Channel Zero: No-End House Ep. 1 – “This Isn’t Real”

I’d like to welcome you to the newest addition to the 9 Deuce family.  Channel Zero debuted last year on SyFy and was really well done.  It came back this season with something that I found even creepier.  This is an anthology show, similar to AHS, but not as much man ass or political nonsense.  It sticks to telling a creepy narrative and is probably the best show that most of you are missing.  If you want to catch up on this season or last, you can download the SyFy app and find it all there.  I’m attempting to be the Pied Piper for this show and get as many people on board.  It has John Carroll Lynch this season, and that guy is amazing.

This season, it’s Kristi and myself discussing the show, but we would love to have more people get involved in the conversation.  There’s only 4 more episodes this season, as they do 6 per season, so it’s not too late to join in.  Just leave me a comment of contact me through any number of ways.  As always, any comments written in bold are made by Kent, unless otherwise noted.

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The 9

  1.  Let’s talk about the opening scene.  Do you think that we will get more on Lacey’s story by the end of the season?

Kristi: I think we will. I have a feeling we be getting more information on the other characters more so though. Everyone has a backstory and a reason they were chosen so I think we will be getting lots of info in the upcoming shows.

Kent:  You would think that would a resounding yes, but they really don’t have to.  They accomplished their mission in showing us that Lacey had some unresolved issues with the house, and probably foreshadowed how Margot may end up by season’s end.  Still, I hope that they do, but if they don’t, I’ll understand.


  1.  Did you think that we would make it through all 6 rooms in the first episode?

Kristi:  I did. By the previews it seemed as though they made it through and were fighting to live.  (In all fairness, I never saw a preview I don’t think, so I walked in fairly oblivious.)

Kent:  No.  With 6 episodes, I had started wondering if we would get a room an episode.  Well obviously that theory got shot to shit really fast.  I’m not mad, just wrong.  I loved the rooms by the way.


  1.  Do you think that we will find out who, or what, is behind No End House by season’s end?

Kristi:  Yes, like last season we will find out what is behind this.

Kent:  I would say that we should.  We may not get a definite name or anything, but we will have a general idea at the very least….I would hope.


  1.  Is Margot’s father, John, really alive?  If not, what do you make of what we saw at the end?

Kristi:  No, he is dead. In room 5 they said you have to go through to get to the end and then they ended up outside. They are now in room 6. I haven’t a clue how its possible but I’m assuming it’s some sort of illusion.  (I’m wondering if she took the wrong exit out of room 5.)

Kent:  The preview for next week alludes to “the presence of The Father”.  The fact that they aren’t naming him seems a tad odd.  I think he is a being that is living, and is a manifestation of some of Margot’s biggest fears or regrets.  Something meaningful like that.


  1.  Would you consider this show to be better than American Horror Story’s 2 most recent seasons with Roanoke and Cult compared to Channel Zero with Pirate’s Cove and No End House?

Kristi:  Oh hell yes! I liked Roanoke ok but I can’t even watch this season. Channel Zero is becoming one of my favorite shows now.  (I absolutely look forward to this show more than anything else on TV at the moment.)

Kent:  Yes, yes, a million fucking times yes.  Roanoke was an utter disappointment on many levels, for me.   Cult is just political trash.  This is creative horror and although not perfect, neither was any season of AHS, but they were fun and watchable.  That’s where CZ has the upper hand.


  1.  Will we find out more about the other guy that lasted in the House with our main group, the mysterious drifter with the backpack? (It is now confirmed that his name is Dylan, but we didn’t have that info at the time.)

Kristi:  Yes, I agree that he will play a big part in this season. It may not be revealed until closer to the end but I do think we will be learning about him more.

Kent:  He seems like the key to the puzzle or mystery of the season.  He’s been actively looking for this place to pop up again and showed no fear.  I would guess that he has this place better figured out than most.  It would be silly not to bring him back.


  1.  Did you find the characters likable so far?

Kristi:  Yes, I am very happy with the cast and characters so far.

Kent:  Yes!  I wasn’t in love with that, but they didn’t irritate me.  I liked how Jules wasn’t treated as the token black person.  Everybody just acted like normal everyday people that we would know in real life.  


  1.  What was your favorite room? Choices are: 1: The room with the busts and music and then the busts get broken except JD’s. 2: Guy with mask who shoves JD and the trail of blood. 3:  The Long Hallway. 4:  The room that was like an attic and Margot could see Jules and then her dad on a screen.  5: Her living room with her dad. 6: Margot’s house at the end?

Kristi:  5. The creepy dead Dad was very unsettling.

Kent:  #3 because it came from a dream, and dreams are fucking scary.  At least mine are.  #6 obviously intrigues the hell out of me as well.  I truly liked all of them in their own way.


  1.  If you had gone in, what point would you have exited the house?

Kristi: This is hard. I would like to say room 3 because room 2 was not all that bad. They thought it was a haunted house so creepy guy in a mask and blood stained floors would be expected. Realistically I would probably have been out in room one though. A molding of my face, lights out and I’m dead. I’m thinking that’s a whole lot of nope.  (The blood stained floor was expected, but how it was done, just one trail from the girl’s feet to the wall, it doesn’t sit right.  In my mind she’d have to be in on it because how did they get that close to her feet that quickly and do it so perfectly that quick?  Yup, I am over analyzing the hell out of this.)

Kent:  I’m torn, but it probably would have been after the first room unless somebody could have convinced me on the plausibility of all the busts being incredibly well done.  If I had gone to room 2, that would have been it.  Creepy dude in mask, trail of blood, and forewarning by a dude who has been actively hunting this place done.  Fuck that noise.


Were you Kentertained by this episode of Channel Zero?

Kristi:  A hell yeah! At first I wasn’t sure but once they got into the house, I was hooked. I’m really excited about this season. Have a feeling this is going to be even better than last season!  (I am right with you on that.)

Kent:  Of course I was.  I cannot wait for the rest of the season.  I’m very excited about it.  John Carroll Lynch is slowly creeping up on my all time favorite list.

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