The Game of Thrones 9 Deuce – S:7 Ep:7 – The Death of a True Player of the Game Edition

Although we’ve come to the end of the road, we are here to tackle the hard hitting questions….a week and a half later.  Littlefinger lost the game, Dany and Jon kinda lost the game, and the Wall truly lost the game.  With this being the season finale, I encouraged my contributors to get back at me for all of the negative things I say to them throughout the season.  While some played nice and stayed classy like Bri, the other 2 were savages.  It’s a good time. So please enjoy as my panel answer my inane questions and have some good laughs.  Any comments in bold are from Kent.

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  1.  Sansa has sentenced Littlefinger to death.  Would the story moving forward next season have been more interesting if Sansa had ordered for Arya to be killed?

Chris:  Kent you have no taste, and no this works out better. Now we can have Aryafinger next season in King’s Landing  (Hahaha, oh damn it, that was the first thing I read.  Kudos.)

Jim:  “Kent, you are a hackneyed writer and you should bend the knee because I write with you” (That sounds about right.)

I’d love to buy into the “dark side” Sansa with Littlefinger controlling.. (emperor with smith lord), but realistically, there is nothing saying the student didn’t  outlast the master and will going for the win on her own….  he’s had her ear for years, so maybe he rubbed off.  The plan was a great example of that possibility.  If there was more than 6 episodes, I’d say it was a strong possibility, but it feels too short for her to make that play.  (Knowing that there are only 6 episodes really limits some of my questions.  If we had 3 more seasons, I bet the responses would be very different.  Still, I think in an alternate universe, it could have been fun.)

Briana:  More interesting? Maybe but only because Arya would have escaped and came after Sansa! Lol! However, I thought the scene was executed perfectly (see what I did there? Haha)  (Executed indeed!  Yeah, I really wanna see Arya do some more crazy stuff.  While she stagnated a bit during her training montage in season 5 and 6, I have always loved watching her do her thing.)

Kent:  The story would have been far more fascinating with Sansa turning to the darkside and allying herself with Littlefinger and potentially try to swoop in to take the Iron Throne amidst all of this chaos.  


  1.  Did anybody at the meeting truly think that Jon would lie, no matter how much it could have helped his cause?  If so, name who you think was that dumb.  There were dumb characters at the meeting.

Chris:  Russ and his mom thought Jon would lie. Everyone else in the real world knew better. In Westeros, I don’t think everyone already knew he bent the knee, but if they did, I think they just thought he would neglect to mention it rather than outright lie. Cersei never asked him to bend the knee to her, so telling her that he did to Dany wasn’t telling the truth, it was over sharing.  (Russ’ mom jokes know no limits, just like Jon Snow knows nothing.)

Jim:  I think his allies were surprised that he was so dumb, but they should have known.  He is the dumbass who thought sending 6 guys and 3 red shirts north of the wall to kidnap a zombie seemed like a good idea.  I feel like they coulda coached him up a little bit, so the fault is on them, not his dumbass. (You’re right.  I blame Tyrion the most.  He knows how his sister operates, and he should have been preparing the whole crew on what to possibly expect.  I simultaneously feel bad for Tyrion because he seems to be getting a lot of blame this season when most of the time, he has been doing the smart thing, just with shitty results.)

Briana:  Definitely Tyrion and Dany thought he would lie. But that’s only because they don’t really know him. They know Starks are honest people to a fault but Jon is technically a Snow (as far as they know) and I think Tyrion sees him as a kindred soul, he thinks they’re a lot alike being their “Bastard” connection. (Back when they first met and Tyrion gave his speech about dwarves being bastards in their fathers eyes) he thinks he’d do what Tyrion would do. Also, ya know I just don’t think anyone expected him to be so blunt with Cercei given the stakes.  (Great point about the bastard connection.  The show makes it seem like most bastards have shit lives, and really Jon was fortunate in the way that he was brought up.  He’s the exception to the rule.)

