The Game of Thrones 9 Deuce – S:7 Ep:5 – The Return of Gendry!!!!

Gendry has returned, feel free to drink that in.  We here at 9 Deuce are extremely happy.  Jon can touch dragons, Gilly is uncovering truths, Davos has too many great lines, Tormund misses the the “big woman”, Cersei is supposedly pregnant, and lots more.  Please enjoy as my panel answer my inane questions.  Any comments in bold are from Kent.

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The 9

  1.  Davos keeps mentioning how he’s no longer useful in battle/fighting.  Do you think that this is a bad omen for his character’s longevity, or is it more to emphasize how important he is in regards to strategy?

Chris:  Davos never was a fighter. I mean the only time we’ve seen him pick up a sword really was last season to defend Jon’s corpse and even then he said he wasn’t a fighter. He was a smuggler and a sailor, a reasonably intelligent man for not being educated, and extremely loyal to Stannis. That was what he was made Hand for, not his sword arm. Plus he gets some of the best lines now. “Don’t listen to me, what do I know? What did I do, other than live to a ripe old fucking age”

Jim:  I think to underscore his usefulness.  You saw in Gendry’s big scene, if he didn’t use his wits, Gendry would not have gotten a clean shot.  Not sure his gift of the gab will help with walkers, but he understates what he is in combat.  I hope he isn’t giving us a death preview, because he does rank in my favorites (not Euron or Bronn but close).  He is however a survivor, and has nearly the same list of near misses as Bronn, so I’d hate to see him go.

Raylene:  I think he’s more useful as a strategizer then as a soldier. He has experience that you would want on your side and his wit will remain a essential role for Jon.

Briana:  I’m going with his importance for strategy. He’s like an old war vet who acts like he’s too old to be useful but when put in a situation where he’s needed, he steps up every time. He probably just can’t quite swing a sword like in his prime! Lol

Kent:  Man, I gotta ask better questions if everybody is agreeing.  I do think this is a bad omen for his character.  By the end of the show, I’m simply not sure if I see a place for his character, which saddens me and I hope that I am incorrect.


  1.  Two part question coming up. 1) Do you think that Cersei’s baby is Jaime’s?  2) If she ever lives long enough to deliver the baby, will she actually tell people that it’s Jaime’s?

Chris:  IF she is pregnant it is Jaime’s, with the question being if. If she lives long enough she will. Like Raylene said though there is the curse she was given to consider

Jim:  other than possibly Euron’s or the Iron Banker’s, it really could only be Jaime’s.  I’d like it to be Euron’s, to help me with my prediction, but I do believe it to be Jaime’s.  I don’t believe that she will live long enough to deliver it, or she will lose it, as more penance for what she has done, but if she does for some reason get to deliver it, I do believe she will say it is Jaimes, because she only lives that long if she is in charge, and would only say it if she’s in charge.

Raylene:  I think that the baby is Jamie’s but I don’t believe the child will ever be born since she’s been told all her kids will die. Ceresi does not care of the opinions of the ones she rules over so it will be made public Jamie is the dad

Briana:  No and No. first, I don’t believe she’s pregnant. I think he sees him slipping from her grasp and needed a reason to lure him back in. (If I’m wrong and it turns out she really is pregnant, than yes I do believe it would be his. But I just don’t think she’s pregnant) And with the second part, people already know technically that they’ve got a thing but her coming right out and telling everyone just doesn’t seem like something she’d ever do. She’s fought so hard to be where she is and I guarantee she plans on marrying someone to gain alliance. No way is she going to risk everything to make Jaime feel better.

Kent:  I don’t believe that she is pregnant.  So no to both.  


  1.  Jon was able to touch Drogon.  Give me your thoughts on the importance of this.  Chris, I expect a long, articulate response exploring every possibility.

Chris:  All right. One of Kit’s better scenes, he actually looked like he was going to shit himself. We know now that the dragon’s will respond to Targaryen blood. Jon will ride one of them at some point. Definitely the precursor to the later scene where Dany says she has grown used to the king in the north. Other than that not much.

Jim:  I believe different people interpret it differently.  I think Danny thinks it’s a sign she should get with Jon, I believe Jon thinks it is Dany accepting to work with him, and I think we the viewers know it is because he is a targarian.  It does at least answer my question from last week of who will ride the other two dragons…. Jon and Jorah…

Raylene:  Perhaps Drogon can sense that Jon has targarian blood and he will be one riding a dragon

Briana:  Duh! It means Drogon recognizes the Targaryan in Jon. He recognizes him as family, he let us know he trusts him.

