The Wrestling 9 Deuce – August 21 & 22, 2017 – The Glorious Protest Edition

Enough is enough and it is clock for a change!  We sat down and decided that WWE’s treatment of us fans, with 8 hours of wrestling this weekend, plus the awful go home shows were enough to warrant a protest.  We agreed to take the week off from the podcast as WWE doesn’t deserve our free advertising.  No more 6 hour PPV’s!!!  We are sick of spending a full work day in front of a TV just to watch a 2 hour special on Saturday and a 6 hour Sunday fuckeroo.  Also, Kent is protesting on behalf of Baron Corbin and Emma.  #GiveEmmaAChance

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The 9

  1.  Cena is on RAW, he wants Roman, and the Miz wanted to put them both in their place.  Oh, and Samoa Joe wanted some limelight too.  Talk about the promo and the match.

Russ:  I’m on an impromptu vacation so I’m going to keep my answers short this week. Cena coming over to Raw was no surprise his challenging Roman was no surprise. What surprises me is that WWE is still going through with what seems like another passing of the torch to Roman, by having him win a definitive feud with John Cena.  That’s right unlike his short feud with Corbin where #lolcenawins. This will be drawn out, possibly to the Royal Rumble, where we will get a definitive Roman wins. Seriously WWE he doesn’t need the rub.  Most real fans accept Roman. Give the Cena rub to a new up and commer.  

Keri:  So, confession time. I did not watch this live. As soon as Kurt Angle said the name John Cena, I said nope going to bed now and went to bed I did. With that said, the promo part started out with the normal Cena BS. Then Roman came out and it didn’t get any better. The guy is good in ring but I still cringe whenever he has a microphone in his hand. As for the Miz part of the promo segment, what he said was typical of anyone cutting a promo on Cena and we have heard it from him before during their Smackdown feud. With that said, Miz proved why he is the best in the mic right now. His delivery was perfect. It pretty much bordered on a shoot which is why it was effective. Also, is it wrong I forgot Joe was even involved in this? Yeah, I thought so.  As for the match, it was ok and had a typical ending. Sigh.

Kent:  So RAW gets Jason Jordan and Cena, while Smackdown gets Bobby Roode and Shelton Benjamin? Shiiiiiiiit!  SD so got the better end of that deal, especially with Dolph returning.  The Miz killed it on the mic, like he does whenever given something to work with.  It was weird to see him get so many cheers, but I was happy for him.  Joe deserves better, yet I feel he is just going to be another victim of Cena’s shovel.  Sigh as well.

  1.  Right now, which tag team do you wish to see The Fisting Brothers/The Fisters/Fisting Buddies take on?  We need a new name for this team.

Russ:  Ramabros. It works.  It is a mix of both there names and it is ambiguously gay.  As for who they fight next, I agree with Kent. There match at summerslam was one of the very few highlights of the night. After that let’s get G & A a chance to shine until they ultimately drop them to The Revival…  If they can ever stay healthy.  

Keri:  How about Sean, Deth, Rambrose, or Aollins? No? Ok, nevermind. As for who I would like to see them wrestle. Well if one half of the Revival wasn’t injured, I would say them. But since one is injured, I would say Tex2badd, I mean Gallows and Anderson.

Kent:  I actually want more matches between this ambiguously gay duo and Sheasaro.  I really like their chemistry, so for now, I would like some more of the same old.  What about the name Fistius? Analinns? Deanalingus? Up and Cummers? Dirty Dean and the Boys? The Ass Slayers?

  1.  In RAW’s opening segment, we got a Heyman being Heyman, Brock bouncing around and doing nothing, and Braun doing Braun things. Is it too soon for this match? Could this match have waited until a more important PPV say Survivor Series or Mania? What does WWE hope to accomplish by doing this now? Discuss this and the segment.

Russ:  I missed the segment so I can’t comment on it, but I’m glad they are at least recognizing the fan reactions to  Braun and giving him an opportunity.  I say this is the right time.  In fact if WWE was smart they would put the belt on him at No Mercy.  Play it off there that he injured Brock. Then at Royal Rumble if they still get their panties wet for Roman vs Brock just have Brock win the belt back there.  

