American Horror Story Cult – S:7 Ep: 1 – “Election Night” Edition

We are back to discuss this season of AHS.  I really wish we had started doing this from the first season.  Alas, we are starting the Cult season and while it is too early to judge it properly, the numbers aren’t lying and neither is the viewer feedback.  I have heard a lot of negative things in regards to this, and the best I can say is that for the people who are going to see this through, I think the vast majority of the fans are hoping for less politics.  It’s like Facebook or Twitter came alive on my TV screen, in the worst possible way.  This week, we have Dom, Melanie, Cece, Teddy, and Tom (for one question) helping out.  I am hoping to get a couple more people on board for next week.  I should note that this isn’t the typical 9 Deuce blog because there’s not enough substance for us to answer that many questions on a week to week basis.  Also, starting next week, Melanie and I should be doing a podcast, so you will get a verbal companion to this blog.  Finally, any comments in the blog in bold are from Kent.

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  1.  This season clearly has a political undertone.  There is no avoiding that.  Does it make sense to use politics and elections as a backdrop for horror?

Dom: It does.  Politics is a scary thing.  It can be a force unto itself and like religion can be volatile.  (The religion part of your comment, it’s a good one.  We tend not to think twice about religion in horror but politics can bring out a whole other beast.)

Melanie: I think this particular election makes a great backdrop for horror. It’s also is the election that everyone is still talking about.   

Cece:  Absolutely. From what I can tell, Murphy is tackling everyone’s greatest fears and focusing on the whole ‘people crave fear’ aspect. It’s working.

Teddy:  politics enables people to feel empowered. So it makes sense that it makes crazy people (like evan peters character) feel empowered as well

Tom:  Traditionally no, I’m not sure it makes sense but I’ll give Murphy credit for trying the unconventional.  It has truly worked for him before. (Thank you for your one and only response.)

Kent:  It sort of worked for The Purge part 3.  There was an episode of Masters of Horror that didn’t work so well.  I HATE politics.  I vehemently loathe them.  I hate discussing them.  I hate most everybody’s perspectives.  I am not open minded to it.  I don’t give a fuck.  So I suppose that if a story could be crafted intelligently, then sure, it could work, but by and large, it’s usually stupid shit.  Politics and horror don’t mix.  It sure as shit isn’t helping this season.  I will gladly accept more weekly man ass if it removes all of the political garbage.  I will also accept payments of more female ass, but Ryan Murphy just tuned me out.


  1.  Is there a character that resonates more with you than other ones?  Someone that you may identify most closely with.

Dom:  To early to tell for me

Melanie:  I am any background character you see drinking wine.  (Well played.)

Cece: I mean, I can’t exactly say as of yet. I’m definitely more on the Ivy and Ally side, I guess.

Teddy:  I related to the Asian guy who flipped out on Jill stein voters…I kinda did that after the election so it was right in the feels with that one.  (I don’t even know who Jill Stein is.)

Kent:  I know everybody expects me to say Twisty.  Well naturally, there are some things that will resonate with me, especially wearing big, comfy clothes and the urge to kill morons.  WIth that being said, I will go with the child, Ozzie.  He likes horror comics and would rather stay up late scaring himself.  He also has a crazy parent.


  1.  Are clowns scary or silly?

Melanie:  Fun birthday clowns, scary.  Fucking terrorizing clowns, scary.  Ronald McDonald, terrifying.  

Dom: depends on how they are presented.

Cece: I don’t find them scary at all. They’re silly, of course. Except John Wayne Gacy.

Teddy:  Pennywise chose my fate when I was 4…

Kent:  When done right, they are both.  I don’t find them scary, but they can be if done right.  By next week, I may have more to say regarding clowns after I see IT.  Look at other clown horror related things and by and large, it’s more silly than scary.  I could go for seeing Killer Klowns From Outer Space again though.  There is also Clown and Stitches that are both more modern.  Clownhouse, Clowntown, Ginger Clown, and Clown Kill also exist.  


  1.  Regarding all of the things that Ally (Sarah Paulson) keeps seeing in this particular episode, are they: A) All in her mind, B) Partially really and partially in her mind, or C) Entirely real?

Melanie:  B

Dom:  I’m gonna go with B.

Cece: Everything is in her head. The harsh reality of things has been triggering her deepest fears and she is letting it all get the best of her in her own mind.

Teddy:  I honestly don’t know yet, because if its all in her head then how is her kid also seeing them? I feel like stuff is being covered up.

Kent:  B seems the most likely, but for right now, I will say C.  She will eventually see something real though, if she keeps looking.


  1.  Name 3 actors or actresses from past AHS seasons that you want to see this season.

Dom:  Kathy Bates, Denis O’hare and Lily Rabe

Melanie:  Lady Gaga, Kathy Bates, Denis O’Hare

Cece: You mean people we haven’t already seen? I’ve kept up with the cast list up until now, so, I don’t think anyone else I want will show up, unfortunately. I am happy to see Evan, as always.  (Yeah, how bad is the announced cast list?  Fucking trash!  If you don’t know what we are talking about, just look it up and prepare to be wildly unimpressed.  We still get Frances Conroy, Mare Winningham, Lily Rabe, Adina Porter, and I may be forgetting somebody else from the past, but no Bates, Bassett, Lange, O’Hare, Chloe, Taissa, Gaga, Cuba, among others missing.  Sigh.  End rant.)

Teddy:  The girl who murdered her mom and stepdad in asylum (I miss her pretty eyes), Lady Gaga because she needs to redeem herself after terrible Roanoke, and Dylan Mcdermott.

Kent:  Denis O’Hare,  James Cromwell, and Taissa Farmiga or Alexandra Breckinridge

Well all know that I have at least 20 other names that I want to list, but Denis is always first in my heart.

Were you Kentertained by this week’s episode?

Melanie: Not particularly

Dom:  Middle of the road for me

Cece: Yes. It was a great start to be a thrilling season.

Teddy:  I wasn’t let down but so far it was overall pretty meh (props to the fucking/masturbating clowns)

Kent:  No, not really.  Waaaaay too political for my enjoyment.  The clown stuff was fine.  The show is on it’s last legs.  It’s starting to show by the lack of a great cast.  It’s a shame.  STill, there were parts that I liked.  I liked how Murphy almost poked fun at the hyper sensitive, over reactionary people after the vote.  I can appreciate that.  I can appreciate killer clowns.  Just no more politics, PLEASE!!!!!  Also, the main picture of the clown sex is basically how I felt on the receiving end of this particular episode.

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