Kent:   The importance is that Dany is doing a fine job domesticating Drogon…obviously.  Targaryan blood, blah blah blah.  When Dany gets killed, we know that the only person that Drogon will feel comfortable with is Jon.  


  1.  Did Samwell do the right thing in packing up some books and scrolls and mounting up to leave?

Chris:  It gets rid of one more location for filming in and opens up three plot points to focus on coming up. 1) Dany just killed Sam’s father and brother. I don’t remember if Sam had to give up the black to become a maester, but he’s already broken a bunch of vows by banging Gilly. So potentially Sam could now be lord of High Garden and the Reach, and hate Danaerys for killing them. Or be happy she did.(2) Sam has proof now that Jon is the rightful heir to the throne, if we continue to believe in the legitimacy of the Targaryen claim. Rhaegar his father was Dany’s eldest brother, with Jon being he legitimate son, hmm nothing like muddying the succession even more. (3) Sam could possibly have the final solution to the White Walker threat. Since it looks like any dragons kill ed now will be by the undead (undead dragons) Sam might be the trump card in humanity’s survival

Jim:  he thinks so, but I’m not sure what else he can offer but knowledge, and he was in the perfect spot to get it…. I don’t see that family surviving the remaining two seasons because of that..

Raylene:  Unfortunately Samwell was not being used the way he should have been but with him taking the books I believe he will still be useful to Jon I believe he’s headed to him

Briana:  Well, first of all, maybe he should have listened more to Gilly in her ramblings instead of yelling at her but as far as leaving… why not! Like he said, he’s “tired of reading about the accomplishments of better men” Get in there Tarly and do something!!

Kent:  Not only is the whole Jon is a Targaryan thing in those pages, but it appears that the big solution to Winter is probably tucked away in there.  The internet has long believed that Sam and Bran will play huge roles in in making it to Spring.  Of course, it’s the internet and it gets things wrong more often than it gets things right.


  1.  It appears that Littlefinger has made his boldest move this season, with Arya finding the scroll.  What will the repercussions be?

Chris:  Mistrust between Arya and Sansa even more. Arya is the only one in the series who has not had to grow relying on others still present in the past 3 years. She hasn’t seen or experienced the shit that went down on Westeros while she was gone. A rational, intelligent person would realize that Sansa wrote that note to stay alive, like Robb did. Arya is still mostly stupid as shown by her discussion with Sansa this week (“They talk badly about Jon, cut off their heads”). I think that mostly this was to show that Littlefinger is as suspicious of Arya as she is of him.

Jim:  I’m not sure they will be huge….  Arya, who doesn’t beat around the bush, rather than let feelings stew, will go direct to Sansa with this…. Sansa, who already distrusts Littlefinger to a degree, will explain it away, and further distrust Littlefinger.  Thought I believe Littlefinger will drive a wedge in the family, this won’t be what does it.

Raylene: I believe it will cause a wedge between the two sister. I think Ayra will make a play to execute Little Finger and wear his face in future scene perhaps making a arrangement to meet with Ceresi

Briana:  It was definitely all about pitting Arya and Sansa against each other. He realizes Arya is his biggest obstacle at this moment in time and he’s stirring the shit pot to get her out of his way. By getting her mad at Sansa, he keeps her from coming after him for Sansa’s sake. Assuming she’s the only reason Arya has to go after him..

Kent:  I don’t think it’s going to result in a divide between Arya and Sansa.  It seems too convenient.  Plus, 9 episodes remain.  Fuck driving the wedge.  I truly am fearing that Littlefinger’s window is closing and he may never make that one truly big play that we have long been anticipating.  If Arya goes to Sansa with this, Sansa will shut that shit down in a hurry, or so it seems given her character development.  I am hoping that I am wrong and Littlefinger does something truly amazing.


  1.  If we can all agree that Littlefinger is the most manipulative character in Game of Thrones, which some may not agree, who would you say is the second most manipulative character (or first if you think somebody ranks above Littlefinger)?  Remember, there are no wrong answers, so somebody please Kentertain me.

Chris:  Cersei. She probably isn’t even pregnant, but I can already see her planning Sept of Baelor version 2.0 for her meeting with Jon and Dany in the season finale

Jim:  Mellisandre, the red woman.  She convinced the Light brothers to sell Gendry, Robert to sacrifice Gendry (unsuccessfully), to unleash a shadow vag demon, to murder his brother, to burn his daughter, and has managed to get Danny to accept the lord of light, scare the bejesus outta Varys, escape Davos and Jon, and finally trick all the viewers into checking out super-granny porn, using her words and confidence…. only slightly behind Littlefinger, but above everyone else including Cersei and Varys.