Keri:  Yea! A Braun question. I’m so happy. I like Braun questions. Ok, now down to business and answering this question starting with the segment itself. Was it me or was Heyman going through the motions out there on RAW? I mean he was Heyman but a kind of reserved version of Heyman. As for Brock, yeah don’t care. I want  him gone. Now onto Braun. He basically picked up right where he left off the night before and it was great. In fact, it was great booking. But then again he has been well booked for the past year so it’s not that surprising that this was as well. With that said, it is too soon for this match. This feels really rushed and I feel that they could have built this Brock vs. Braun thing up more before giving us all the payoff. This should be the Brock match we get at Mania. Not Brock vs. Roman. No, WWE, one wants to see that match. Let Roman and Cena wrestle while half the audience prays for a meteor to hit the ring. But Brock vs. Braun at Mania would be pretty cool especially if the WWE is really invested with making Braun a star and he gets that coveted but recently non-existent Mania moment.

Kent:  I think Braun should have “seriously” injured Brock and kept their feud fresh for Survivor Series.  One thing needs to happen.  Braun needs this win.  If Vince has an ounce of smarts left in him, he will put Braun over.  I’ll go one step further.  I mentioned to Steve on Monday’s podcast that I think Braun vs Roman can be the second coming of Austin vs Rock.  For what both guy lacks in mic skills, they more than make up for it in the ring.  The white redneck vs Samoan dynamic is there.  These guys have great chemistry.  They can feud with other people and renew their rivalry months down the road, and it will still be fun.  I know that it’s a ludicrous idea, but we aren’t going to ever repeat that magical feud, but this could be money, but Braun needs the Brock rub and Roman needs to go heel and thrive.  

  1.  Big Cass is officially injured.  Enzo is now on 205 Live. Elias is starting to sound comfortable on the mic.  Goldust played no role at Summerslam.  What is the biggest development out of these 4 things?

Russ:  Bad time for Cass to get injured. He turned heel, was just starting to get over as a heel, it was a rough time for awhile getting people to care.  Now depending on how long he is out it could be like starting over.  That was rough to get through, I don’t want to go through that again.  

Keri:  I’m going to go with Enzo on 205 live. This is, but yet at the same time not, a head scratcher. On one hand, there is nothing left on RAW for Enzo now that Cass is injured so it makes sense for him to move onto something else. However, at the same time, did anyone honestly see this exact change coming? Alright a few of you did. That’s cool. Still though a shot at Neville? Seriously? What did he do to earn that shot?

Kent:  Well technically the “biggest” development is 7 feet tall, and you can’t teach that.  Anyway, I am going to suggest that Elias is starting to get into a groove and that can only help his confidence.  He now needs more decent opponents to see if he can hang in the ring or if he is mid carder for life.

  1.  Should WWE just scrap the 205 division in totality?

Russ:  No, they need to get it on free TV without Raw or Smackdown. Maybe an hour long and they can cut another program that runs an hour too long, gee I wonder what program does that? (Kent: Total Divas?  Total Bellas?  Don’t leave me in suspense Russ!)

Keri:  Yea! An easy question with an even easier answer. Yes. Yes they should. They don’t care about it and quite frankly neither do the fans.

Kent:  No, just stop mixing it with RAW.  If you want fans to care, give them an exact time slot during RAW so fans know they are getting 30 minutes a week and give them the platform and present the stories.  If that is asking too much, then scrap it.

  1.  WWE cutting to a commercial a minute into Bobby Roode’s debut match was _______.

Russ:  Hilariously stupid.  They are so going to waste Bobby Roode on the main roster. I truly feel bad for him already.  At least he is on Smackdown where he has a chance to shine, unlike the wasteland that is Raw.  

Keri:  Stupid? Yes stupid. And also didn’t make any damn sense. The other thing that didn’t make sense. Roode as a face. His character worked so well in NXT because he acted like the pompous heel. I really hope we see that Roode again because I liked him. Either way, I’m so happy he is now on the main roster and on the brand I wanted too. Nice job WWE. Don’t ruin this.

Kent:  “foreshadowing” Let’s face it, Bobby isn’t going to be treated properly on the main roster, even though he’s on Smackdown.  Also, was he a face tonight?  Either way, I am just going to try to remember that I would rather see Roode toil away on WWE than to be on TNA/GFW.   See, i said something positive.  By the way JBL, I heard you say Beer Money. Come James, come back to WWE!

  1.  It appears that Chad Gable has a new tag team partner in Shelton Benjamin.  Was this an upgrade or downgrade for present and future?

Russ:  Upgrade! Shelton was spectacular in the past.  Jordan has shown he was carried by Gable mostly.  I hope Shelton can help Gable hone his skills and become a top contender in the future.  

