#3 Christine (1983)

You know how as a kid, you used to watch one or two movies way too often, and if it was in the 80’s or 90’s, you may have wore the hell out of the VHS tape? My 2 big ones was Christine, and a movie saved for Halloween itself, Monster Squad. I wanted to make them somewhat of bookends. Lots of symmetry with the month’s viewing surprisingly.

Honestly, looking back at this movie, aside from fond childhood memories, and some great for it’s times special effects, and a great sound track, this movie is truly nothing spectacular. The acting is fine for what it was, not many big name people here unless you have a hard on for Harry Dean Stanton or Alexandra Paul, but the acting was typical 80’s schlock. Major props for the old guy who sells Arnie the car in the beginning. That dude always creeped me out as a kid with that weird ass back brace thing. Fun fact that many of you may not know. The old dude is also the old homeless guy in Home Alone that saves Kevin from Harry and Marv. Knowledge is power friends.

As for the story, basically the car has a certain charm over it’s owners and is jealous of bitches, and fucks up anybody who harms her owner. Arnie buys Christine, becomes a bad ass, takes Christine’s side, and ends up a little nutty. Oh and the car can like regenerate itself when it is harmed, and plays appropriate music when it is pissed off.

It should be noted one of the best in the business of horror directing, Mr John Carpenter was the director. He was great with visual effects in the 80’s. The movie he made prior to this? Only his best work of his career, The Thing. As far as a rating goes, I’m giving it a 6.5, which may be generous due to nostalgia. Sorry, but it’s my opinion, therefore it’s right.

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