Kent:  I think Tyrion is at the top of that list, along with Dany, Jaime, and Hound.  Tyrion is having a rough season as far as being wrong at really bad times, and this is another one.  Then the times that he is right, he still gets knocked down a peg in some capacity.  Dany is obvious due to naivety.  Jaime and Hound simply assumed that Jon would do what they would have in that scenario, which is lie.  Davos and Cersei were probably the only 2 that weren’t surprised.


  1.  A lot of the internet wants Tormund to get with Brienne of Tarth.  A whole other large segment wants her and Jaime to hook up.  Gun to your head, which scenario would you prefer to see?   Please don’t tell me the merits of both options, we get it.

Chris:  Tormund should be dead right now according to what they filmed at the end of the episode. Too bad I am team Tormund. They did an interview Gwendolyne Christie and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau and he said he was team Tormund too. She said she wanted to hook up with Dany; Nik said he wouldn’t mind seeing that either. (Fantastic insight, thank you for the link.   She looks very nice in the video.)


Jim:  I’d love to pick Jaime to be a contrarian, but it’s Tormund and it’s not even close.  Brienne and Jaime respect each other, but they aren’t related so he is not interested.  Tormund, who legend has it, also bangs bears, genuinely wants her, and if she can’t have her dead gay king (since he got smited by a shadow demon vag baby), she should at least get someone who wants her.  (Always happy when the term “shadow demon vag baby” pops up.)

Briana:  Duh! Tormund! I can see where people would want Jaime but eff that! She needs a wild man! And Tormund is obsessed with her, Jaime will always have that twinge of Cercei gnawing at him and Brienne deserves to be first string to whomever she picks and that’s Tormund! Plus!! GIANT BABIES DAMN IT!  (Well, that’s the final verdict.  If the female in the group wants it, then that’s just how it should be.  Make it so GoT!)

Kent:  Tormund, and it’s not even close.  Her and Jaime does nothing for me.  To hear Tormund talk about her and just to see that ginger haired bastard happy makes me happy.  I still don’t like Brienne, but I am okay with her living if it makes Tormund happy.


  1.  Is Bran even good at his job as the 3 Eyed Raven?  He’s made some revelations, but we know much more from the outside looking in.  Rate Bran’s job performance as the 3 Eyed Raven.

Chris:  Since we don’t know what his job is, can we comment? I bet he gets his blogs posted faster than some other peeps  (The funny thing is just how long it took me to get this one out only makes this statement sting slightly more.)

Jim:  Kent you are so wrong!!!  Except when you are right….   he seems lazy, or confused by the all knowledge he possesses.  If I came upon the knowledge of something like that, I would laser focus on it to get more details.  And again, when he got the info, even not knowing all the details, couldn’t he have sent a “don’t bang your aunt” raven to Jon?  Now we are clearly going to have an inbred half-wit Targaryen baby to sit in the throne eventually.  (More importantly, what color hair will the baby have?   Yeah, the whole thing about a big discovery is that you would expect him to do more research.  It just seems like common sense…..but I am the bad guy for bringing up bad writing for the season.) 

Briana:  Meh is my rating lol! First, he’s not telling people the things he knows. I get that he was waiting for Jon to tell him in person or whatever but people need to be hearing things and he should have been looking into things more in the first place! I guess I’m also just a little confused on how his talent works. He can see everything and remember everything but it’s not actually everything bc he has to physically go there and see it in order to see it and remember it. So why is he so weird already when he doesn’t actually remember “everything” like he claims. My biggest question is will he go straight to someone and tell them about the wall? Or will he just sit back and see what happens like he does with everything else? Ok that was longer than I planned sorry!  (A big problem that I have, and I think it would solve a lot of questions and issues that people may have is that they never truly established his powers.  Yes, we know that he can do this and that, but like 3 more minutes of explanation or cementing the lengths of his abilities would have really allowed us to know if he’s slacking or not.  I bet he’s in the office just watching cat videos most of the day.  The boss comes in and asks him “Bran, what ground breaking discovery did you make today?” Bran tells him that Jon was the baby in the tower, smirks, sees how happy his boss is and then goes back to videos.  The general population watching this show are the happy boss who are simply content with a big revelation at times.)

