The Wrestling 9 Deuce – September 11 & 12, 2017 – The Return of the Mac Edition

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Kevin Owens decided to attack Vince this week and WWE is handing out first time matchups like it was trick R treat season.  Morons!  Russ, Keri, and Kent are here to sort through the rubbish and find that sweet silver lining that isn’t Steph’s attire.  Not only that, but on this week’s Are You Not Kentertained we did a RAW and Smackdown re-draft.  It’s better than our blog quite frankly.

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The 9

  1. Asuka is on her way to RAW.  Was this the right move?

Russ:  In the current environments I am going to say yes!  There are several reasons why this is the right move so let’s take a look at them.  First, the rosters.  Honestly, right now the best roster is the Raw roster.  You have the Goddess Bliss who can be a great antagonist for Asuka.  You have Sasha who can put on a good match given the right opponents.  You have Emma, depending on how she does at No Mercy we could see her emerging as a top star, though her loss on Raw doesn’t make me feel too good about that.  Finally, you have Nia, who continually improves and gets better each week.  That would be a great feud to watch Nia vs. Asuka.  Smackdown has some greats, but they are being squandered right now.  Another reason is that Raw is still the flagship of the company where most of the performers want to be and the company’s real money maker.  You want a top performer like Asuka on that program because she will draw eyes to the show.  

Keri:  I had to think a bit on my response to this question and probably longer than I should have. While I would have liked to have seen Asuka give some much needed star power to Smackdown, I  also understand why she is RAW bound. She is already a star and her reputation proceeds her so Smackdown’s promise of a land of opportunity is kinda lost on her. Also, look at the current state of each division. The RAW women’s division is thriving at the moment. The storylines are interesting and going somewhere. It would be the perfect place to unleash Asuka. As for Smackdown, the women’s division is lost in the shuffle at the moment. Bring her in there and you risk a repeat of what happened with Bobby Roode.

Kent:  Well, in theory, you should put Asuka on the weaker division.  Let’s see, RAW has Alexa, SAsha, Emma, Nia, Mickie, Alicia, Bayley, and possibly Paige.  Smackdown has Becky, Carmella, Natty, Naomi, Tamina, Lana, and stupid ass.  Rumors are swirling that Ronda Arouseme will be feuding with Charlotte inevitably because WWE is mildly retarded….majorly. That tells me that RAW is where she will be better built up and surrounded by legit talent.  WWE is really missing the mark though,  Asuka vs Charlotte in a passing of the torch and Ronda vs Bliss, somebody who can actually talk, would be smarter.  Ohhhh well.  Really, this all goes to shit because of WWE’s insistence on trying to make Charlotte seem a notch above everybody else when she isn’t even in the top 5 in ring on the main roster.  

  1.   Should WWE be giving away first ever match ups as frequently as they have this year?

Russ:   Well it would be nice if WWE actually saved some of these first time ever match ups for the PPV’s.  Lets face it the PPV’s have sucked a lot lately.  Maybe if they gave us some of the first time match ups on them we may have something to look forward to, even get a little excited about.  Instead all the first-time matches are ending up on Raw and Smackdown leaving matches that have worn the tread off for the PPV’s.  

Keri:  On one hand, you should have always have a few of these match ups to keep the audience hyped and interested in the weekly product. However, what Creative has done the past two years is they have saturated the weekly programming and have neglected to save anything for the PPV. They really have gone from one extreme to another instead of finding a nice balance.

Kent:  No, just no.  This pisses me off beyond belief.  You don’t give away an attraction like a first ever big time match up on free TV unless it goes like a minute and chaos ensues.  Any other answer is the wrong answer.  Joe vs Roman, Cena, and a few other guys have all been on RAW for the first time.  Braun vs Cena is another big one.  You MUST leave these first time match up for PPV’s to build up interest and not kill off the intrigue of another boring ass 4-7 hours, depending on the event.  Why do PPV’s suck so much?  Because they make the matches feel unimportant in the build up and the week after.

