in Hulk Hogan’s theme song “Real American”, then we need Cleganebowl damnit!  I think the Brotherhood is on their way to WInterfell or possibly where Tormund is.  I’m going to say that it waits one more episode.  I hope that I am wrong.  


Final Thoughts…..if you have any

Chris:  Awesome episode think we said most of what needed to be said in the podcast. Oh and Kent remember we were talking about when will Bran use Raven’s. I just rewatched the trailer for next episode and he has a whole flock working for him now

Jim:  more a question….  who rides the other two dragons when all three are used?  Also, why did they show The Citadel in the into, but not feature it?

Raylene:  I think Dany is going to get penisy because of her success with this attack and start for a while being like her dad. What happens with the iron bank now that payment isn’t made will they still back ceresi or go with dany. Or will winter start kicking some ass and this silly war for the kingdoms be put on hold

Briana:  I am just really excited to see Cercei’s reaction to what’s happening to her troops. I also am really curious to see how Jaime makes it out of this (if he does). And of course… WHITE WALKERS!! I’m really hoping Dany will get a glimpse of the dead army so she can be like “oh shit! Never mind about that knee, what do we do?” Haha!

Kent:  I don’t think I am ever going to see Gendry, and it pisses me off.  In a weird way, I think I am most looking forward to what Qybern has planned, and same for Littlefinger.  Also, I truly missed Euron doing Euron things this week.  Need more of that man.  Please, do not do a bullshit Jon and Dany love story.  I love this show, but something that lame would absolutely lower it’s overall rating in my mind.  By and large, the romance in this show has been great.  Sam and Gilly, Jon and Ygritte, Tormund and Brienne, Jaime and Cersei, Ramsay and Sansa, Lttlefinger and Catelyn, Tyrion and Shea, Tywin and Shea, Arya and Hot Pie.  They have all worked.  The only one that was truly terrible was Robb and stupid skank who he knocked up and got got.  I can’t remember her name, but Robb was a lousy character anyway.

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