Kent:  I think he is doing a mediocre job to say the very least.  Like he had to go back and double check his info, which seems pretty lazy.  Looking at this objectively, once Bran learned about his dad and Lyanna and the baby thing, wouldn’t you naturally assume that Bran would have revisited that to get some more details?  He clearly got more details about Littlefinger.  I truly feel that this was a way to make Sam look like he’s still needed, which he clearly is.  If Sam was the 3 Eyed Raven, he’d have this shit locked down.  I wouldn’t give Bran a written warning, but I would tell him to get his numbers up and improve or else a warning would be in his future.


  1.  Will Arya at any point use Littlefinger’s face for something that we see on screen?

Chris:  Yes. Here comes Jim’s Cersei+Little finger alliance that is going to blow up in her face. Aryafinger kills Cersei, Mountain kills Arya, Hound avenged her in Cleganebowl.  (If Arya dies to the Mountain, not only will I be upset, but I would have to place him at the top of the ….nope I don’t want to say Mountain, damnit.  Either way, he would be my #1 killer on this show as far as combat goes.)

Jim:  Kent, if you were more like Chris on this, I could get behind you.  First, I can totally see the Face coming up to get at Cersei!!  And second, I’m not convinced that Sansa isn’t going to still make a play.  She had been around Littlefinger too long for him not to have an effect on her.  But if she does nothing of interest again, then Kent you were maybe a little right.  (Have no fear.  I’m never just a little right.  I either have a glorious victory with food, beers, hookers, and blow, OR I get made a fool, which is the norm for me.  Expect me to be wrong.)

Briana:  I sure as hell hope so! When he was lying on the ground dying I said “hey can I get that face real quick?” Like of course she’s got to take his face. The only thing is, she killed him in front of the Vale and Winterfell guards. It’s known that he’s dead so will his face actually be useful being as it’s a well known face and a known dead face now.  (Good question.  We are led to believe that word travels fast, as do ravens,  dragons, and boats, but that’s a whole other thing.  Word would likely spread fast.  Now whether Cersei is wise to this info isn’t important.  Qyburn will most definitely hear of this and so begins the domino effect listed above you.  Or the writers pretend like news of Littlefinger’s death didn’t travel to King’s Landing.  Anything is possible in this show.)  

Kent:  Well, that would only make sense to me, BUT the writing has been iffy at times this season.   With only 6 or 7 episodes remaining, depending on who you trust, I can see them completely ignoring this awesome opportunity.  Hell, I fear for Arya and Sansa’s usefulness in the last season.  Note, they are minimizing as many locations and characters as possible by wrapping up their story.  I hope that Arya gets to go out like a hoss.  Sansa is dead to me.  She blew it.


  1.  If you were in Cersei’s position, would you have honestly accepted a truce with this alliance to overthrow you?

Chris:  If I were Cersei I’d have kept the gold from Hightower, grabbed my bro/only friend/boy toy Jaime, and sailed off to somewhere nobody would know us. If you read the books, maybe where whores go.  (I need more info.  All I can think of is Nirvana’s version of Lake of Fire after reading your comment.  That was clearly not your intention.)

Jim:  If I knew I had an army coming while everyone was in the north to backstab like a boss, then I would have lied like her.  If she didn’t say she agreed, she woulda been burned to a crisp, so I guess she had to at least say yes.  She is a brilliant tactician though..  all the time with Tywin paid off.  (I really would have liked to see an alternate timeline where Tyrion never kills Tywin.  I’d love to know how many of his grandchildren would still be alive.)