  1.   Is the Jason Jordan experiment starting to pay off for you yet?

Russ:   I think the last two weeks have been great showcases for Jordan.  We all had issues with his abilities.  He looks like a dead fish out there in promos and when he was first introduced we were iffy on his in-ring skills.  Now I can say that given good opponents he can definitely put on a good show.  Now he needs to prove that he can give us a decent promo.  He could be the next Benoit: the in-ring technician with no charisma, not the messed up in the head due to concussion part.  

Keri:  I’m going to go with a big fat nope here. The storyline fell flat and now the crowd doesn’t care. Jordan went from a member of a championship caliber tag team to a member of the job squad.  Great job WWE. Glad you thought that one through.

Kent:  Not for me.  Any guy his size with his background should be able to have those types of matches.  Cena and Reigns are capable of these matches on a weekly basis if they choose to, mainly Cena as Roman puts in the work.  I will say this, if Jason Jordan beat Jinder right at this moment for the belt, the belt would be in a better situation.  That’s not to compliment Jordan, but to point out how bad Jinder’s run has been.Jason will never get too far if he can’t add some character and charisma, just like his daddy.

  1.   In a night full of adequate matches and Brrrrock Lesnar, did the 8 man tag make sense to you as the main event?


Russ:   Unfortunately,  my power went off just as the match was starting so I didn’t get to see it.  It was a really weird thing.  The power flickered so I had to wait for the cable box to reboot, which takes forever.  It was just about to come back on and then the power flickered again and had to start the whole process over.  I was done at that point and as i went to shut the TV off for good the power went out and stayed out.  Fantastic!  I will say that I have noticed WWE has been taking careful strides to rotate who is in the Main Event each week so I guess in that regard it makes sense.  

Keri:  It was refreshing to see something not involving Brock in the main event segment. They have really been playing up the tag team division the past few weeks. It would make sense that they would showcase it in the main event at some point. Look at you RAW Creative using logic. I think I may need to bring back my gold stars if you keep this up. (Kent: I would say that since Mania, we have seen Brock more often in non main event segments than in the final spot on RAW.  He usually kicks things off or is at the top of hour 1 or 2.)

Kent:  As Russ said, the WWE has been meticulous in who gets main event spots, and that is a GREAT thing and is helping RAW feel fresh.  The match was fine for what I saw of it.  More important, anything that gets the vast majority of these guys in the main event is a good thing.  They all have merit in some capacity, so kudos.  Sheamus and Cesaro may be the best thing that WWE currently has going behind Braun.

  1.  Aside from everything else mentioned, any other segment work well for you?

Russ: I really enjoyed watching Braun destroy Cena.  (Kent: See question #2 that we already mentioned. GAWD!)  That was a fun segment because it is so rare to see Cena get taken behind the shed and beaten mercilessly.  Oh, The Miz and Maryse are having a child!  That was a nice feel good moment.  The fans cheered and for a second were taken out of Kayfabe.  Then promptly thrown back in when Enzo came out.  Do they seriously not have anything for the Intercontinental Champion to do other than to interview the Enzo’s of the WWE?  

Keri:  The Braun-Brock segment worked for me. Surprised I said that one, aren’t ya? (Kent: See question #4 that we already mentioned. GAWD!.)  Yeah, I didn’t think so. Between that segment and the match with Cena, Braun has been booked over the past year to perfection. The only thing missing is the cherry on top of the sundae. Come on Creative. The time to act is now. But the belt on the man, will ya?  He looked really good holding it on RAW. Just saying.

Kent:  Uhmmmm, I legit just had to read the recap.  Bray vs Goldust happened.  Emma lost.  The Miz knocked up Maryse and destroyed Enzo.  Yeah, let’s just congratulate Miz and Maryse and wash my hands of this question.

  1.  We have new tag team champions on Smackdown. Good or bad decision?

Russ:  I really don’t know if it is a bad decision or not, but I will say that New Day and The Uso’s have some major chemistry!  Each match they have had has been a treat!  This was no exception.  While this was definitely not their best match it was still fun and exciting.  Loved how The Uso’s basically kept a two on one advantage most of the match by being intelligent in their attacks.  Loved the big spots and overall just a fun match.  It may look bad shotgunning the title back and forth, but I’m not going to complain when I get to see these two teams fight.  Hopefully, this will culminate in a HiaC match at… Hell in the Cell PPV.  