Raylene:  I would have to say Varys

Briana:  I have to go with Cersei on this one. (Also I agree Littlefinger is number 1 master manipulator) Now, Cersei isn’t always sly about her manipulations, in fact half the time, it’s just basic murder. BUT she is always manipulating the situation if not the person. She is the one who coined the phrase “when you play the game of thrones, you win or you die”. Playing the game is all she knows.

Kent:  Tywin and then Varys.  Tywin was so damn good at what he did.  He’s dead, so if we’re going by living characters, Varys makes a lot of sense.


  1.  Will Bronn face any repercussions after setting up the meetic between Jaime and Tyrion.  Also, feel free to comment on Tyrion/Dany’s proposal to Cersei/Jaime.

Chris:  Fuck no. Now that he is talking to Tyrion again, he is going to be looking for the best possible offer. Bronn helping Tyrion survive whatever Cersei is planning is going to be the thing she does plan for, but then Jaime is going to sacrifice himself for his brother

Jim:  yes but not immediately…. Cersei will be the death of him, like he was foretelling Jaime.  She never forgets, and I think once the “worst plan ever i.e. Bring a zombie to Kings Landing” is done, she will get him.

Raylene:  Yes Ceresi will not forget that he betrayed her she may even have The Mountain take him out. I can see that plan becoming a disaster and making many white walkers in a short period of time

Briana:  I think Jaime will send him to Dany and Tyrion before he would punish him. The man has saved his life more times than I can remember and I don’t think Jaime is that callous. But if Cercei forces it, he will make him disappear without actually hurting him. And their proposal was of course the only option. Being Cercei, I wouldn’t believe it but if they can produce a body, there’s no reason for anyone to back down from this.

Kent:  So I tend to live in the glass is half empty world, so that’s one of my bigger fears.  I don’t think his death would be enough to drive a wedge between Jaime and Cersei though, so I think that he’s safe.  I don’t think that he will deal with any repercussions.  


  1.  Gendry is back!!!!  I know some of you lost faith in him returning (Chris), but it’s true.  Do you think he has any chance of holding a high position when all is said and done?  Something like the Hand of the King/Queen or something else along those lines.

Chris:  God fucking Damn it! As soon as the smith street was shown I started swearing at the t.v. My wife and son were sitting on the front porch this morning for his first day of school this year and she heard me through the window. I was like fuck, now I have to eat 3 eyed crow when I talk to Kent. No position, unless when he and Arya get together they do some kinky shit

Jim:  no…. his honesty will be the death of him…. whether it is Littlefinger, Sansa, Cersei or Dany, someone with a hardon (or lady wood) for power will see him as a threat.  I really thought he would be brought in to make Valarian Steel…. not play Thor in the Winter Avengers….

Raylene:  As long as he stays with Jon then I think he will be safe since he’s so honest to a fault I could see other kingdoms finding him a threat. Maybe even a position at The Wall

Briana:  Honestly, I don’t think he wants anything like that. I think he’s a simple guy who enjoys his work. He is down to fight bc he knows it’s partly his fight to join but I don’t think he’s looking for royalty status. He just wants the bitch to stop hunting him. I think he’ll end up being the blacksmith of the court! (No clue what that title would actually be called but it sounded good to me! Lol)

Kent:  Yes, I got one wish… GLORIOUS wish that came true.  I was so happy.  Yes, I think that he will hold some important role when all is said and done.  He didn’t come back to be nothing in the end.


  1.  At the end of the end of the episode, we saw the greatest grouping yet in Game of Thrones with Jon, Davos, Gendry, Jorah, Tormund, The Hound, Dondorian, and Thoros.  It seems inevitable that somebody is going to die on this venture.  Who do you think it will be?

Chris:  Davos didn’t go. Tormund had a great line (“Did you bring the big woman?”). I can foresee the drift of the rest of the season now, and this shit definitely foreshadows Cleganebowl dude. Ducking awesome ending and the next episode is second to last which are usually the most expensive to film, due to special effects

Jim:  foreshadowing points to Davos or Jorah, but I think it will be the Thoros, with Dondorian passing the power of fire to the Hound (hopefully) (side not, not sure if I got the names mixed up…. eye patch will die, man-bun with pass powers).  Gendry will live to get shanked later.  Tormund will live, because they want to give us ugly sex with him and Brianne.