Briana:  Absolutely not! Her only chance at this point is fucking them royally and without notice. I hate Cercei and I want her dead but her plan was genius and I hate her more for it! We know the truce is legit and they won’t be making any plans to attack her until it’s over but could you really trust that being Cercei? Not a chance. That being said, if Cercei really only gave a shit about her family and not the world, why does she care this much to sit on the throne? Why not bend the knee, go to Casterly Rock and live happily every after with your brother/lover and baby? That would have kept her other children alive no wouldn’t it?  (Well I guess I would ask, would she and her remaining family ever be able to just live in peace at Casterly Rock?  She has kinda made a few enemies throughout the past few years.  It’s the whole, was she in so deep that there was never a way out that resulted in a peaceful and happy life?  Hypothetically, if she bent the knee to Dany, one would think that Dany would at the very least punish Jaime for being the King Slayer.  I think she inherited this hostility as well, meaning that even if she had wanted peace after Robert’s death, she would never have found it, I don’t think.  I have spent a lot of time thinking about this response though.)

Kent:  Hell no!  I don’t even understand how her accepting a truce is beneficial in any way to her.  She is confident in her abilities, but she knows that there are still dragons which can kill off her army.  If I’m going down, I’m taking as many people with me as possible in her situation.  The truce simply prolongs the inevitable.  Fuck that, don’t let them get to rule either.


  1.  We got to see a whole lot of characters on screen together that we haven’t ever seen or it’s been a long while.  Which pairing or sighting gave you the biggest boner?  Hey, they mentioned cocks way too much, so I am going the lewd route.

Chris:  Because Kent hates him, Theon and Jon. Although the Hound and Brienne weren’t bad either. The funniest was Sam and Bran though, between Sam’s lines and Bran holding up the message from the raven, some much needed humor right before the end  (The Theon and Jon scene was an absolute waste of time.  I will agree with the Sam and Bran thing being great, as was Brienne and Hound.  Sam not even giving Gilly an ounce of credit was tremendous.)

Jim:  Of course Kent said the Clegaine bowl… and he’s not really wrong.  But I did particularly enjoyed Littlefinger meeting Karma.  All of the other interactions went as planned/nothing spectacular, but that, while I expected the outcome, was genuinely surprised at the how (partially because I think the rushed season forced them to not have any scene where the girls and/or Bran were conspiring).  But the look on his face, as he was named, then his entire list of crimes were dropped on him was priceless.  I always liked him as a villain/character, but he had also run his course.  (More scenes between the Stark children, really including Bran, would have been great.  Sansa could have still played it well where she is getting trained by Littlefinger, and still could have had Arya get called in.  It would have worked.  But hey, we got all that stuff about bending the knee in 14 different scenes plus Jon and Theon’s enlightening conversation.  Yay?)

Briana:  Hmmm… I like the Hound and Brienne talking about Arya and mending their fences, I liked the Hound letting poor undead Gregor know that he’s coming for him, and then Tyrion and Cercei was intriguing too. I really thought she would kill him. (Really, both of Cersei’s interactions with her brothers were great.  I’m shocked nobody mentioned the Jaime and Cersei one, but that was tense, and I am speculating that most people thought that Jaime was on the verge of having a bad time.  Lena Headey better win an Emmy because she killed it this year.  Amazing performance.)

Kent:  Hound and Mountain.  If you expected any other response from me, you haven’t been paying attention.  Clegane Bowl still needs to happen, and hopefully Arya is around to witness it.  I also really liked seeing Hound and Brienne.  Hound seemed borderline happy for once, after he found out that Arya was alive.


  1.  Seriously, do you even care about this Theon and Yara rescue attempt while Euron is actually doing something useful?

Chris:  I hope ball-less Theon kills Euron and plays water polo with his head. As much as I like Euron hearing Kent cry for 6 ish podcasts would satiate my thirst for his tears. My second favorite part of this finale was the look on Theon’s face at no ball pain. Hey, there’s a silver lining to everything, even being castrated, I guess  (Ouch.  Euron can’t die!  He is the single closest thing that we have to #ThugLife on this show and that makes him immortal, per my biased calculations.)

