#142 Zombie Night (2013) Review

This movie is on NetFlix. It has a few notable people in Daryl Hannah, Anthony Michael Hall, and Alan Ruck (trust me, you most likely know who he is).

It starts out and zombies are striking. And they don’t let up….because it’s zombie night. This movie is almost a modern day Night Of The Living Dead scenario, only with worse acting.

I think we are supposed to sympathize with certain characters, but it’s next to impossible.

I just got asked why I don’t seem to be typing much in this blog. Here’s the simple truth. This movie is bad. It’s not cheesy enough to be funny. It’s not good at any one thing really, it screams mediocre all around. Not the actor’s faults, they’re doing adequate. The story and  film in general just is beyond blah. Therefore I am stuck with nothing to really make fun of, no terrible one liners, no tits, no exceptionally scantily clad vixens. No overt racism or sexism. No over the top violence. Most movies have one overwhelming characteristic. Something that you walk away thinking, well it may have been _____ but at least it was ______. In this case it may have been boring and bland, but at least it was…..inoffensive??? I’d rather spend this time teaching a 60 year old how to use a smartphone or tablet. It may be irritable, but at least something would be accomplished.

In conclusion, this movie is terrible. I don’t want to waste anymore of your time than this movie has of my time. I recommend this if you have a severe hard on for everything zombie, and even then, I doubt you’re gonna have a good time.I am giving this a 2.5. No real redeeming qualities. Sorry, I wish it was better, but it is on NetFlix.

This picture describes my reaction to trying to watch this movie.

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51 Bare breasts

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