Keri:  So, let me see if I can make sense of all of this, Angle is Jordan’s “dad”, Gable is Jordan’s former partner, and wasn’t Shelton Benjamin part of a tag team that was managed by Angle. Wow, I think I just played seven degrees of separation, WWE style. Cool. And now to answer the question, I think this was an upgrade. Gable is still young and kind of greenish. He can learn a lot from Shelton. Not just about tag teams but singles as well. This is a great learning opportunity for him. Also, with the return of Benjamin, I have one other question? When are they going to bring back Momma? I liked that lady.  (Kent: Keri, I think if Chad wanted to learn about tag teams, he would have a chat with Xavier or Brad.)

Kent:  From everything that I have seen from Jordan, he isn’t exceptional at anything, he just looks like he should be.  Shelton is, or at least was, exceptional.  I think that Chad will become even better and more marketable with Shelton taking him under his wing.  Oddly enough, I think this is a huge upgrade.  I don’t know how to salvage Jordan, but Chad has potential to be a star.

  1.  Carmella’s new ring gear is _______.

Russ: make men sit a little straighter in their chairs good.  She looked fucking hot is what I’m saying.  

Keri:  Perfect for her. It looks really good on her and there is the potential for many other variations of this outfit moving forward.

Kent:  Groin Grabbingly Good..  It fits her body better than it would on most of the women because she’s very thin but has that sweet backside.  Also, i like the design if we are going to be honest.  I don’t think it works on many women, but it could work in the long run, or so I am hoping.  I’m still a big fan of Mickie’s attire because it just suits her so well.  Just wanted to give her props.

  1.  Give us your thoughts on the SD main event between Kevin Owens and AJ Styles.

Russ:  The match was fine, but it just feels like we continue to spin our tires.  Owens can’t seem to get away from Sami, the Jericho, now AJ.  It’s not working.  He needs a fresh feud.  I hear that somebody is returning next week to show the world.

Keri:  The match itself was ok but the outside stuff was stupid. Corbin’s refereeing and the things with Shane were a complete distraction and were not needed in my opinion.

Kent:  Well glad to see that Baron got some time, only to be pulled out of the ring after making a legitimate call.  Shane was acting like a genuine dickhead tonight.  Seriously, I feel that they played this one wrong.  Baron shouldn’t be the righteous one here, but he called for teh break like he was supposed to.  Shane then acted like a petulant child.  Well, at least we get Shane vs KO and presumably AJ vs Baron, although AJ vs Bobby seems more likely.  Baron, get comfy in the doghouse.  I miss you, buddy.

Bonus Deuce

  1. Rate RAW

Russ:  I’m on strike.

Keri:  Overall this was an average RAW. Nothing spectacular which is surprising since it was the RAW after Summerslam. Oh well. Rating: 4

Kent:  Miz’s promo was solid, the Fisting Hardlys match was pretty damn good, Elias nailed his performance, and the Braun and Brock thing worked well for me.  Emma continued jobbing.  Jason Jordan looked out of place.  Roman and Cena….BOOOOOOO.  I was happy when it was over.  4.2

  1.  Rate Smackdown

Russ:  I’m on strike.

Keri:  Overall average Smackdown. If it wasn’t for Roode’s and Shelton Benjamin’s debuts, it would have been pretty much the same thing we are used to seeing week after week. Rating 3.5 (I’m giving an extra half point for the debuts).

Kent:  Here’s the thing.  They went to commercial during Bobby’s debut match, in which he may have been a face, against Aiden.  That match wasn’t bad, but the commercial break happened way too quickly.  I really felt that they missed the mark on the Hype Bros match.  Even worse, Shinsuke really didn’t look like he was headhunting, and he should have been relentlessly assaulting the Singh’s tonight. The women’s match was interesting, and I loved the KO and Sami segment.  Shelton and Bobby helped raise the bar slightly.  Very mixed bag, but nothing that I really cared about.  Still, an hour less than RAW, so 4.7.

Final Thoughts

Russ:  I already told you, I’m on strike.

Keri:  Again not sure if this was the week to come back to the blog either. Well, at least, Braun has another title shot and Roode debut. So that is something. I guess.

Kent:  I love fishes cause their so delicious.  Tech issues are fun.  Subway makes a fine tuna flatbread sub.  The Crow flies straight.  Wentworth is a good show on NetFlix.  Finally, you can’t make everybody happy, so don’t try.  Just make yourself happy and hope for the best.

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