Raylene:  One of the people with The hound will die but not before he learns how to use the power of the light since they seem to be leaning towards him learning even with his fire anxiety

Briana:  Easy answer would be one of the brothers but I have a bad feeling about Jorah and Davos in this one.

Kent:  My apologies, Davos didn’t go.  I think it is Thoros time, which won’t seem like a big one, but it kinda is,  This is also how the Hound’s role increases.  Tormund also strikes me as a possibility.  I hope not, but TV shows aren’t kind to gingers.


Bonus Deuce

  1.  Who was your MVP of this episode?

Chris:  Gilly. She cleared up with one sentence the whole question of who has the right to the Iron Throne

Jim:  Littlefinger made the strongest single move, but Davos won it…. pulling out Gendry, smuggling in Tyrion, persuading the guards with rotten crabs (the first time), and his interaction in Eastmarch all add up to a win for me.  Hopefully it’s not his swan song…

Raylene:  Davos his quick thinking and planning is essential to survival and winning

Kent:  Davos because he made my wish come true, plus had a ton of great lines. This was Davos’ episode in my opinion.  Which is raising a big red flag for me.


  1.  The prophecy of Azor Ahai pops up every now and again, and we know that we will inevitably find out who he, or she, may be.  Make a prediction on who you think it is.  For reference, I will leave you this link so you can read it in case you aren’t familiar with this prophecy.  Please know that this is going to happen, this isn’t some theory.

Chris:  If we go by what the show us shown us so far, it can only be Gendry, Jon, or Dany. Those are the only 3 with Targaryen blood left (Robert’s grandmother was a Targaryen, which is why he became king after killing Aerys, rather than Ned or Tywin or Jon Arryn). Jon and Dany both fit the reborn part. Dany gave birth to dragons from stone. Gendry could reforge Lightbringer. The sword’s identity would be the big clue, if Dany starts waving a new magic sword around its probably going to be her. On the other hand Jon burned the shit out of his hand before he used Longclaw to kill the wight in Castle Black, so if Longclaw is Lightbringer than it would be Jon.

Jim:  if you move past the gender wording, I do think it is Dany, because she did help sacrifice a prince (her stupid brother).  Everyone wants it to be Jon, but I can’t think of anyone else but Dany when I read the prophecy…. sadly, as I would prefer nearly anyone else…. not that I dislike her, but I Would prefer the Lord of Light to be someone unexpected…. like Bran.

Raylene:  I am hoping that it’s Tryion

Briana:  Based on what we’ve already seen, I feel it has to be Jon or Dany or both. It’s part of why I think they’re meant to be married. Someone mentioned the prophecy is open to interpretation as far as who and why. Both Jon and Dany were born again from the fire and the two of them are the only ones who can bring everyone together to fight the white walkers. Then again, with everyone talking about the hound gaining powers and whatnot, maybe he will jump in and surprise us!

Kent:  There are so many awesome ideas out there, just look on YouTube.  I feel that Meera has a bigger role to play.  Jon and Dany seem too obvious and have been given the push already.  I say that the writers would be smart to elevate another character, whether it be Tyrion, Jaime, Hound, or someone else.  I am going with Meera.  I still think that 2 babies were born up in that tower.

Final Thoughts

Chris:  Another great episode. Some awesome lines (See Davos and Tormund above). Yay for Kent, Gendry’s back. I liked his interaction with Jon. The scene where Jorah comes back was pretty awesome. One reviewer described it as “Jorah shoots Jon a look that’s nuanced, wary, appraising, resigned.Jon shoots a look back at him that says, “It windy.” ‘ The whole grouping at the end is awesome. Bronn calling Jamie a cunt. The look on Jaime’s face when Cersei tells him not to betray her again. All in all I can’t wait for the next 2 episodes

Jim:  Euron will return to real havoc soon, and bringing a zombie to Kings landing is the worst idea ever….  I do feel like the Winter avengers should have had more triumphant music, but they will have an amazing fight sequence next week with the dead, and it will have great tense music then..  also, with the Winter avengers teaming up to go with the stupidest idea ever, it is at least moving us back closer to the Cleganebowl.  Plus the Hound will use his newfound light powers against zombie mountain !!!

Kent:  The next time somebody asks me for a favor, I am going to continuously ask them to bend at the knee and see how beloved I become.

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