Jim:  I am surprised with Kent’s opinion with this…. though I am completely uninterested in the rescue/redemption mission.. it is the vehicle to get us more Euron, and like cowbell, I’ve got a fever and the only cure is more Euron.  If the show runners have any balls (like George rr used to), they have Euron end the both of him, as a dark morality play that cowards (Theon) get punished, and putting your faith (Yara) in people who chronically disappoint will get you got.  This needs to be resolved by Euron before his quasi Mexican standoff with Jaime and Cersei.  I did get a giggle when punchy McSailor face repeatedly tried to kick Theon in the balls though.  (Huh, you’re right.  I totally missed the boat on this one, figuratively only.  More Eruon is always a treat, and yes, he should win.  I’m so over Yara, but Euron, there’s a dude that gets shit done, and when he realizes that he’s not going to win, he bails and pulls a Pinky and the Brain so that the next night, he can plot to take over the world.  I hope I got that theme song stuck in somebody’s head.)

Briana:  The only reason I care is because I’m hoping it will be what foils Cercei’s plan. If Theon finally grew his pair back, maybe he will stop Euron from making it to Essos to get the company.  (I wonder if Qyburn could help him grown like a zombie pair back.  I’m not going to rule it out entirely.)

Kent:  No, waste of my damn time.  Just kill Theon already.  I simply hated Jon forgiving Theon.  It was bullshit.  Then I am led to believe that Theon “Hulk-ed up” like the great Hulk Hogan or Ultimate Warrior shaking the ropes as he gets the adrenaline flowing.  Come the fuck on, this isn’t 1980’s wrestling.  Theon should be dead.


  1.  Sooooo, after all of the nagging and incessant nagging to bend at the knee, will it eventually lead to Dany having to bend the knee to her nephew Jon Sn….I mean Aegon Targaryan?  According to some nerds online, Aegon would have a bigger claim to the throne than she does.

Chris:  If Jon was a normal dude, he would pass up the throne for some more sweet wincest  (Hmmm, so you are saying for him to pass up that hard ass chair for more wincest?  Your ideas intrigue me and I would like to sign up for your weekly newsletter.)

Jim:  I don’t think he wants to be anything more than her first man/husband…. till he finds out they are related, then he will wanna distance himself while still following her (cause he’s honest). More regretful than banging then killing a wildling.  (Jon really should have a “No Regerts” tattoo.  It would really do his character justice.)

Briana:  Nah. I think that’s over. She will get pregnant, they will get married and they will just rule together. I do think if you’re going with the Targaryan deserves the throne route, he technically does have claim over her bc Rhagar was the last dragon and the heir and Jon is his legitimate son. But I think that’s water under the bridge with the relationship they hold now.  (Wouldn’t that be just a tad insulting though?  7 seasons of heads rolling all in the name of ruling the Iron Throne.  Then he falls in love with his aunt and is just like, nahhhh, love conquers all.  I need my characters hungry for that throne damnit!)

Kent:  Probably not.  He’s probably impregnated her (BOOOOOOO!).  I will say probably not though because I still think that she will die before all is said and done and she would never bend the knee.  She would simply be like, I got 2 dragons, you got a ginger.  I LOATHE this aspect of the show.


Bonus Deuce

  1.  Let’s rename the ice dragon.  Give him a cool name.

Chris:  Mentos, the freshmaker  (I think I liked this one way more than I should have, but mainly due to this.  Seriously, this commercial makes my day.)

Jim:  Aegon, cause everyone is named Aegon, or if they finally exceeded Aegons on the show, then my runner up is night shade, cause the night king rides him and it sounds cool  (Everybody gets to be named Aegon nowadays!  We need a new Hodor to just say Aegon on repeat.)

Briana:  Tundra is the only thing that comes to mind. I feel it’s a weak answer but it’s what I got! Lol!  (I wish we have a better name for the Night King, like Lance.  Then Tundra would work way better.)

