NXT TakeOver Brooklyn III Preview – The 9 Minus Deuce

Hey, I got Cece and Teddy back to help out with the NXT TakeOver Brooklyn III preview.  These 2 actually see this stuff live, so I feel like we are in good hands here.

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Brooklyn 9 Minus Deuce


  1.  Johnny Gargano vs. Andrade Cien Almas

Cece: I think this will be an interesting fight. The crowd obviously loves Johnny Wrestling, but honestly, I think Zelina will get involved. I believe this will trigger something in Almas to go full on rage and show his heel side even more.

Prediction: Almas wins to draw heat from the crowd.

Teddy:  this fight doesnt really interest me because it was poorly introduced, but I do believe Andrade is gonna take this building into a bigger fued

Prediction: Almas wins building towards a fued

Kent:  Andrade just likes to lose apparently, so he’s due for a call up.  Johnny needs momentum for when Ciampa gets the call up.

Prediction: Johnny Wrestling


  1.  Aleister Black vs. Hideo Itami

Cece: This feud is interesting. Poor Aleister having to pick up the pieces from the Kassius/Itami feud. But, as far as I’ve seen, Aleister has not lost many times. I do believe Itami needs to be knocked off his power trip.

Prediction: Aleister Black defeats Hideo Itami.

Teddy:  Aleister black hasnt really had too competition in NXT, and Itami is looking like an Asian Dolph Ziggler (when he turned heel on kalisto). Its a weird booking but it was nice to see Aleister knock out Itami.

Prediction: Aleister wins and Itami attacks him after the match ends

Kent:  Aleister seems to be a star in the making, but Hideo needs momentum just as much.  If Hideo can lose and get some after match retribution, I can get behind that logic and continue their feud.

Prediction: Aleister Black


  1. Authors of Pain vs Sanity

Cece: I have been waiting and waiting to see Sanity come up, but I think they’ll let it brew a little longer and put them over a lot as the best heel tag team in NXT. I mean, yes, they are already in my eyes. But I think they want them to come out and be very over first. So, I see this being a very brutal/heated match.

Prediction: My Sanity comes out on top. (No pun intended)

Teddy:  AoP are too big for NXT now, and Sanity is the carrying NXT.

Prediction: Sanity wins, and AoP gets called up to smackdown.

Kent:  Authors of Pain are the new Asuka for NXT, and with Asuka potentially losing, these guys are going to keep their hands on the belt for awhile longer.

Prediction: I’m down with AOP, yeah you know me.


  1.  Asuka vs Ember Moon

Cece: This is the one match I’ve been waiting for. I have a lot of anticipation about this one. Of course, Asuka deserves her long reign as NXT Women’s Champion as she is a great wrestler and worked her ass off to get where she is. So, I do see this being a bittersweet match. I truly believe Ember Moon will take the title from Asuka, bc I see Asuka moving up. I think it will be a very physical match-up, with both women do their best. I feel like they will have a sentimental moment if this is indeed Asuka’s time.

Prediction: Ember Moon taking title.

Teddy:  I feel like Ember moon deserves the push because she is an amazing wrestler, but Asuka is still too over to take the title from her. Asuka is gonna retail till after she breaks the record for longest title reign and then will drop it to Ember and move up.

Prediction: Ember isn’t ready for Asuka 2.0

Kent:  I think Asuka is showing up on Smackdown Tuesday.  Brooklyn is the place to pull the trigger on it, so let’s do it!  Ember is the best after Asuka, but not by much as Nikki, Peyton, and Billie are all very talented, but Asuka needs to leave for them to all blossom.


  1.  Bobby Roode vs. Drew McIntyre

Cece: Oh lord… After the last few tapings of NXT, I have to saw I became a Drew McIntyre fan overnight. I was never really into him until he made his speech about ‘Our NXT’ and that was awesome. Plus, I can’t stand the pompous asshole that is Bobby Roode. I am not sure how this fight will go down honestly. I think maybe Drew looks like he may win, but the Bobby does something cheap to DQ or in a perfect world, Drew loses civilly and moves up, leaving Roode to his next challenger, Rodrick Strong.

Prediction: Roode loses but retains by DQ.

Teddy:  this was kinda interesting to see, Drew doesnt want to be moved up and is trying to get people to see NXT is not developmental (it is though). Meanwhile, it’s clear Rodrick isn’t done with Roode and I believe Roddy is the one who is gonna dethrone Roode.

Prediction: Roode wins because Rodrick gets involved

Kent:  I think it’s also time for Drew to be given the ball to run with it.  Bobby needs to get called up.  He is being wasted in NXT.  The guy is better than 80-90% of the main roster.  Drew is also very good.

Prediction: Drew wins after Roddy screws over Bobby


  1. Most Likely Title to change?

Cece: Asuka. Hands down.

Teddy:  Tag titles.

Kent:  Women’s, but I think the men’s is also changing.  Yeah, I’m calling for 2 changes.


7, Match you are most looking forward to?

Cece: Asuka vs Ember.

Teddy:  Ember and Asuka

Kent:  Aleister vs Hideo truly intrigues me, but I can see the women stealing the show tonight.

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Speaking of picture, here’s some that Cece and Teddy took while at a recent NXT taping.  Please enjoy.

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