Keri:  I’m at a loss for words while at the same time experiencing serious deja ju. Are we seriously watching Creative put together another hot potato belt storyline? Didn’t we just see this a year ago on RAW with the women’s title? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Recycled storylines are so exciting. I’m just wondering when the first time evers and historics are going to come into play. With that said, unlike the Sasha-Charlotte hot potato game, I’m enjoying this one a lot more and don’t mind watching it a bit longer. Just not too much longer.

Kent:  Rumor has it that WWE is trying to pad NEw Day’s number of championships, and here we are.  Sasha Banks is telling herself that someday she will get a long run like New Day had too.  She is delusional.  I like the Uso’s as champs a lot.  I am shocked by how much I enjoy them.  The match seemed a tad sloppy.

  1.  Natty and Naomi had a match. Compared to their SummerSlam match, Tuesday’s match was ________?

Russ:  Not worth my time.  I started watching it and then they went to commercial and that is where they lost me.  I started playing a video game because the match was boring and I’m really not interested in watching a crap match during the commercial. Naomi usually puts on a decent match.  This was not one of those times.  

Keri:  I think the word you are looking for is mediocre. Because that is the word I would use. Also, Smackdown, did you want Asuka? This is why you did not get Asuka.

Kent:  “Freshly squeezed garbage juice” is my response.  I suspect that Naomi isn’t fully healthy and working through some nagging injury.  She was off during this match and has been lackluster lately.  Now, it could have a lot to do with Irma, I don’t know, since she’s from Florida.  It was a bad match considering how much I enjoyed their Summerslam match.

  1.  Is Smackdown doing a good job as far as getting their roster screen time?

Russ:  Nope.  this was always going to be a problem for Smackdown due to it only being two hours. The two hours isn’t the problem (please WWE do not make it three hours!)  It’s the WWE’s fault.  I mean just look who wasn’t on Smackdown this week:  Bobby Roode, Breezdango, Randy Orton, Shinsuke, Luke Harper, and Eric Rowen.  While I certainly can understand having a superstar or two not on the show (there is no way we can fit everything and everyone, I get that.)  However,  Leaving Roode off the show makes no sense!  Two weeks now he hasn’t been on the show and that is criminal!  He just got moved up from NXT he needs to be on screen consistently each week or how else will people get to know him.  This isn’t how you treat an emerging star!  Trust me he is an emerging star.  He has all the tools.  It just seems WWE is squandering them.  I don’t even want to get started on the mistreatment of Luke.  

Keri:  Another question where I can give the answer of a big fat nope. My reason for saying nope is two words, Bobby Roode. Where was Bobby Roode? I’m ready to start a milk carton campaign for him. Seriously you bring up the guy and then do nothing with him. Bad form WWE especially considering he would be perfect answer to Ziggler’s new making fun of gimmicks gimmick. Sigh. I would mention others that have already gone missing but I have milk carton campaigns out for them already and I’m getting nowhere with those so right now they are not worth mentioning.

Kent:  No.  When Ginger Rhynos have substantially more screen time ove rthe past 3 months than Harper and Rowan and Hype Bros and Mike Kanellis combined, and the Ginger Rhynos are the least used tag team on RAW, well, you do that math.  Something bad is happening on Smackdown.  It’s becoming the weekly show that I dread….sigh.  Every single title division is stagnant as fuck.  Jinder gets time weekly, as does AJ, KO, usually New Day and Usos, Carmella, and usually Shinsuke and Baron.  Remember when Smackdown was rotating the acts all around so that it was nice to see everybody get time?  It was only a year ago!  Sigh.  Go Aiden!!!  Go Sami!!!

  1.  Vince McMahon returned to deal with Kevin Owens. Vince announced the Hell in a Cell match and promptly got beat up. Steph returned in a terrible outfit. Discuss all of this and is this leading to HHH vs KO?