Kent:  Jericho – As in Chris Jericho because that dragon broke the wall down.


  1.  This is the big one.  As enjoyable as this season was, did you find it as well written as season’s past?

Chris:  Yes. People will complain about anything, but the bare fact is that everything that has been building for the last 21 years has been building to what is happening now. A tighter focus doesn’t mean anything worse than what we had before. Who gives a Fuck about not taking 2 more seasons to do all the traveling this year. People complain that all of Tyrion’s decisions were bad, but they weren’t, mostly uniformed. Why didn’t Varys know about Euron’s fleet if we want to heap blame. The politics had to end as the wars had to come. Anyone who expected something else hasn’t been watching the right show  (Yes…..why didn’t Varys know about the fleets?  Why has Varys been overlooked so much this season?  Poor writing, that’s why!)

Jim:  God Kent your opinions suck except when they are right.  The best moments of the show, were tense scenes (that were poorly set up i.e. Littlefingers death) or CGI dragon work.  I get that with a finite number of episodes it requires you to thin out the detail to have time to tie up lose ends, but does anyone know how much time past this season?  And how did they not use the great characters they have very effectively (Euron, Qyburn, Zombie-Mountain, Varys, Bronn to name a few).  Plus with everything tying up, there is less chance for surprise, so the writing doesn’t seems as impressive from that respect either.  (The finite episode thing is where it makes things murky.  It’s the crux of many of my negative answers or questions.  It may not even be a fair critique.  I still am baffled by not having 10 episodes this season.  So many smaller things could have had their shine.  We had 2 long ass episodes, so there’s episode 8 right there.  Maybe fast travel isn’t a thing and we get more of the battle scenes at High Garden or Casterly Rock.  Maybe Varys and Melisandre get more time.  Maybe we get more of the stuff in Winterfell, which was the most captivating stuff of the season in my opinion.  Yeah, i get that people want to get to point B from  point A as fast as possible.  A show of this caliber has long succeeded with a slow burn.  I would have preferred 10 episodes.  Some people like Twitter.  I don’t.  This is just a case where my preference didn’t happen.  Damnit, more Qyburn next season!!!!)

Briana:  While I found it to be different writing than past seasons, I didn’t think it was less good. I know everyone has been complaining about it being rushed and the fast track crap but the way I see it is they just cut out a bunch of the bull shit and got straight to the important stuff. I don’t need more episodes if it’s just to show realistically how long it took Gendry to get to the wall or how long it took Jon to get to dragon stone or whatever.  (I would say that it’s not the fast travel stuff that bothers me in regards to lengthening the season.  A better explanation could have been achieved in less than a minute.  It’s just the storytelling and the conversations.  We missed out on a lot of quality stuff all for the sake of speeding instead of enjoying the scenery.  There’s no right or wrong.  I will ask you this, wouldn’t you have rather had 3 more weeks of the show?  I sure as hell would have.  It doesn’t even have to be great.  Still better than nothing, for me personally.)

Kent:  Compared to the past, this was actually an incredibly lazily written season.  If we separate the spectacle and awesome things that we saw or have been anticipating away from the pacing that this show is known for, and this season isn’t all that great.  Way too many plot conveniences just for the sake of getting the next big action scene.  Fast travel is a fucking acceptable thing now.  Lots of leaps of faith rather than showing the audience how certain things came to be would have been worth the extra episode or two.  I thoroughly enjoyed the season, but I’m trying to be objective as well.  I know a lot of people disagree with me, and I all I can say is to watch season 5 and enjoy the pacing.  


Final Thoughts

Chris:  Stfu Kent. Best season so far. And my favorite thing about this episode. As Jon was going all out getting balls deep in the mother of dragons, I looked to my wife and said, “Jon Snow has a really nice ass, but you’d never know it the way they always make him wear the giant wolf cloak.” She just looked at me and laughed (That’s how Chris is going out this season, talking about Jon’s sweet ass.  Kudos sir!  You’re not wrong.)

Jim:  it ranks lowest on my season favorites, but it was still better than just about everything out there.  65% GoT is still a world beater.  They need to add the feeling that all characters are expendable again in the last six episodes for it to save face.  I never felt any of the main players were in real jeopardy, even when they were retards with the worst plan ever (looking at you Jon).  Realistically, until Littlefinger, the only real “kind of important character” to die was Ellia Sand.  That being said, it had more moments where I stood up and cheered than any other (dragon fire murder of the army, dragon death, Arya v Brienne, Littlefinger death, Euron, Winter avengers, Euron, Gendry’s return, Davos still not dying, Euron, Nymeria’s return are just a few to name).  And the unimportant witty dialogue between characters may have been better than ever (snarky Davos, All this Tormund and Euron, The Hound). I can’t remember laughing as much any other season, but again, this was filler dialogue, not plot pushing dialogue.  I did have a great time with the season, and writing about it, but I enjoyed the season like ice cream (good, but as filler not a meal), versus the other seasons were perfectly cooked steaks…. enjoyable, filling and completely satisfying.  Thanks for including me Kent!! (Thank you Jim.  This was the tasty treat.  Lots of great moments.  But yeah, I am with you on everything that you just said.  I may like this more than season 2 or 3, I have to go back and rewatch someday.  Point is this felt more like a montage or highlight reel and less like a full season.  The dialogue was funny as hell though.)  

Briana:  First, is like to say how incredibly terrifying it would have been to be Tormund standing on that wall when the ice dragon came! Wouldn’t that be like the most terrifying thing you’ve ever seen? I can’t believe we have to wait a million years for the next season. Oh and I’d like to throw something out there that hasn’t been discussed anywhere that I’ve found so far. While I at first didn’t believe Cercei was pregnant, I’m starting to think she might be actually pregnant but she’s not going to birth the child. Why? Does anyone else remember that Cercei heard a prophesy when she was young about how she was going to have 3 children and all of them would die before the “little one” killed her. So my thought is that she will die giving birth or Tyrion will kill her before she has the baby. Or she’s possibly still just lying about being pregnant all along but why hasn’t anyone been talking about the prophecy in regard to this new baby?! Thanks for including me in the blog, Kent! Can’t wait for the next one! Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go watch the series from the beginning again! Haha!  (Oh boy, you nailed it Bri, in regards to the prophecy or fortune telling, whatever people wish to call it.  I have heard that this doesn’t mean that it has to play out, but why have every other aspect hold up and then mislead us?  The Valonqar will kill Cersei, which means “Little brother”.  So with Tommen and Stannis dead, that still leaves Jaime, Tyrion, and possibly the baby if she died during child birth because if it was a boy, it would be Joffrey, Tommen, and Mercylla’s younger brother.  Delivering the child would still be a loose interpretation of having 3 children, so I have to logically cross that one off the list.  Tyrion or Jaime still seem like the 2 most likely candidates, and I would guess Jaime over Tyrion.  In a weird way, Tyrion seems too obvious and cares too much about certain things.  Jaime, in his mental state, I believe him to be more likely.   I don’t think that she is pregnant, but we will find out.  Thank you Bri for helping me out again.  I’ll be bothering you next month with Walking Dead and Stranger Things if you’re into that sort of thing.  Here’s a link that provides a lot of detail on that prophecy so people can feel free to make their own assessments.)

Theories of Ice and Fire: Cersei’s prophecy and the Valonqar

Kent:  Honestly, I had a lot of fun this season.  The jokes were plenty, and often lewd.  I will miss the numerous Littlefinger jokes.  This is way more fun when we do the blog, it’s nice to have the chats that I have with all of you.  So thank you so much for all of the hard work.  I look forward to the final season, whenever that may be, hopefully 2018.  Maybe between now and then I will read the books or George will finish book 6.  I think that the Vegas odds favor me reading more than George finishing.

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