Russ:  This was definitely a highlight of Smackdown.  The Vince beat down served its purpose perfectly.  While Vince is definitely not a sympathetic character watching a 70 year old man get his ass handed to him by a man that is much younger definitely seems unfair.  This feud was already personal, but this just made it a McMahon Family affair!  Well done.  During the entire beat down I kept on thinking that McMahon must really like or at least have faith in KO to let him do the amount of damage he did.  Let’s face it McMahon shouldn’t be taking these types of beatings at his age, yet he allowed KO to go nuts on him.  Finally, this solidified KO’s status as one of the top heels in the business and he deserves it.  

Keri:  I have a few comments about this segment. First, isn’t Vince getting too old to get beat up like he did on Smackdown? I mean good for him but at some point you have to take a step back and say maybe I shouldn’t do this anymore. Second, it looks like we are getting another wrestler vs McMahon storyline and I’m honestly not sure how I feel about that. Those storylines are always so annoying because they take up so much air time. Lastly, I noticed Kent made a comment about Stephanie’s outfit on Smackdown. And I didn’t think it was too bad. It was kind of flattering for her figure. Oh yeah. I almost forgot the answer to the Triple H question. Yes, yes it is leading to a KO vs. Trips match. It couldn’t be more obvious.

Kent:  Yeah, I immediately asked outloud: “What the fuck is Steph wearing?”  Anyway, I said on Monday that I figured either Vince would order the match or get beat up which would prompt Daniel to order the match.  I honestly didn’t foresee both of these things happening, and for that, I will give them kudos.  Vince shouldn’t be taking this type of punishment anymore, but you know damn well that he told KO to do it and was probably smiling on the inside the whole time.  Vince knew what he’s doing and it worked really well.  I was so exhausted, but I forced myself to stay awake.  Yes, I think HHH vs KO is a cool Mania idea, or possibly before then.  HHH is obviously a KO fan, and he must have won Vince over as well.

Bonus Deuce

  1. Rate RAW

Russ:  Another above average Raw!  Granted the average isn’t very good, but I’m not complaining in this case.  The matches were good, especially Roman vs Jordan and Braun vs John.  A slight downside that I have noticed over the past few weeks is how the WWE has decided that the worked shoot is the best thing since sliced bread!  Seriously, ever since John and Roman did their worked shoot a couple of weeks ago WWE has gone back to beat that horse more times than Kent and I beat the Paige/ Xavier horse on the podcast!  They are like kids in a candy store they are very excited about doing these worked shoots and just can’t stop.  Rating: 6.5

Keri:  It was another good RAW. The only problem I had with this week’s RAW is that it seemed they over focused on this Cena and Reigns feud. There was too much time spent on it and I think it took away from some of the other stuff going on. But, I guess I’m just being overly critical at this point because I did just offer RAW creative gold stars. So, rating: 6

Kent:  I don’t feel like I am suited to rate it this week.  I watched it half awake and it’s my fault.  I simply don’t want to go back and rewatch it, so I will say that it wasn’t as good as last week, but it was above average with no rating.

  1.  Rate Smackdown

Russ:  Another adequate show by Smackdown.  The tag match and final segment were definitely highlights.  I enjoyed the Tye vs AJ match.  While Tye lost it was still a strong showing by him.  I could have lived without the women’s title match and while i liked the last segment they spent too much time on the KO Shane stuff.  Rating: 5

Keri:  I’m just not impressed by Smackdown anymore. It just seems like Smackdown is moving into year ago RAW territory. Everything so haphazard and pointless now. I really dread watching it. Rating: a begrudging 4

Kent:  I will giev Smackdown a 5.1 as there are some things that I would absolutely rewatch, mainly the tag match and the final segment.  Both were well done.


Final Thoughts

Russ:  Pizza is great!  It tastes delicious and comes in a square box as a circle and when eaten turns into a triangle!  So many shapes in such a small package!  Wrestling has a small package.  Pizza = wrestling.  

Keri:  I want everyone to answer a question for me. How can I be behind less than 1 week into a new semester? Bad planning is the answer just in case you couldn’t come up with one. This is going to be a long semester. Guess I should not have watched wrestling this week, huh? It’s not like I would have missed too much anyways. Sigh. Back to sticking my nose in a book.

Kent:  Hopefully I will be more awake next week.  Go see teh remake of IT.  Very well done, and as you know, I am a horror fanatic.

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